Train to Anywhere

I recalled a dream snippet this morning that I was in a train station, rather a confusing and labyrinthine one with escalators and tunnels. It was hard to know which was the ‘right’ platform because there were no signs. I recall this train station from previous dreams, or at least it had a familiar feel to it. In previous dreams I think it was more of a panic to try and find the ‘right’ train. In this one it was more relaxed. There was a tall man with me who suggested we get on whichever train came next because he really needed to lie down soon. I agreed readily, because I knew I had sufficient money with me to buy whatever sandwiches I needed, no matter where we ended up going, because I somehow knew that if we didn’t worry about it, we’d eventually end up in the ‘right’ place anyway.

There have been quite a few train station incidents lately ~ taking photos in the Atocha train station in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, and the guy there with the blue eyes asking me to take a photo of him, ‘Pepe del Atocha’, and then the video of Antwerp train sation with everyone dancing to the Sound of Music.

Rachel came by train to Estacion Jimena on her birthday a couple of days ago. I was a few minutes early, taking a few photos, and the station man came out and told me taking photos was forbidden. I was bemused, and asked if that was the case in all train stations. (Obviously dancing to The Sound of Music would be out, too) He said if I wanted to argue he would call the police! It wasn’t later in retrospect that I was wondering what on earth I’d done to attract/create this, I was wondering right then. He said they didn’t want terrorists. To say I was gobsmacked is putting it mildly. I was too stunned to even argue. I’m still wondering where that hostile energy came from.

In a way the relaxed dream of the train to anywhere suggests that whatever happens en route, and whatever the route, it’s the journey that counts and not the destination, and that whatever occurs is merely a part of the journey. I was more bothered in waking state about the hostile man and his rules than I was about getting on a train to the ‘wrong’ place in the dream.