Light Bringers

From Jim’s Elias session:1) Gina-Leader

2) Franci/Armelle – I perceived her as the light of the group and E
said she was the centering personality.

3) Sheila/Meiliah- Worked with sound energy.

4) Curtis/Cisarne- I perceived as a helper, E said an organizer and
when asked an administrator? replied no he was the one who would know
how to place the individuals in positions (circle and where etc.) for
using energies.

5) Tracy/Rafaela Counselor (Ratgeber)

6) Bridgy/Thelma – Ayhael-Pulse. When asked for clarification he said
she set the rhythm for how we used the energy. I said like the
drummer in a band and he laughed and said he liked my analogy.

7) Jan- User of sound energy in song

8) Judy- User of energy in light

9) Britta/Tiku -User of energy in light

10) JIM/Kai-Jan – Healer, counselor, and Psychic warrior. my name as
this priest was Octayl (Aahk-TAY-el).


11) Reggie/dvilletx (Arkandin confirmed)

12) Rachel Long/ USA (Arkandin confirmed)

13) Emma ~ Spain (Elias confirmed)

14) Poppy ~ Spain (Elias confirmed)

15) John ~ New Zealand (Arkandin confirmed)
16) Marta ~(Elias confirmed)

Elias session 2102

Jim H

Lightbringer excerpt

Our meditation group, we meet on Friday’s, and uh you’ve already confirmed that we were the Lightbringers and the family in England, as the Lightbringers we’re trying to get more information on this group and I had received that uh at that particular timeframe *** and uh **We might as well get a timeframe Is that around Akhenaton or however that is pronounced?

Close. Yes.

OK Uumm Gina was our leader?


OK Franci, I got that she was the light of the group. Now what that means or whatever I have no idea but that she was the light of the group.

A centering point.

Ahh. And let’s see, uummm, some of this I’m doing from, well most of it from memory because I wrote it down at the time, uh Tracy I got was a counselor?


OK. And that I myself was a counselor and healer?


Ok. Um, also with this I have images of a warrior, a priest warrior, not in physical battle but in psychic battle. Is that correct?


Oh! Damn! Just rolling along here! Hahaha

I got at that time that we were all killed by the priesthood, and that we were killed by our friends who were trying to protect themselves, and they in turn were killed. Is that correct?


Oooh! Batting a million here! Eeeahahaha.

Hm hm hm hm

Sheila, I didn’t get anything on her because, ahhh I think it was her and Bridgy were the first ones that were killed, and I have resistance on Sheila and I couldn’t get anything on Bridgy, what was Sheila in that timeframe?

Long pause. What you may term to be an energy manipulator through sound, through song.

Yeah like they did at that time, and Curtis I got that he was a helper but what was that?

An individual that generates organization.

Ok. Oh like an administrator?

Mooore associated with organizing positions.


Position was significant for um efficient energy manipulation.

Oh kind of like the hierarchy of these are the ones who can really go, these are just learning, and some are in the middle and setting them up that way?

Somewhat but more actually in association with physical positions.

Oh OK. Ooooh like when they work in a group


And how to be positioned?


OK. And Bridgy?

Long pause. This individual generated a pulse.

Like in energy flows and stuff?


OK. Uuuhm

But the pulse is important in the energy manipulation for it creates a type of rhythm, a focal point.

Aaahhh! So like the different energies would flow in a certain rhythm and she was the one who set the rhythm, kind of like a drummer does for a band?


Ok. Umm these other ones have kind of joined later and I didn’t get anything at that time uh was Jan in our group then?


And what did she do?

Also manipulating energy through song.

Through song?


Oh. OK. And Judy? Was she there?

And what did she do?

Manipulating light.

Kind of as a thought I was forming thought, Manipulating light, OK and Britta? Was she also there?


Ok. And what did she do?

Also manipulating light.

Huhmmm. Mumbled thoughts in the background. And the death we went over. Uhmm when I had the visualization on us being killed it was like we were before the high priest or something and I got, as I was turning away from that I felt like you were there or was that just me reaching?

My energy was present.


But not physically.

Oh Ok. And then the timeframe for this were we like the priest of Akhenaton, you know the thing he was trying to bring, like the one god?

Sigh, No!


But, a similar direction.


But not in association with that individual.

OK. And what was the timeframe for that, when would that be?

That would be in a similar timeframework as that individual but slightly earlier.

Oh OK. Hunh! Hesitantly, then why were we all killed at that time?

For you were generating, and successfully, and that created a threat.


Or what was perceived to be a threat.

Umhm, so like we were kind of like the same he had with the one god but just a little earlier?

In a manner of speaking, but more associated with recognition of yourselves as the god.

Oh Ok. Yup! More like what we’re currently experiencing through the shift?

Yes, which set somewhat of a threat to other individuals.

Yeah. OK. Camdon was in that timeframe and I got that uh I was the one who taught her healing in energy is that correct?


Ah OK. And then the group that we, the website that we’ve gone to, Amarna Reunion, are any of those, or are they affiliated with us? Or are they in this group or which connection would that or is it just something we found because of where we thought we were?

Yes they are affiliated as apprentices.

Hah? Boy that’ll drop a bomb on ‘em. Yeehahaha!

And some as the oppressors.

Uhuhn. (Hard to spell out these weird sounds but very understandable when heard) Heeheeehee. Would some of the oppressors be some of the people I’m having conflict with there now?


OK. That fits. Yehahaha. (Great big grin and chuckle) Fits into the whole thing. Um, one last thing on this can I get the name I was in that particular timeframe?

Ahktail (two syllables, my spelling to pronunciation) very deliberative, O-C-T-A-Y-L