Future Focus

Timebridgers, Topsy, Sophie..

28 April, 2008

I started out by imagining the Billy Johnson connection (imagining
the Elias confirmation of Jon and James finding the stone head at the
AOE, and seeing it written up on the Billy Johnson art project
website, etc) and then got to thinking about the 3 way connection
with Sheila (who is Johnson) and then got the name Topsy, and was
holding the hand of a little girl of about five, which seemed to be a
focus of Sheila. (In my previous post I typo’d 2182, had already
typo’d 2180’s yesterday as well)

Then I got the name Frederick Barnes, a Dick Tracy-ish scene, he was
meeting someone in the Mumtaz bar, which was large and high-
ceilinged, wooden floors, and booths along the side…..hhmmm….

Then got the name/word Perrishel, accent on the first syllable.

The first thing I got was Yaglin, smiling, (George’s 23rd century
focus in USA, also involved in time travel and coordination points,
as channeled by George), and he sort of said, Of course I am here, as
if it was an interesting ‘historical’ event, so to speak.

Right at the end Sophie (my focus born 2136) popped in, positively
chortling, reminding me that she had said previously to focus on red
for the Glass Hour, saying That’s right, focus on red, and I got a
close up of the toy rabbits red feet.

It was quarter past then and Judyette popped up in the IM chat window
saying, They are sending something red.


Sophie and The Glass Cone

28th March, 2008

I got my glow sticks out of the freezer, took them into the
bathroom, turned the light off and had a nice long bath. Eventually,
I remebered to try and talk to Sophie (future focus born in 2136, connected to the Glass Hour and Time Bridgers 2163), fiddled around with my
imaginary pink radio, and found her on channel 89. She told me to
focus on red for the glass hour; that Brian from the Intermediate
list is a key player in 2163 (no idea where that popped in from, I
never post there and don’t really know him); that Bill Ingle (who was
saying he’d be grateful if anyone could find a focus there for him,
and let him know) was born just after 2163, and was aware of the
project when he was older, that it had taken place as one of a number
of similar ones. She told me that I’d find a small roughened natural
glass cone, somehwere, and it could be anywhere, sort of like a game
seemed like….


~Yaglin: “Will You Listen?”

24th January 2008

I’ve been intending to contact future focuses with a view towards
doing what the Time Bridgers guys are doing, but hadn’t quite got around to it yet. In a small
online group meditation last night (the mission was to contact Jib’s 2500 future focus specifically) Yaglin popped
up, sitting on a wall in a casual pose, smiling. I had been thinking
to contact one of my own future focuses – eventually -, and when I
saw him I thought AHA! Yaglin! I can talk to you! He said ‘Yes, you
can talk to me, the question is……..Will you listen?’ and he
laughed. (Last time I saw him, I could see he was talking to me but I
was deaf and couldn’t hear a thing. He gave me a ‘bundle of
information’ -rote thing)

I was excited to have seen him (and heard him!) so clearly that I
started to type it, then realized I had stopped listening, so I
stopped typing and went back to Yaglin sitting on the wall. He
said ‘See what I mean?’ and laughed.

He talked for quite a while, and because I was listening, I didn’t
write any of it down, and so forgot most of it, other than the name
Shayla which I beleive is a focus of mine in his timeframe, known to
him. I tried to connect to her but found it difficult and he said
not to worry about it and just continue to talk to him. I wondered
if he was talking to me, through my other focus and he said no, not
at that time, that he was talking directly to me. (not exactly sure
what that means, I think I was wondering if my future focus herself
was communicating me to him, or something like that)

He also said quite clearly ‘Channel 16’ I think in reference to the
radio channeling exercise (where you imagine a radio, and you turn a
dial until you hear a clear station, or one that you wish to tune
into, for channeling…last time I did that exercise I got channel 57
and Jehosophat)

So, unexpectedly, I now have a specific future focus to tune into
that feels comfortable, and that is already familiar. Question is,
will I listen haha!


Future Focus meditation

16th June 2006

The exercise for Gina’s online meditation exercise this week was contacting a future focus. My intention was to see what was there regarding other future focuses, no particular questions or timeframes, just see what came.

At first I thought of the man I called Ralph, a future focus of mine from 3200 that I met in a meditation previously, and decided to start there. I arrived in the same street that I had the last time, and moved up between the houses towards the square or courtyard. I had a feeling of wanting to feel that I was there, rather than just observing and touched the wall of the house on the right, and felt the rough texture, and then felt the dusty ground under my feet. The man, the woman and the child (from the previous experience) were in the coutyard but were not particularly paying any attention to me, and then instead of being outside of Ralph, for a minute I was inside looking down at his legs as he sat as if they were mine. Nothing much was happening and I was curious about other future focuses, so removed myself from there.

The face of a small child, black, female, and smiling in an exuberantly happy way came next. I didn’t seem to get much other than the impression of childlike happiness, so left there…

A tall black man, in what appeared to be a typical African scene, which seemed more like past than future. He was slightly stooped, or was hanging his head somewhat, and was smiling but looked a little tentative.

An old man with white hair and a long white beard, who seemed very aware of me and was very pleased and rather amused. He was sitting behind a table or desk in a room full of old books. This seemed like past rather than future as well, and I questioned this. He spoke to me but I can’t remember exact words, more a feeling for the message. The message was that the old books were a translation I was making, that they were old things to him, but not literally old books as they appeared to me. He was a man surrounded by old things, in other words, but what the old things were, I don’t know. His name was Randolph.

A woman dancing, or rather four versions of the same woman dancing. The woman/women were dancing in a square formation, and would all meet in the middle and merge into one woman, and then separate and move back out to the corners as four different bodies. I got the feeling that this was a particular experience of heightened physical senses…the one woman received the physical sense input from more than one physical body at the same time. I got that this would be a great way to have sex, as well!

Then I got an image of a man with a very confident and amused demeanor, tall and with a very pale face that almost looked like he had black markings or makeup on. He seemed to be wearing black, it was a very black and white, possibly silvery image. Later in the meditation, I was curious to know about any future focus that I share with Darren, and this image returned, and there was a woman on the left of him this time. She was dressed in a similar style, which was sort of ‘movie futuristic’, she was pale and I had the impression of black markings on her face. They were both very confident, very serenely and gracefully interacting with each other in a slightly seductive and very hard to describe way…they seemed to have a very carefree and self assured manner in which they were enjoying things I couldn’t begin to guess. I got the impression that the man was a focus of mine, and the woman was a focus of Darren.