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Full of Fancy Links Post

Right Ho! Now that I know how to do those fancy links, I fancy doing a post FULL of them. Thanks to Eric, I now have a website. Thanks to KC way back, when I have a Yahoo blog, and thanks to Yahoo threatening changes, I now have a Mash blog and a Multiply blog […]


Trying to link to lemon pie and to a picture of lemon pie

Cherries and Rabbits

Watched Lost last night, and then started to watch (um oh what was it called…) which was about a corpse by the name of CHERRY (a cherry sync, I am eating cherries and cream most nights around midnight lately…… I did again last night in between waking up on the sofa and going to bed). […]

Focus Is Where Focus Is

Great post by Eric, marvelously put into words what I already knew LOL! A gentle roam around this morning, and I feel like I know where I am again. Not to mention PLENTY of sleep. Woke up a few times in the night, thinking of ROSWELL and GALICIA. Maybe a gentle roaming google will provide […]

Time for some Link Sorting

Feeling a bit confused with an over abundance of links, blogs, lists, and so on, so later on I will be making a new list of most relevant sites and blogs…thanks Eric for the new thingy received today, which will help! I like the small group for more personal explorations, however, I am into public […]

Going caving today

Really! Going bright and early this time! Meet me at Pileta cave at around late morning… late morning 14,000 years ago that is ;)

wandered over here

hello! And the explorations meander here and there………