I had an awful dream last night that a freind of mine was cooking for me. She’s
not a bad cook, but she’s over the top with the nutrition aspects, IMO, which I
tend to find really irritating (having spent years tying myself in knots with
nutrition and food intolerances, which I don’t have now)

On Saturday night she served the desert which was cake. She’s already admitted
to using oil in the potatoes instead of butter (healthier I suppose), so I
instantly supposed that there was no sugar in the cake. The first few mouthfuls
were just awful, I wondered how I would manage to eat it. I even toyed with the
idea of asking for some sugar to sprinkle on it. Then I found out that another
freind had made the cake and brought it. Suddenly it tasted lovely! (thank
goodness I didn’t ask for the sugar!)

That alone was worth noticing, I must have been determined to create awful
irritatingly healthy food in the first place (although I did create that
changing to delicious cake). The cake literally changed! LOL

But since I hardly ever remember dreams, and I just dreamed of her face right up
close to mine, explaining about the nutritional value of the food she was
preparing for me, seems even more note worthy…

I also had a dream snapshot of the facade of a house, like a slab of gingerbread with white icing details, and someone was saying “Don’t forget it’s only made of sand, it may change”

As Jib says, “well weren’t you just opposing your own beliefs that you associated with another individual because you don’t agree with them yourself?  Remember what Elias often tells : you may disagree with any set of beliefs but that doesn’t mean you don’t express them.”

Can’t argue with that.  I went to the trouble of squeezing fresh orange juice for Darren this morning because it was ‘healthy’ for him.  My question is though, if I really don’t want to be bothered with the nutrition beleifs, but I still appear to have them, what do I do?  I don’t change the beleif, I choose which aspect of the beleif I wish to align with in any now moment, right? So while I’m eating ice-cream, I can beleive that a little of what you fancy does you good, and while I’m drinking fresh squeezed juice, I can beleive that ‘it’s doing me good’.  I suppose what I don’t want to be doing is saying ‘I really shouldn’t be having all this butter on my toast”.  But I never say that anymore.  The question is though, what do I really beleive? Does it even matter what I beleived 2 minutes ago? Probably not!