Time for some Link Sorting

Feeling a bit confused with an over abundance of links, blogs, lists, and so on, so later on I will be making a new list of most relevant sites and blogs…thanks Eric for the new thingy received today, which will help! I like the small group for more personal explorations, however, I am into public not private as it’s just easier that way and I like the opportunity of feedback from a more varied selection of the populace at large haha!, so I will probably duplicate posts to a public blog, which may be 360, and will probably be Multiply and bugger most of the rest of them. Oh Bloody hell, I don’t know, all I know is that I don’t even know where to start catching up…AND all the Yahoo lists are weird today, with back posts smattered confusingly all through them.

Maybe this blog will be my total ramble blog, where I can just babble……

Well I wondered where this post had disappeared to and here it is, I saved but didn’t publish….

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