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Share’s Party & The Mounds

11th February 2009

I was at a party at Share’s, but it wasn’t the house in Vegas. It
was a week long party and there were loads of people there but the
only one I remember noticing was Share. I felt like a fish out of
water I think, I was quiet, and Share put her arm round me and hugged
me close in a supportive kind of way. I recalled that we’d each had
a drink to start off with that had maybe a couple of dozen different
spirits in it, like a spirit cocktail, and then realized that I
wasn’t at all drunk and should have been with so many spirits in that
drink. (I don’t drink spirits anymore but now I’m wondering
what ‘spirits’ meant ;)) Then I found myself wandering around
looking for a bathroom and found a big locker room kind of bathroom,
but there was funny fellow in there standing at the sink. I was just
about to go into a cubicle when I realized the guy at the sink was
playing with himself so I wandered off out to find another loo. Then
I found myself in the room I was staying in I suppose and that it had
it’s own bathroom, and wondered why I hadn’t thought of that in the
first place. At some point I was worried because I hadn’t said thank
you to Share for the party. (Thanks for the party, Share!)

Then I was showing someone mounds, like a trip to view various
mounds. The first one was covered in grass but had a striking mark
on it like a sort of crescent or actually more like a Nike (or is it
Addidas) slash. I commented that it was no where near as big a mound
as Salitre. The next mound I recall was in the middle of a street in
a town I think in England, in a sort of plaza, but it had been
covered over with a glassed in circular gazebo sort of thing. I was
thinking that made sense because the town grew around it. Then we
(don’t know who I was with, was it Share?) went up the street leading
from the plaza, which was winding and narrow and had black and white
Tudor buildings. There were people walking up and down the street
and I was amazed and commented ‘Wow, there are people just walking
around here, going about there business’ like that was something
unusual. Then I thought to myself, well they do that in Spain too,
but that thought seemed disconnected to the amazement of the me that
thought it was unusual to see people walking around.

The third mound I’m not sure that we actually went there in the
dream, but I thought about it in the dream, knowing that it would
impress my companion when we got there. It was slightly outside a
village and covered in trees, and I knew that there was an entrance
and something pretty interesting was inside, walls made of
stoneblocks… Then I realized that this mound was very familiar to
me, I’d either dreamed of it before or been there before, and there
was something very interesting and compelling about it.


26th january 2009

I woke up in a bit of a sweat, I’d been trying to wade out of the
sea because of the extremely high waves rolling in behind me. The
plan was apparently to travel by sea (seemingly without a boat!) and
I was saying to someone I really can’t do this, I have to make other
travel arrangements, and mentioned my fear of water covering my
head. The water was dark blue.

Then I was trying to get connected to a computer in an internet cafe,
but I had to put in some numbers that I was trying to read from a
coloured font glossy magazine and the writing was small. I was
speaking to the man on the other end of the (phone? computer?) while
I was putting the numbers in, but had to complete the numbers to be
able to hear him properly. He was calm and patient and said yes, he
could hear me. The point was to make alternative travel arrangements.

Previous to that, there was some kind of hotel complex with blocks
facing each other and garden in between. I was there with a bunch of
people as if we were on a trip, but there was something wrong with
the hotel as if it was half demolished and not all the rooms were
stable, or not all the floors were safe (I remember covering one part
of the floor with a bathmat as some kind of precaution). I had
forgotten to make a note of the room number where we were to meet,
but then my freind Rosie turned up and luckily she had remembered.

There was a man, either foreign or mentally handicapped or possibly
both that was very dear to me ~ he seemed very close to my face at
one point and some impressions of past intimacy, and that we were
still close freinds.

Interestingly, no dogs in the dream! Although there was alot going
on and I was confused/slow at times, the overall feeling was one of
being able to deal with it my own way, which may not have been easy ~
such as trying to walk out of the sea ~ it was slow going as the tide
kept coming in, but I did it; and trying to make the number
connection ~ slow but I did it…

Intruders Dream

19th January 2009

The dream location was my house here. I remember going outside and saw that my gates were wide open and rushed down to close them because of the dogs running out into the road. I didn’t actually see any of the dogs though, and then a big maroon coloured four wheel drive car towing a small trailer drove in through the gates and right into the garden, round the lemon tree up by the house, and back down to the gate. (there isn’t actually room for a car to drive round the lemon tree). A man and a woman got out of the car; she was holding a white cardboard box with windows in the sides, through which I glimpsed something moving, perhaps small creatures. I assumed that the trailer also contained these small creatures in boxes as well, but I was more concerned with getting the car out of the way of the gates so that I could close them. My mother appeared briefly, I shouted to her to make sure the dogs were in the house.

I was absolutely outraged that these people had driven right in without permission and left the gates open, and was trying to force them to leave. In retrospect I can see that they didn’t have a threatening attitude, but at the time I was consumed with outrage at the intrusion ~ as well, I was having difficulty breathing and speaking, trying to shout and couldn’t get the words out very well. Then the man was behind me, holding my arms so tightly that I was unable to move. I was furious to be pinned down like that but there was no actual violence.

The next thing I remember was the car leaving through the gates and Emily (my daughter) and I trying to scratch the cars number plate numbers into the dirt of the driveway with sticks so that I could report the crime. I kept repeating the numbers to Emily and was anxious that we remember and record the numbers before the car left and it was too late. It was of the utmost importance that I report the crime to the proper authorities. There had been intruders and an assault and I was still totally outraged!

Inside the house, the dogs were apparently all safely shut in the bedroom. (Usually in dreams I am the one in a panic trying to round up the dogs to safety, but in this dream, they were already all safely under control thanks to someone else.) Emily was looking for a phone number to call the Guardia and was taking ages, so I tried to shout through the noise ~ it was extremely noisy through the whole dream and I was having alot of trouble making myself heard above the din, with my breathing and voice problems ~ “Call 112!” and she said “Are you sure?” and I said “YES! It’s an emergency! There’s been an assault! There were intruders!” I was frustrated because nobody else would see the seriousness of the situation (although I have to say that from a waking point of view, it wasn’t all that serious!)

A woman that I didn’t recognize came out of the bathroom rubbing her wet hair with a towel, but she came from the direction of the computer, the opposite end of the house to the bathroom. I shouted at her to please be quiet, we were trying to report a crime, and then apologized for shouting at her, holding my head in my hands and weeping with frustration, but she smiled and seemed unruffled. Everyone was calm and smiling and going about things in a normal pleasant manner, which was utterly frustrating to me. I wanted them to see the seriousness of the fact that an intrusion and an assault had happened and that we needed to report it quickly. They were being helpful ~ such as mother taking care of the dogs, Emily trying to phone the Guardia ~ but they weren’t rushing or worrying and I felt that they should have been. I kept trying to shout at them to hurry, and the noise and my inability to shout was intensely frustrating.

Standing at the now closed gates, I saw the Guardia arrive in the car park outside. Their car was green and white with fins, or possibly even rocket-like futuristic. Next, I am inside again, and Darren is getting drinks for the two Guardia. They are large men, not in uniform, in fact they are shady looking drug dealers. Darren is getting along well with them, and does a deal with them first, before they will deal with the crime. I deduce that they are some kind of undercover police.


*The dogs were in it as usual, but in yet another new capacity: this time they were incidental, because it was me that was in need of help, not me needing to help them. Significant in that the role of the dogs in my dreams is changing.
*Nobody was helping me, they couldn’t see the seriousness of the victim stuff.
After I woke up I was thoroughly disgusted with the dream self for not even having the slightest notion that she was creating her own reality.
All I wanted in the dream was the other people to help me and they weren’t rushing, or didn’t see a problem ~ they were helpful, but not taking it seriously.
It was like a reversal of how I would like to think I am, I would have imagined everyone around me panicking and me being the one to not get in a flap and yet in dreams I am often in a flap.

*The intruders had the little creatures in boxes and I was so determined to get them to leave, I never found out what the creatures in the boxes were. Maybe they weren’t intruders at all, they were bringing me gifts! Maybe he pinned my arms down to just stop my autopilot panic, but I didnt, it made me madder than ever to be restrained. I suppose I should be accepting the way I handled it in the dream, instead of thinking that I was doing it all wrong; that is to say, my waking self is quite disgusted with the dream selfs behaviour, and yet the dream self was in such a utter state of outrage and frustration and ‘victim mode’ there was just nothing going to change that attitude.
*The four people ~ Emily, Darren, mother and that woman with the towel ~ were all doing normal things, efficently, pleasantly, totally unpanicked which reminds me of four Gates of Horn dreams I had a few years ago, four days running. In the Gates of Horn dreams, there was the same feeling of panic in me but they were calm; each of the four nights I dreamed of different person: mother, Darren, Emily, and my grandfather, and in each dream I was in a complete panic over something, and they were all absolutely calm. They were smiling and helpful, but frustratingly unruffled.
In the Gates of Horn dream with my mother, there were rows of white dogs in carboard boxes in a sort of deserted farm outbuilding. I never worked out what they symbolized, I recall mother saying ‘just leave them’ but wondering about them. I suppose the boxes represent being caged or constrained, or compartmentalized, separated ~ if it was boxes of books, it would represent order perhaps, but not of live creatures. Boxes of beliefs or something that needs letting out perhaps, setting things free that shouldn’t be boxed in?

Interestingly, a few days ago I had been thinking that with my improved dream recall over the past few weeks, since this project started, that I might do another Gates of Horn dream….

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Because there seems to me to be connections with this dream and the Gates of Horn dreams in 2005, I just typed them up from my dream notbook:

Gates of Horn Dreams
Novemeber 2005 (copied from dream notebook as written)

1) 7th November

Telling Emily to tell me what’s wrong, really having a go at her to tell me what I’d done to upset her. ~ “I know I’ve said something that’s upset you, now will you please tell me what’s wrong” etc. Starving white dog, short hair, but was Old English sheepdog. Fed it can of dog food and decided to keep it. Roads, mountains, snow, Switzerland? not sure Half dressed thin woman said they’d taken her (camper van??)

{Woke up with the name OMEETUNKAWEENA and later asked Elias:
Tracy: When I did the Gates of Horn dream, I woke up with the word Omeetunkaweena. What does that mean?
Elias: a future focus name}

2) 9th November

Big house and farmyard, hearing muffled dog bark, long row of barns, stables, I enter each door and release white dogs from sealed cardboard boxes. Wary in case there might be a bull as I open the doors. House was big and not my furntiture. Mother said sweetly, “what can I give you of mine that’s miniature” I said “I don’t want a miniature house, I wanted a proper one so I can put my own stuff in it. I’m sick of living like this”. Driving along an uneven farm track that led to this house.

3) 10th November

In the mountains with Darren, had to drive home at night, he refused to come with me because he wanted to stay with the girls. I argued, said it would change things, etc, but he wouldn’t come with me even though I had four hours to drive in the dark. I had to go home to feed the dogs even though I had to drive back up to the mountains to work the next morning.
Walking along a dirt road in a valley that I’d been to before in dreams.

4) 11th November 2005

Woke up hearing “Will you won’t you want me to wake you” to the tune of the Beatles Helter Skelter.
Suddenly realized that I hadn’t called my grandfather for ages, I couldn’t remember the last time and I felt just awful that I’d forgotten. I went to get a cigarette and a drink to take to the phone, and then he suddenly appeared standing in the kitchen, smiling, and I remembered that he’d been dead for years which was why I hadn’t phoned him.

Notes from 11th November 2005:

All four Gates of Horn dreams had a common thread in that each of the other four people (my daughter, mother, partner, and grandfather) were calm, unperturbed and smiling and I was the one having all the upsetting emotions.

* I had intended to do a whole week of Gates of Horn dreams but after four in a row decided to stop :)


17th November 2008

I went back to bed this morning and had a flying dream. At first I was in a room, and decided to lift up off the ground, so I did, and whoever I was with (I don’t recall who it was) said ‘WOW you can fly!’ And I was just about to say “Well I just did but next time I try I bet I won’t be able to’ and stoppped myself saying that, and said instead “We can all fly, you can fly too, if you beleive you can’ and then I flew outside and flew all over the countryside ~ it was wonderful!


The Mouse

15th October 2008

(there is a mouse in the house)

I went back to bed this morning and had a frantic dream of chaos. The computer mouse (MOUSE!) was missing (well the black base of the mouse was there but the top part was missing) and I had a flight to catch in a couple of hours but I didn’t have the flight details or the exact time. I had the return flight details, but not the departure details and I was frantic trying to find out but everyone was wafting around doing whatever they wanted and not doing what they SHOULD have been doing (hhmmm) ~ even the woman in the travel agent was arranging flowers instead of finding my flight times. I even woke myself up at one point screaming FLIGHT TIMES out loud ~ “I just need to know the fkin FLIGHT TIMES!”. I was trying to find the mouse in a hopelessly messy house as well as pack my case but none of the clothes were familiar so I didn’t know what to pack. I knew the dogs had run off with the mouse and I found other things that they’d taken off to chew up like the bath plug, but not the mouse. I kept looking at the computer screen trying to work out how I could use it without a mouse. The more frantic I got the more things went wrong ~ a flood in the bathroom to mop up etc…..

Before I went back to bed I checked the random daily quote in the group story, and when I woke up from this dream the random daily quote had changed to this one: (thank you Eric for pointing it out)

Dory slept all the way to the cave, dreaming about being a traffic policeman. It was one of those never ending hopelessly chaotic dreams, in which small bits of progress were immediately cancelled out by an influx of more of whatever the problem was. The more she blew her whistle and ranted at the cars, the worse the cars became entangled.

You! You there, go THAT way! NO not that way…OY YOU! keep to the left…keep in line there keep in line…OY NOT THAT WAY!

Ususally in dreams like this Dory woke up in the middle of the frustration and chaos, but this time the dream changed course abruptly. Dory simply walked away from her podium in the middle of the busy Italian intersection.

Let them all go wherever they bloody well like, she said. Not my responsibility.

When Dory woke up, the van had arrived at the cave, she was feeling refreshed and cheerful, and was looking forward to her excursion inside the cave.


24th September 2008

I was sorting winter clothes out on an upstairs landing of a cottagey gabled house, and decided to use the upstairs bedroom instead of the downstairs one. The bedroom was a recurring dream one, gabled attic with dormer windows kind of room. Then I saw the door and remembered this was the door I was always too terrified in dreams to open; it was so scary that I always wanted to use this bedroom but never could because of that terrifying door and whatever lay beyond it.

Remebering that I had done a waking dream and gone beyond the door once, I marched up to the door, flung it open and strode through. Suddenly an almost overpowering fear and dread stopped me in my tracks but I carried on anyway. It was a bit like a old slightly shabby but once grand hotel foyer, high ceilings (not the same as when I went through in the waking dream, which was then rows of closed doors on either side). The foyer opened out on the left into a large old fashioned restaurant dining room, with one person over on the far side sitting at a table. I carried on straight ahead through opaque etched glass double doors onto an upstairs outdoor terrace. There was a city scene below. On the left was a shallow ornately shaped ornamental pool.

A woman squeezed past me holding a small thick book and I knew she was going to jump off the terrace which was several storeys up. She collapsed into the pool, writhing backwards, baring a flat white breast and dropping the book.

I picked up the book, and somehow ended up with two books, which seemed like guide books. I couldn’t hold onto the two books with the creature in my hand, which was weird, like a very heavy small furry grey reptile, or gargoyle. I was holding it with one hand round its middle and the fat grey belly of it was bulging out under my fingers. It was unbelievably heavy for such a small creature and I didn’t want to hold it, so I passed it to a boy. (Twice I was holding the creature, and twice I passed it to the boy, but I can’t recall the other time)

Back inside the building, I followed the boy down a big wide staircase that curved round to the right at a landing below. I started to fall down the stairs and knew it was because of the book that I was holding that the woman had been holding when she collapsed into the pool, so I threw the book down the stairs to save myself, and felt the tumbling down from the books perspective, although I stayed in the same place, clutching the bannister.

Share & The Stolen Car

7th August 2008

I went back to bed this morning and had a dream. I don’t very often
recall them, and although this one doesn’t sound all that strange it
felt really odd. The funny thing was that before I went to sleep I
felt that I would dream something significant and that I would recall

It was at a house that I had when I was single for two years back in
UK that I often dream about (maybe becauase it’s the only house I’ve
ever owned on my own) but it’s always a bit different. This time it
was like a telescope, the rooms went back and back. There was some
bright open space outside the back of the house but I came back to
the front. (Sheri was in one of the rooms near the back) There were
groups of people all through the house not saying anything (they
seemed like people monging out the day after a big party with lots of
drugs ~ silent and very odd vibes)

Back out the front, I walked all round the house and found that my
car was stolen (again?), which was intensely upsetting, but a
slightly built guy with a wink found it. I knew that he had created
finding the car whereas I had created it being stolen (but I didn’t
realize that I had created him finding it too) It was my white van I
have now, not the UK car.

Share was there too but she was speaking a language I didnt
understand. She was coming into the house from out somewhere with
bags of supplies or something, but her eyes looked strange and she
was speaking a language I couldn’t undertsand. She disappeared into
the house.

Then another group of people entered the house, kissing to say hello
and as one girl kissed me her tongue darted out like a lizard tongue
and she giggled and said That keeps happeneing, I can’t help it, and
I said it was ok, not to worry. I felt that weird narrow pointy
tongue touch my lips, was a bit of a shock.

The feeling was one of not understanding these people or not fitting
in, they were all so odd. The only one that felt reassuring and not
odd was the guy with the wink who found the car, but I didn’t see him

Pip & Dog Dream

27th May 2008

This afternoon I had a dog dream again. This was a bit different from the usual ones too.

Pip comes over from across the road and wants me to go somewhere with her. I can’t seem to see or hear very well, so I just agree. I don’t know where we are going or why, I don’t think, I just go.

Next thing I am in the back of a car, a taxi supposedly, with Pip and all the dogs in the back. Pip waves one note of money at me and says worriedly, This is all I have, it isn’t enough for the taxi, but do you think it will be ok? The taxi driver, who has curly hair and seems a bit wild, swerves around the road and I try to shout at him, but my voice is very quiet; the car windows are open and it’s noisy. (so I can’t see very well, or hear, or talk very loud, and I don’t know where I’m going…)

Next I am in a hot sunny enclosure with all the dogs. Pip has gone somewhere accross the road. Darren turns up from somewhere and I realize that if I had thought about it before rushing out, I could have left the dogs at home and taken Pip wherever she wanted to go in my own car. I am pissed off about that because now I am stuck with all the dogs, waiting for Pip.

George, one of my dogs, wanders off out of the enclosure so I go after him. I had been thinking that Pip was in a bar accross the road, which George has just wandered into. I shout loudly (obviously got my voice back, this time it was too loud in a quiet place, hhmm……) ‘Come back here NOW’ as I enter and is a tiered assembly room, very quiet, with many people seated facing away from me. It’s a memorial service for Pips mother. I leave quietly…

I confer with Darren about getting all the dogs home, and he says maybe he can get the works vehicle home if he only uses one gear. I am not sure what he is doing here, and he doesn’t have proper transport either. I am frustrated and worried about getting home, and wished I had paid attenbtion to where we were going and made my own arrangements instead of following blindly and getting in this mess.


Dog Walking With Mary

7th May 2008

I went back to bed this morning for a few hours and remembered a dream! I was taking the dogs for a walk with Mary Ennis (who channels Elias). In the dream, Mary and her dog Polly were ready and waiting for me, while I got ready for the walk. I took ages. I had to eat some cheese and crackers first in case I got hungry later, had to go to the loo, change my clothes, have a wash, find all the dog collars and leads, and on and on, with all kinds of little things I felt I couldn’t leave without doing first. Mary was sort of rolling her eyes at me for taking so long.

This makes a change from my usual dog dreams, which are usually frantic nightmares of having to gather them all together quickly in some emergency situation (never clear what the urgency is), and as quickly as I round some of them up, some others have disappeared…..I always wake up in the middle of a panic, not being able to keep track of my dogs. (I have nine)

In this dream there was no urgency, or panic, just a painfully slow need to do all those things first. HHMMM……

Coincidentally, Eric dreamed of Mary last night too.

Domain de la What
1st April, 2008
Moving a load of stuff, group of people, in what seemed like VW
camper vans, packed full of stuff. Had to travel carefully because
we were being followed/pursued but it wasn’t panicky or rushed. At
one point I was driving a flat fronted van from a funny position on
top of a load of boxes, that seemed to a bit unstable.

All I can really remeber clearly was asking where we were going, and
someone said ‘Domain de la…’ and I said ‘Domain de la WHAT?! and
then I was So releived, because I knew I knew it so well, the relief
was amazing, that I put my head in my hands in the dream, and went
into an altered state (or something different).

I woke up and wrote Domain de la Roumengia (sp) which is where I
picked grapes in France many years ago…..(funny I had mentioned the
vendange to Jib the other day)

Bissel Way
10th March 2008
Dreamed I moved back in the house at Bissell Way, (my house in UK where I lived alone in between husbands) with the nine dogs. I’ve dreamed of that house before and it seemed like a ‘coming home’, seemed like a good thing. The first part of the dream was sorting out the (unfamiliar) furniture, and then, sorting out one of the rooms to be dog-proof for when I was out. It clearly wasn’t geared up for nine dogs, with light coloured things, delicate patchwork quilts that I folded up to put away, and I went round collecting up all the odds and ends that the dogs might chew up.
The garden had the same view, which I thought was a good thing, and the garden was much bigger, a long lawn. It only had a fence along the right though, but a short man with glasses who was with me, but not going to be living with me, said he would put up a fence for me the next day.
Outside the front of the house, I saw George, who must have escaped from the back garden, and when I went out the back to check, the top part of the fence on the left, which had been made of bambu, had alot of large gaps in it that the dogs had pulled down. Had a chat with the man who lived on the left, who wasn’t annoyed and was agreeable when I said I was having a new fence erected the next day.
The last part of the dream, I ran into the kitchen from the back garden, quickly as the dogs were following me, and shut the door behind me, with Henry right behind me, saying No, you’re not coming in. Wondered where to leave the dogs, as neither the house nor garden was ‘dog proof.’
(I loved the house and loved the independance when I lived there; seems the house is symbolic of that, but with the responsibility to dogs issues as well, although there wasn’t any panic to it, and the two other people in the dream were quietly helpful)

Arkandin & Pop-In Websites
9th March 2008
I fell asleep and missed most of the session last night, but I had a
dream about Arkandin. He told me quite clearly (in fact I woke up, and
he was still saying it) that we are not paying attention to the ‘pop-
in’ websites; that we scan through them when we google this and that,
without noticing the websites that are ‘pop-ins’ which contain loads of
clues and info. Not his exact words, but he was quite clear that some
websites are not ‘normal’ and to pay attention to notice which ones
they are.
Emma & The Lightbringers
27th February, 2008
I dreamed that Emma had come to visit, to come and help me. I seem to have had alot of things to do, of all types, although I can’t remember what. Emma wandered off outside it seemed, although I had the feeling that she had gone to sit under a table. I never saw her again during the dream (which was here, at this house, the sun was shining outside, but there were alot of things, projects underway, jobs to be completed, inside…although not in a stressful frantic way) but I knew she was still here. The dream had a sunny flavour of cooperation.
Since Judyette’s dream of her, Jan, Jim and I, a few days ago; and me waking up that day dreaming of Rachel Long; and Jim having a dream that night of an important group activity, I woke up from this dream with this impression:
All of these people in these dreams are part of the Amarna Lightbringer group focus, ( the recent beetle incidents have an Egyptian symbolic flavour too): my feeling is that we are all lending energy to each other, even if it may be ‘behind the scenes’ or subjectively, as with Emma in this dream. She was present, but not visibly, in assistance and cooperation.
14th February 2008
Remembered another dream when I went back to bed this morning:

Iona in a hospital bed and I was in the bed next to her. She had a
laptop on the top of the bed, and she was surprised to see me in the
next bed.

I couldn’t stay in the hospital bed though because I’d forgotten to
feed the animals. There was a couple of bird cages full of birds,
and one of tortoises that I had been forgetting to feed while Emily
was away, although Emily was there in the dream showing where the
food was. I was getting the bird food mixed up with seeds for
planting, and was worried about fertilizers or something being on the
seeds. There were dogs all over the place, and Darren was going to
take some of them down to the river for a swim, and I couldn’t be
there making sure that was ok, as well as working out all the
different bird seeds and dirty bird cages and other dogs. I thought
that if I had the bird cages somewhere where I could see them
everyday, I wouldn’t forget to feed them. They were in some barn or
animal shed somewhere. I remember one brown bird looking at me quite
closely, and realizing that the big bird cage had a big opening in
it, but the birds hadn’t flown out. I gave them all some lettuce
leaves for variety.

General feeling of the dream: frustration at not being able to cope
with all the responsibilities to all the animals that I hadn’t even
realized had been left in my care, as well as a vague feeling of
having to sort out my things to go back to the hospital bed.

Iranian Cat Stew
12th february 2008
I still seem to be remembering dreams…this was a weird one and I am
wondering if it’s my beleifs regarding animals I’m worrying about;
that if I don’t accept them, I will be failing the ‘whole thing’.

Had a couple of stray cat incidents this week; both required vets but
I stuck to my seemingly heartless but necessary policy of providing
food only for strays so that I don’t get snowed under completely with
animal issues….not at all sure I have accepted that as an
acceptable policy though!……


I seemed to be on a week long cooking course, which I’d flown to get
to, and had cost me money, and I was hoping to ‘pass’ the course by
the end of the week. A woman was in charge of it, and we were to
make stew. Half way through the week it became known that part of
the recipe was to use parts of the domestic cats, and at one point I
was tightly holding up a pet cat, which was then to have parts hacked
off it. I was in a huge quandary then, feeling that it wasn’t fair
of them to spring that on me, knowing what my priciples were
regarding animals. I kept saying ‘I haven’t eaten meat for 30 years’
but I didn’t want to lose the time and money already invested in the
course, by failing it, by not being able to do the cat part of the
recipe. My mother was there later, in an outdoors campus kind of
place, and I said to her ‘Well, surely YOU’D complain about it’ and
she told me to shhhh, as if to say don’t offend anyone out loud
here. I was distraught for what seemed like several days, wondering
what to do, knowing I couldn’t do the cat part, but not wanting to
have wasted my time doing the course.
The last part of the dream two or three of us, not sure who, were
walking along watery channels with higher ground either side, the
last part the path inclined upwards and was dry, and I thought it was
Iran for some reason, and was wondering about later having to carry
the finished casserole dish along that path.
Overall feeling: frustration that I was being expected to do
something against my principles, that I simply could not do, and
aggreived that I had been misled, and worried that time and money
already spent would be wasted if I couldn’t somehow convince the
woman organizing it to let me pass without doing the cat part of the

Ghana Well
9th February 2008
Pretty sure it was Ghana, although I don’t know how I know that, but
I’ve dreamed of there before (and later met an old freind in a shop in
the dream who had always planned to retire there, sort of confirming
the location)…a wooded peice of land and a well we had dug, fairly
shallow but we were proud to show people we had done it, although there
was a limit to the water, however this well contraption, which wasn’t
like an ordinary well, would allow us to do things that most people
weren’t able to do; peeling a very huge mushroom, bit by bit, as a
group effort (very big mushroom); being on a big boat but being able to
get off it by turning into something vapourous and floating off….the
overall feeling was that the situations were unsafe or difficult but
our sort of rustic and makeshift provisions were adequate to ensure
saftey…I did make a few notes on paper through the night, or so I
thought, but there was only a couple of words when I woke up….

Iona & Ecuador Dreams
8th February 2008
A roped off area of shallow sea at the beach/shore, in it I think 3 people, Ogean and I and another. Nobody else there that I could see. I felt that Ogean and I had had sex, although I had no recollection of actually doing anything, it felt more like a open merging, however I felt afterwards a sort of adulterous guilt. The thing was being in the roped off area of sea, the safe part, standing waist high in the water.
Iona and a few others, a whitewashed Greek or Mediterranean seafront row of shops. I had a collection of colourful ethnic items, which overnight had gone missing, or had been moved. We were setting up some kind of shop or business. Iona had a pile of earrings like lightweight wooden sticks in colours that she was calmly attaching to something in preparation to sell them. Further along the row of white buildings, all with terraces in front, found some of my things I think, maybe in a empty restaurant. Felt like there was Ogean and Opan there and maybe some others of us, although none of the shops or restaurants along the whitewashed row of buildings were open to the public yet. Like we were setting them up. I couldn’t understand where my own things were. Iona was very much part of the scene, and a calm influence.
I was on the border between Spain and Ecuador, (definitely Ecuador!) I needed to buy something, maybe a small cooking gas bottle, somehow I’d slipped through the border docklands kind of place and ended up in a grimy shop, like a ferreteria, a man behind the desk but a woman serving this side of the counter: for some reason she spit on a pink box like an ice cream container or something, It was taking ages to make the purchase, she tried to charge me 7 for it as if I was a tourist, I asked for the complaints book, told her I’d been there more than 20 years, and then she and an older woman started to prepare my purchases properly.
Two names, Khana and Antial; and yet when I woke up finally I had two other names, Thalia and Illiani. I felt Iona more than anyone else through this and feel those names are mine and hers…..


Bald Tyres

10th january 2008

Recalled a small snippet of dream last night: there was a car with
bald tyres, stationary at the time in the dream, but it was apparently
going to be going really fast with bald tyres. Then I must have had a
lucid moment when I said WAIT! It doesn’t have to have bald tyres OR
be going really fast.

Seems to fit in with my recent ‘slowing down’ stuff, and a desire to be
more grounded before plunging into the predicted madness of the coming
year, as it were


ah, tracy
this is one of the biggest synchs between us yet!! i wonder if you were dreaming that at the same time i about wet my pants when my bald tires caused me to hydroplane across the lane and just about hit another car.


Arkandin, Mark & Dawn Dream

27th December 2007

I remembered a dream again!

The first part, I was sitting opposite Mark and the soles of our feet
were touching each others. I had to turn away from his eyes because
they were so peircingly intense, huge pools, and yet not directly
foucsed in any specific direction. This part of the dream felt not
scary, but a bit too intimate for comfort (was feeling a bit
British, heh). I also felt a twinge of ‘unfaithfullness’ yet there
was nothing sexual about the encounter. I also felt uncomfortable
afterwards that I had felt that.

The next part that I remembered felt good, sunny and light. I was
with Dawn in a sort of dusty/sandy sunny and light labyrinth of
streets, and Dawn was telling me that she had followed the light from
Arkandin to show her the way, and I felt that was what I was going to
do as well. (The headlights analogy below describes it perfectly, it
wasn’t an ‘into the light’ thing, it was more of an ‘illumination of
the way’ thing)

Aleksandar Poljak: (Tracy, are you sleeping?)
brittawynn (12/28/2007 4:26:57 AM): (she might be–she’s very quiet)
awan_dawn: Tracy has questions about her dream: she dreamed that she met Mark and I in a dream: that Mark had very peircing eyes: that she sat facing Mark that thier feet (soles) touched
arkandin_arkandin: The dream incorporated a labrynth: which is a maze: it is a test: to find your way: and this way was being illuminated
awan_dawn: by your light?
arkandin_arkandin: My light was being used by
Tracy: within assistance: I am not showing her the way, you show your own way: within analolgy: my light is like the headlamps of a car: you are driving
awan_dawn: The imagery of me in that dream?
arkandin_arkandin: and your impression
awan_dawn: I also was offering assistance: as is Mark
arkandin_arkandin: quite correct: Tracy as with all of you
are in that labyrinth finding your way
awan_dawn: you draw energies
arkandin_arkandin: you all are aware of the
energies which you incorporate preference that you use within
assistance: to you: finding you: this is not to say you are
lost: for you are never lost: you are merely in the
process of your journey: and it is the journey,
your journey that is the point: not the end or the beginning
brittawynn: (wherever you go, there you are)
awan_dawn: so this dream is similar to how we
create our reality, and the energy of me was there but
objectively I was not aware, but subjectively I am
arkandin_arkandin: quite correct Dawn: indeed britta you are
always where you are and quite purposefully
brittawynn: like Tracy is with us now,


Also, I am fragmented from Baruch..hence the soles/souls touching….

Dream 11th December 2007

Trying to save time and not write it out again, but I crashed twice
trying to teaf my own stuff haha! Funny thing was just before I went
to bed last night I suddenly said to Franci, I will remember a dream
tonight, and I did! Reading back I don’t think it was ‘enemy’ on the
outside, but ‘others’, there wasn’t a threat to us from them, as it
were, rather a threat on the outside and we were making a safe place
for us.

Marshall: OH and I remebered some dream
franci: oh cool!
Tracy Marshall: it was like a group or family of us and we had to
pack all the stuff we wanted into the inside of a large plastic
covered bundle, all kinds of things, and then something would
happenen to the ‘enemy’ and we would be safe inside this covered thing
Tracy Marshall: cant recall alot, except putting things like slippers
and quilts inside it
franci: interesting
Tracy Marshall: and although something was going to happen, to the
ones on the outside of this bubble thing
Tracy Marshall: the feeling was good
Tracy Marshall: of the dream, like it was all ok
Tracy Marshall: no rush either to pack up
franci: yeah feeling key
Tracy Marshall: like a big raft or pallet, with a mound of belongings
on it, all covered in clear plastic
Tracy Marshall: usually wehn I have those packing dreams, its a panic
Tracy Marshall: this was diff, no panic, well ordered and effcient
preparations this time
Tracy Marshall: hhmm
Tracy Marshall: it was like family group, feeling of support of all
the group doing preparations without rush or fear
Tracy Marshall: but the ones on the outside of our bunbdle, not sure
about them but I wasnt focused on them

9th December 2007

I went to lie down yesterday after a hot bath, and without actually
falling asleep, drifted in and out of ‘dreams’. One part seemed like
a projection: suddenly I was looking down at my greyish coloured
hiking boots (not MY hiking boots) , the autumn leaves on the ground
and the bottom of a wooden door, with absolute clarity. The sun was
shining and I was on my way outside, I think.

Then I was in a classroom full of male professors/teachers and they
were discussing Jane Roberts. There were complicated mathematical
diagrams on the blackboard. The one who was leading the lecture (a
bit similar to Einstein in appearance) looked directly at me and
said ‘You’re doing better than you think’ (my translation for a bit
of encouragement I guess!) Then all the other professors smiled at
me in encouragement.

There were a few other snippets that I can’t recall, all within 5 or
ten minutes. I seem to be doing this alot lately, having a
compelling urge to lie down and sleep, but I don’t sleep, I just sort
of instantly pop in and out of dreams for 10 minutes or so, then get
up again.

Dream 16th November 2007

Dory woke up on the plane with a start. She’d had the strangest dreams, of crowds of people. So many people in her dreams! Mob crowds, lots of mob crowds, and then busy working crowds of people bustling around working on something, some ground plan. Then there was the train lines right next to the sea, and thinking, saying to someone, We have to wait for them at home, it’s on higher ground, and upon seeing how close the train lines were to the sea, saying Oh they will never reach us if that’s the way they’re coming, because the big waves were coming again, and would swallow up the train. In the big wooden house on the hill there was Dan, unwell, mentally unwell, from taking those pills the night before without Dory’s knowledge. Dan’s sister told Dory in the dream, He’s staying here with us, and then Dory lunged at her, clawing at her face. As she left the house, she turned to Dan’s sister and said You realize that I do love you (even though she often hated her). Then there was the tall black man, who was he?
Dory called to a stewardess for coffee and wished desperately for a cigarette. The man with the eyes that winked at her, who was he? Before she fell asleep, his face popped into her head, and zoomed into crystal clarity, and his eyes blinked or winked at her in mutual recognition. He looked familiar but still she couldn’t place him….dark and swarthy, with peircing eyes….



The plane trip home from Castaic and the Elias Group Session

29th March 2007

The holiday was brilliant and amazing and wonderful and so was coming home…..but the travelling in between was just awful. Ugghhh…I’m not even going to go there again….eventually I fell asleep after doing all manner of breathing exercises and meditations and chatting with dead guys and amusing myself with images (quietly going insane really and vowing never to travel by aeroplane ever again)…..and woke up several hours later having the most intense and bizarre nightmare dream within a dream……

I was travelling by train through mountainous Eastern Europe, there was a group of us…I was sitting at the front of the train which turned into a roller coaster just wide enough for one, with me at the front…hurtling off the tracks and over mountains and peaks at an alarming rate (the flight was very turbulent, we couldn’t even have hot drinks…usually I quite enjoy turbulence but my nicotine patch was making me feel sick, because I’d been finding places to smoke as well…beliefs, choices, but still chose feeling sick…..) I was asleep on the roller coaster and someone behind me was holding onto me…..I kept falling asleep and waking up on the roller coaster….

we stopped at a grey Inn and I said “I’m not *%#*ing going back on that; I’m flying” …(hahaha)…we went inside; I was gasping and panicking by now, and there was an enormous table with a white paper cloth on, and just 2 fish fingers on the whole table for Darren and me…haha!….I screamed “What the *&#*’s THAT supposed to be??” and Darren just calmly ate one of them…..I remember wanting to smoke and couldn’t…someone said I could stay at someones house because I was distraught after the roller coaster ride, it was a young man with a young child and someone said he was one of the Elias group…

next thing I know we’re continuing the journey but I don’t see a vehicle…we’re travelling through steep mountains and valleys again in Eastern Europe on roads and a red estate car pulls out in front of a black motorbike…..someone says there will be high winds today and I say “But we are just BUTTERFLIES…we are just butterflies”……there are three of us and I am the rust red coloured butterfly on the right and there are two other butterflies flying beside me along the road……I have a slightly frayed wing from the wind…then we notice that the red estate car is travelling backwards, and the driver and passenger are standing on thier heads……and then someone was telling me that thier blog had disappeared and I looked and so had mine…….

When I looked at the clock it was 00:57. Then I looked at the stats and the outside temp was -57 degrees and the time at destination was 11:11…..


Lizards & Latticed Ribbons

31st July, 2007

I had 2 siestas today…and a very strange dream. The first siesta I remembered three lizards…two small thin dark ones and one fat bigger pale greyish one. The two thin ones disappeared through a crack and the fat grey one was left behind.

The second one…hhmmm…..I can only remember it in pieces……two small children, quite a few people, all waiting in a sort of panic for the waters to go down to make the crossing. The people were dressed in dark brown djelabas, and had wooly hats on with a point. On the top of a flat roofed building with towers at the corners, like a fortress or casbah. There was a rectangular pool on the roof that was full of water. Then the strangest thing came speeding along in the sky, right past us…it was very very long, very powerful, and was transparent but with holes in …..it looked like a mile long see-through plastic inflatable air mattress in a lattice design…but it was huge, fast, powerful, and very long…and scary. It rippled and moved like a ribbon, but fast! And immensly long. There was a woman down the stairs of one of the towers in the kitchen that I wanted to call to come and see it, but she had the radio on, and I knew she wouldn’t hear me if I called her, and I didn’t think I’d have time to run down the stairs and tell her. But I think I did in the end, because this thing was so long, and just kept rushing past….I remember her running up the stairs and onto the roof dressed in whitish long dress, aprons and scarf. It came low down next to the roof we were on so we could see it close over the side of the building as it hurtled past. I thought other-dimensional even in the dream……it disappeared over the brow of a hill over a track in the woods in a sheet or ribbon of colours, like an aurora…fast huge and very weird.

There was then a discussion about what to do, we had to leave, had to hide, but we knew we had to stay close to the north coast to make the crossing when it was safe. (seemed like north Africa and the straits of Gibraltar, even in the dream I knew it was there.) For some reason I swam across the pool of water on the roof, instead of walking round it, and there was a strange surge in it. I thought even the pool water was high as well as the water outside. There was a man sitting on the other side of the pool with one of the two children. I could tell by looking at him that something had happened to him and he was no longer capable of looking after the child, sort of zombie-ish, but then I saw a man in a brown djelaba take the other small child off into one of the other towers. Had to rescue both children, didn’t know where to go first, then woke up to awful screaming in the tower where the man had taken the child…..


New Zealand & Franci

7th July 2007

I remembered a dream! I went for a siesta, falling
asleep at the computer, and my left ear had started vibrating
again…so I decided to visit Franci, in the event of an OBE. I woke
up knowing I’d had a really pleasant dream, but couldn’t recall it.
Shortly afterwards, whilst chatting to Eric, bits of the dream came

I was in New Zealand in the dream. I was being shown a house that I
could have for 50 a week, I think I’d just arrived. All the curtains
were drawn and the house was dark, and the man showing me the house
was looking for the light switch, I guess, and then the room started
swaying and rocking and I realized we were on a train; in the dark
we’d wandered onto the train by mistake. It was an hour before we
could get off, and it would be an hour to wait for the trip back.
There was a bit of frustration at this point but it seemed to pass

Back in the house, the furniture was tacky and old…..then it seemed
to be an Elizabethan barn, timbered, and the cellar was off to the
right and was used in the production of something, a cellar with a
use of some sort. Back in the tacky house, (I kept noticing the tacky
furnishings, in a bemused kind of way) peeking under the curtain, it
was pointed out that I could see the sea. There was a breakwater in
front, and a cove of dark grey sand. I thought I must tell Franci
I’m here in New Zealand, in this place by the sea. Behind the house
were very bright green hills.

PS there are black sand beaches on the west coast of NZ…..

Ilda Blog Friend

11th July 2007

WHOA! I accepted an invitation from Tippi to join HI5, and then accidentally invited my entire address book. My emailbox has been ping ping pinging like crazy…..and now it’s ping pinging again with people telling me “NO ACCIDENTS”..ahahhaahhahaah…..funny that I had a dream last night about meeting a new blog friend who was Ilda, and intermediate……if for any reason you’re not in my address book and want an invte to HI5 (and who knows what will happen there!!) say so!


It suddenly occured to me that the female Ilda Intermediate new blog friend that I dreamed of last night was me, and that I was someone else or another me dreaming about meeting me on a blog page…..or something…….and as KC pointed out, regarding the accidental invitations to everyone……………. ILDA! ……hahahah say no more…..

As I was falling asleep last night, I heard a man laughing. It was clear and real and I thought it was Darren, then realized it wasn’t him at all, he was fast asleep and it wasn’t his laugh, and he never laughs in his sleep. I don’t know who it was, but as soon as I realized I’d ‘heard’ him, I was flooded with a wonderful feeling ……

I woke up from a wonderful dream…..I don’t remember much as usual, except that I was seeing a blog page, and was delighted to have made a new friend who was both Ilda, and intermediate, and female, like me……



10th August 2007

I remembered a bit of a dream again! Recall is improving YAY! Yesterday I dreamed of a long impressive army of ants stretching into the distance (I must ask Arkandin about all this ant imagery!) I had in the dream one of my little round green ant traps in my hand and I looked at it and thought NO way is this little thing going to deal with this.

Then I had a startlingly clear image of Emily right in front of me, she also looking startled. She had a funny frilly white/silver outfit on, and she was in London, I somehow knew (not Australia) and she said Why are you looking at me like that? I said Well I am surprised to see you here in London! I said, Well, I have been feeling guilty all week for not phoning you, and there wasn’t any need anyways, because you’re here in London. In the dream the main feeling was, Well, all that worrying/feeling guilty for nothing, there was no need to phone anyway.

This morning I had an email from Emily saying there’s no mobile phone reception on the island and I can’t phone anyway.


Sri Yukteswar & Patel

4th January 2007

I had a dream last night about Sri Yukteswar…he was standing right in front of me looking at me…write it down…write it down….oh no, my dream notepad is in the other room, and I just remembered a dream snapshot! dont forget… don’t forget….. (I’ve been attempting to allow a communication for a week….)….so, I spent the rest of the night (perhaps lucidly in a way) reminding myself to remember to remember Sri Yukteswar. It worked! And I also remember I attempted to write it on the wall but was too sleepy, but I remembered! There was something to do with records, data being kept, and for some reason Psychic Naturalist’s came to mind….

…….get a message from Dawn, dreaming of me, and KC, and she asks am I trying to contact a focus…..

…..This morning I was in the hallway and I heard a crash in the kitchen….nobody in there, I mean not even dogs, and an orange cup had flown off a shelf, leaped over the table, and smashed on the floor near the door….I thought….orange cup….noticed the orange for some reason….


KC & Toilet Paper

11th August 2007

I had a dream about KC last night! ahhaahahah!! I just realized what the toilet paper roll was all about! PATEL! In the dream I made a special trip to KC’s house, even though I knew she would be busy with (dinner guests?). I had a toilet paper roll to give her. When I got there I managed to get her attention, and she came out to a side room to see me, and was not delighted to see me I think, but was understanding about why I had interrrupted to give her a toilet paper roll.

Just before I went to bed last night I’d been chatting with Britta and KC about how perfectly we create our pets. Then I got to wondering why I create Charlie shredding toilet paper rolls up all over the garden (Charlie, in case you don’t know, has an energy fleck of Patel). KC said ‘give Patel a kiss for me’ so I did…..


Accelerator Pedal

25th Augast 2007

I woke up suddenly last night needing chocolate, and remembered a dream. I’d been driving down a winding mountain road (seemed like the Alpujarras) when my accelerator pedal became disconnected. (that actually happened once in France) It went straight to the floor in a loose kind of way and no longer connected to the gas. I wasn’t bothered, and coasted all the way down the mountain. I vaguely remember thinking hmm, what will I do when I get to the flat, but wasn’t worried about it. When I got to a small village and a flat road, (seemed like Chefchaouen, the road under the hotel I stayed in) and coasted to a stop, my car had turned into a mo-ped motorbike, one of those with a flat place to put your feet. An old farmer kind of guy just happened to be right there where I stopped; I got off, and he immediately bent over to fix it. I knew then that I’d make the rest of my journey, which had now morphed into the road from the green in Washington Connecticut, to our house at Wykeham Rise (where I lived as a teenager) (The car was right hand drive I just remembered….)

Fairly obvious symbolism, it seems to me that I don’t need to worry about pushing or rushing, that I will get where I’m going by coasting, going with the flow, and when I need help it will be there waiting for me, and that there’s no need to worry about ‘getting there’.



32d September 2007

I woke up this morning dreaming of Tom, and as I opened my eyes he was sitting next to the bed staring at me. The dream and the awake were hard to separate for a moment. I don’t remember what the dream was about, but it felt good, in the sense of there being a communication and an understanding, an acceptance. Whatever the eventual outcome, I feel that on a subjective level at least, there’s an understanding now. I feel better about it.


Tea Party

30th January 2007

I woke up this morning thinking Hildegarde Von Bingen for some reason! I remembered a tiny bit of a dream in which I was a child at a dolls tea party. KC was a grown-up and sat down to join me. I think she had been too busy to join me earlier, so I just looked up at her, and she said “It’s ok, I’m hungry now” and she took a pretend sip of tea (or a sip of pretend tea) (or maybe it was real! LOL!)


Tiana & The Rainbow Children

7th September 2007

…. dreaming of Madison’s daughter Tiana

(the one who made the beautiful green crystal goat picture for me).

“Tiana and The Rainbow Children:

Pot of Gold”.


‘Coastal parking on any of the gardens of the self’

3rd October 2007


Tel & Ghost

6th June 2007

I remembered a dream today! I dreamed of Tel…his name came up 3 times last week, I made the Patel connection, had his face in my head all week, and had an intention to communicate with him (Tel, focus of Patel, Millenium Dome Jewel Heist member, and an old -but now dead- friend of mine) I will not be sharing details of the dream . Then, another funny thing happened: GHOST, my strange white cat that disappeared over a year ago, is back! I spotted him this past week, and he was here again this morning, staring at me for ages. I NEVER call my animals anything other than human names, but always called this cat Ghost. He was a tiny kitten when I first saw him, he used to race around the village in a most peculiar way, streaking past, here there and everywhere. Couldn’t get near him, but he used to eat on my roof (my stray cat free food roof). He once appeared on my neighbours roof, and there was no way he could have got there. Well, my daughter entered his photo in an online competition and then, Ghost disappeared. (We said at the time it was fright at being catapulted to fame on the internet) At the time I was involved with a small group of people exploring synchronicities, and (often successful!) attempts to meet each other in dreams. When Ghost disappeared, Katherine’s daughter woke up to a white cat in her bedroom, which scared her to death. No way a cat could have been in her bedroom, in TORONTO! (I never saw Ghost cat again until this week.) Shortly afterwards, Katherine discovered that she lives close to Serge (who channels Kris), and went to meet him. (I will post Katherine’s amazing colour dream in a minute, discussed with Kris, which she had when we started the group I just mentioned) This morning I have been chatting with Emmy (who channels Defrene), who is going to TORONTO tomorrow morning.


Castles & Yemen

22nd may 2007

I went back to bed this morning for about 4 hours, and had loads of dreams. That is, I seemed to be aware of them as they were happening, but, once again, failed to write them down at the time. Let’s see what I can remember. I haven’t been aware of such intense dreams for ages, much less recalled anything.

The plan was to meet up in Britta’s room at the Castaic Inn, and take it from there, probably to Capri to meet KC and co. KC was in the dream, she was telling me something. (I’ve had KC telling me things in dreams quite often, but what did she say??!). I had one very clear image of looking out of a castle at the coast on the left and a peninsula jutting out to the top left of the scene. The walls below me as I looked out of the (window? parapet?) were stone, but not old and crumbling, and the top where I was, was made of wood, and was newish. The land below was very green, and there were no other buildings visible. I was with someone and it was a happy feeling.

Standing at a kitchen sink looking out of a window, I had forgotten to go down to the basement and continue trying to find all the chickens/goats/kittens that had escaped from the enclosure down there. (I am ALWAYS rounding up escaped animals in dreams, and I never find them all before the dream ends). I had knocked on the door of a college type bedroom (small and functional), and asked my old schoolfriend Sue to help me find all the animals. She came, a bit unenthusiastically, and then sometime later I realized I’d got sidetracked and had forgotten that she was waiting for me. At first the animals were white chickens, then it seemed they were goats or young deer, and then kittens.

I kept thinking Yemen each time I sort of woke up a bit, and saw a young woman walking briskly, smiling, across a flat area, it looked as if she was welcoming someone getting off a plane, perhaps. I had a sudden feeling that Sophie, my black labrador, had been with me in Yemen.

There was loads more, all busy and colourful, and darnit that’s all I can remember for now. I did make a point of suggesting before I went to sleep that I would recall more throughout the day. There were alot of people in it, and definite locations, lots of bright colour and activity. I’m DELIGHTED with the recall.

OH! And I was woken up by the postman, delivering my book ‘Ikhnaton, My Son’, by Ann Ree Colton, about Amarna and Nefertiti.



1st October 2006

I seemed to spend most of last night dreaming about an amethyst column, or tower, or pillar, and KC KC KC KC……. I don’t remember anything else but this, and it seemed to be there all night. The column was faceted, or made of crystals, but was smooth and symmetrical, and I couldn’t see anything else, just that, and kept hearing KC KC KC….


Dog Gone Dogon

19th January 2007

Emma’s dream snapshot: After a conversation about the Dogon, (following the online group meditation about Dogon) my friend Emma suggested a dream about Dogon. She woke up feeling like she’d had the most magical dream she’d ever had, but couldn’t remember anything, except a seemingly unrelated snippet, which she couldn’t make head nor tail of: she was walking along with 3 dogs on a leash, all connected together. Beside her, was a large black dog, loose. The black dog disappeared, and as Emma was relating the dream to me, she kept saying ‘the dog had gone…the dog had gone…’ which sounded like, well, Dogon! The big black dog suddenly reminded me of Sirius Black, in the Harry Potter books……

(The black dog returned, but he was completely shaved…I don’t know what the significance of that is…..)