Gone Today, Here To Marrow

“Gone Today, Here To Marrow
Rush job removal specialists ~ move now and receive a marrow absolutely free.  “That was a marrow escape”.  The Marrow Escape Party ~ organized by the potless philanthropist and optimist, the Mellow Marrow himself, and the Calabacini Kid.”
Sounds like nonsense, but I see this as a watermelon sync.  I don’t know what marrow is in American other than a very large squash. Here they seem to call them calabaza, same as a pumpkin.  The fact is that the rind of a marrow is very similar to that of a watermelon; not only that, they are both cucurbits.  Maybe watermelon/marrow is a tile connected to moving, or changing, or switching probabilities.  Maybe it’s just the nonsense laughing tile.  Either way, I think there should be a cucurbit rind tile.  I even found a wooden watermelon slice ornament in the attic the other day.  Maybe it’s the bats in the belfry tile.
Anyway, back to The Marrow Escape Party.  Darren and I moved to La Linea, and his sister moved in with us, leaving her husbands house empty while he was a guest of Her Majesty as they say. The house we moved from was right next to the river, and flooded in the winter.  That place was called Barca Moreno, or brown boat, but it wasn’t a boat, it was a house that flooded.  Coincidentally, Rachel, Emma and I have all lived at Barca Moreno at various times.  Moving house must be a Probability Junction, and I think that move was a connectionfest catalyst.  Maybe the cucurbit rind tile is that:  A connection fest catalyst.  I can’t recall the details of all the other watermelon incidents…. 
A bit further into the sheaf of paper rambles, another move on the cards, after it all went horribly wrong:
“You’re going to move, I’m delighted to hear,
The sooner the better, you know my dear,
I hope to see how happy you’ll be
Cos you’re not fucking coming back here.”