The Come Down Poem ~ 2000

I always really liked this poem, and never showed it to anyone.  Kind of full of victimhood, judgements, depression and fear, but it encapsulates alot of the feelings of the time, and although I don’t intend to shifticize everything, if the purpose is to experience, then I certainly experienced alot back then.  It’s a veritable feast of beleifs, but then, what isn’t?
The B Side
When the sun goes down, listen, beware of those pills,
That rose tint your glasses and mask all your ills;
They’ll colour your judgment with indecent thrills,
And melt down your cages with sweltering chills.
When closet erotica lacks circumspection
And gushes like lava in every direction;
In the heat tingling, sweat running, jaw crunching heat,
You’re a puppet controlled by a string pulling beat.
Your guardian angels and smokey dark green
Spinning tunnels of beat controlled light all seem
To have clarity, charity, not least hilarity,
Smudging the difference from farce to reality.
You’re in grave mental danger when oblivious to
Unpalatable truths, spirits yellow or blue;
Or when fate and coincidence take on new meaning
And weekends take over from days intervening.
Paranoia will meet you and soon make you see
That dopamine overload won’t set you free.
You’ll be drawn on a mission, white line after line;
The comforting blanket of powder sublime.
All the smiling and loving and hugs of the night
Metamorphosize slowly, or fade and take flight.
They leave in their wake in the smoke and exhaustion
The bone chilling panic of paranoid caution.
A caution misplaced, or at least far too late
To prevent all than bonhomie turning to hate.
The worst of humanity aping the best:
In the light of the day will they stand to the test?
And when, as the sun comes up, over the hills
And you’ve swallowed the last of your strange little pills;
All your demons and nightmares are patiently waiting
To rattle your braincells with nervous vibrating.
So, arm yourself well as you enter the night
Of the dancing and grinding and flickering light.
Prepare for the B side that plays in the end;
And whoever stays with you is really your freind.
I hated alot of people for quite a few years after all that.  We all hated each other really.  In one of the ramblings from 2000, I typo’d ‘any mes’ instead of enemies, which was rather telling, but I only just noticed the significance of that yesterday, although I did notice the typo at the time.  We thought we were going crazy noticing all the coincidences, as if it was a sign of the drug induced madness.  I don’t really know why but I find all this stuff interesting to look back on from a different perspective.  Partly cringing a bit an the unshiftiness of it, but more than that finding it perfectly valid to have felt like that.