Kiwi’s & Eights

“N often requests lots of fruit, and then doesn’t eat a single peice of fruit all week, which was rather upsetting for T as she had bought a kilo of expensive kiwis, knowing them to be N’s favourite.
T put the bowl of kiwis in a more prominent position, hoping to remind N to eat them, and when that failed they spent 24 hours on the coffee table.  Still no response.
There were 8 kiwis left so T put one in N’s bed, one next to her water, one on her writing pad, another at her desk, two in the bathroom ~ one under N’s sponge and one next to her hair care products.  As N made preparations for the night, each time she came across a kiwi, she promptly ate it without question.”
What an elaborate plan to attempt to force someone to eat kiwis!  And how bizarre that it worked.  I wonder if she ate all those kiwis in her reality, or if I reconfigured the energy.  Why was I so determined to make her eat the kiwis? Kiwis and Eights….