Elevator Exercise 15th January 2008

Warm Up:

Met Britta first in Castaic Motel and then Jim was there too, hugged
you both, (KC was there too) went to Franci’s, and instead saw
myself, chatting away but I didnt have any sound, then I realized
that behind the me I was watching talking, it was the back of Salitre
where the stone door things are, then I got sidetracked with the
design of the straps on the back of the dress I was wearing
*(Franci was in a meadow of flowers in her meditation; the back of
Salitre where I saw Franci was also a meadow of flowers)
Opened my eyes and played around with very strange vision effects
(The me I saw was a near future me talking to you guys at Salitre)


Elevator Exercise:

The first place I got out of elevator was a beige and white sandy
place with whitish jellyfish type things, didnt like it much so got
back in the lift.

In the lift each time was a shortish guy, wrinkly face, smiling
encouragingly and gesturing politely toewards the button, he had an
apple red tie on.

The next place I got out was Cote d’Azur; south of France; Monaco,…
I had an entourage and I swept out of the lift in a 30s-50s movie
star fashion.
Everyone looked up and smiled as I swept past into a waiting limousine
with light tan leather interior and glass bewteen the chauffer
(It was a hotel elevator.)
Next I am at a party at a big house on a cliff with patios
overlooking the sea, at night (and I have been there before in a med,
when me and F were wearing the same dress but it didnt matter), rich
people south of France.

I leaned back and felt the cool of the stone wall, while I stood on
the patio smoking and laughing with someone.
Then, I was smiling and laughing with a guy with an elephant man
sorta bulbous white head.
He seemed freindly so I carried on smiling and talking
Then, suddenly something about a book, or box, or a book cut into a
box, that was missing and important, next, running up stone steps in
elaborate gardens.


Then I got into the visuals and colours and physical buzzy stuff,
and felt as if my hands were permanently stuck together, in a funny
kind of way, and imagined that I did create that they were joined
together, and saying to someone, joking, “Look what I did! And I dont
even believe I can unstick them!” and had an overview of me creating
my back issues, and not believing I can ‘unstick it’

Then I had a burst of a light blue and lime green pattern effect.


Back in the elevator, it was tipping backwards, careering backwards
diagonally, and I had shrunk and couldn’t reach any buttons. The guy
in the lift with the red tie had shrunk too, he said, without words,
Just grow then, and demonstarted by just growing, nodding
encouraingly again.
So I did just grow, and started to shrink again but managed to push
the bottom button.
I was still short when I got out of the lift but I realized it was
perfect hitting the bottom button, as I was short,
and the beings there were short too, they were owl people, short,
coloured feathered robes, very long skinny claw like fingers. The
owly people were all welcoming, but soberly, like they were studious
and orderly, serene.


The Cote d’Azur part seems to me more symbolic of ease, abundance,
and pleasure, rather than another focus. Could be both of course….
Wondering who the guy in the elevator was though.


19th December 2007

Last night after the group meditation, we arranged to meet up out of body in Britta’s hotel room in Castaic (where we all got together in March). I went to bed (it was 3:00am) and my grandfather appeared. We had a lovely long chat, but I don’t recall the details, then he said, with a twinkle in his eye, ‘Get in the car. When you open your eyes we will be in Castaic’. He was in an old Austin Allegro, like he used to have years ago in England. I got in the car, and my grandmother was sitting in the back, smiling. She was singing a song she always sang on the way home from picnics when I was a child: Show me the way to go home.

Salitre group meditation

11th August 2006

Gina Bridgy Sheila Curtis Francie Jim Tracy

We all set off on a twilit walk towards Salitre pyramid. At the woods at the base, I took a left and found I was propelled up a wooded path. Yaglin popped up on the left, so I stopped, and we exchanged a few words of greeting. He was cheerful and laughing, and I noticed his multi level voice again and for some reason I said “I bet you sing like a dream”. He laughed and sang a little and the harmonies in his voice morphed into a sort of symphony of sounds, briefly, which turned into a comical yodel. He said that was for Gina. I remember looking at him and thinking hhhmmm, what do I do now, find something out or what, and he said “This is just a fun encounter; go see who else is here.”

Further up the path on the left there was a huge glowing white ball with a green edge or aura (I wrote ‘larger than life’) and in front of it in black sillouette, was a more or less human shape with upstretched arms (I think).
There was a strong patch of colour on the right, I think orangey.

Then Jane appeared, also laughing, there were a few words but I can’t remember them, and a sort of reminder about our plan to roll down the hill, sort of a ‘come on, let’s go’ feeling. We seemed to set off running, but that changed to more of a simply moving along sensation than actually running. I remember noticing that this was a much easier way to climb a pyramid, just to project upwards, I guess you’d call it. At the top the word bobsleigh came to mind and I toyed with various positions for the descent…lying on front, or on back….and noticed Jane was in a position similar to a skateboarder which seemed best, so we descended in that kind of upright position a bit above the ground. I didn’t feel like I was actually experiencing the descent though, more imagining it in snatches. When we reached the bottom, vaguely aware that it was Jane’s suggestion, we simply rose up on our backs until we were above the pyramid, then turned over to look down.

I’m hazy now about the order of events, but twice at least I felt like I was sitting on an eagle’s left shoulder as we circled the pyramid, seeing it’s face close up.

From above, at some point, I saw people on top of the pyramid and had various indistinct or not quite remembered snippets, including 2 symbols, the first was almost solid like an object of that shape, the second a bit like that but finer…neither was like a symbol written on paper, more a significant shape.

I briefly saw a group of tall dark people, but they looked a bit glum so I left them to it. One had a beard, and prominent top teeth.

Mary Ennis/Michael (who channels Elias) popped in very clearly for a moment, and as I was thinking, how did she know (LOL!), I didn’t specifically invite her, she looked at me and said, “Yep, Mary’s here!” but I don’t know if I heard Mary or Michael or both at the same time.

I noticed Yaglin with a glass of red wine, which amused me (remembering his post about red wine) and he almost winked I think.

I wondered about Seth, and conjured up an image of Rob’s portrait of him, but it wouldn’t stick, and changed into an old woman in a hat, an eccentric Victorian or Edwardian English lady, which is the image I got when I first heard his voice on the CD’s. I felt like I recognized that old lady’s voice but couldn’t quite remember which aged aunt it was, or something. The image went quickly and she didn’t really look at me.

At some point I defocused, or re focused, or stepped back, and had pulsating waves and noticed some colours and sparks or dots or patches of all sorts that I can’t begin to describe or even remember properly. Then I had a really wonderful feeling of being showered with little blue dots, and a few lavender ones, like snow falling in those domes you turn upside down. This seemed like Elias. It was very nice!

I saw an occasional pale blue glass rod, and a group of them all vertical.

After the meditation, I was in a swampy woods, not like a normal swamp more of a waterlogged forrest. I also had several images of a gold /white gold / white hot triangle/pyramid which would glow and then fade.

Any vague attempts to access past events didn’t come to anything; in fact I had the feeling that there was such alot going on presently that I never even got round to acknowledging everyone before it was all over (and it was twice as long as usual!) I nipped back while we were chatting afterwards, as it seemed like I’d left without warning in the middle of a party, and Yaglin, still in party mood, yodelled again for Gina.

During Curtis’ warm up exercise, I focused on each of us individually and got quite an indescribale feel of each one’s unique, um, energy? Various waving vibrating movements that were each unique, not so much colours. I even went back round again to make sure they were the same the second time. They seemed to be, but I’m not sure I remember.

Towards the end at the party at the top, Deane popped in, I didn’t see a thing, but had a flash of knowing he was there, and I was aware of KC at various times, but not sure how I know, and I’m sure there were others that I didn’t recognise, points of light, flashes, or whatever, or maybe needed to spend more time with each one.

There ws a point when I felt like we were all swirling together in an upward coiling movement, anticlockwise seen from above.

In my notes I have Yaglin saying “maybe he will, maybe he won’t” when I was wondering if George would write up Yaglin’s notes. Yaglin was in a party mood and set the scene for me right from the start. I was worried that I wouldn’t pick up a thing, with all the expectation, so I decided a couple of days ago that it wouldn’t matter if I got nothing, because it would be so interesting to hear what everyone else’s impressions were. Seems to have taken the pressure off, and Yaglin (and Jane…well everyone!) seemed to know that I wanted to keep it fun and not a confusing complicated thing, just try to get a feel for what’s cooking there.


Dogon Group Meditation

Jim: OK shall we get ready for the Dogon? Tracy do you
wnat to give us an outline of what you’re looking for?

Tracy: ok, well…I spoke to a man a black man the other
night, named Nambu, I imagined lol….
when I was drifting off thinking of Dogon. He said he
would meet me in my dreams and he said many many more people would find they had
Dogon connections, and I wondering who he is and maybe we all can talk to him,
he was very helpful :)
and he seemed like fun too
brigyde: Nambu.. from what timeframe, Tracy ? ..any feeling ?
Tracy : he gave me something in my left hand, what was it?
brigyde: or where in the big Dogon land.

Tracy: no idea, but perhaps even the present, Bridgy
brittawynn: I’m hoping you will introduce us, Tracy.
Tracy: I think there was a cliff behind him, and a clearing
with ashes of a fire
he said was a place I could use to go to other places
from there
a sacred place there
I did go somewhere from there, but can’t remember where
brittawynn: is he at the bottom of the cliff or the top?
Tracy: bottom, the cliff is on our right

Jim: We go to that place and see Nambu and then go with
whatever comes. Ready?

brigyde: one day we moved to a place in the far distance …with all
men kids and animals.. it was hot and dry ..we had not water anough.. we leave
the place we come from was north egypt… we went south west. we lost a lot
people on the way … but one night we saw a star ..or comet… a light coming
from the sky ..the animals were alert . Most people slept. I was standing with
an stab in my hand… and then the light was near and bright so that I dont see
anything… there was also a fast wind blowing for some time and then I see that
the light is surrounded by a little water lake .. the water reflects.. Nambu:
“oh you are telling a story from the past I was told “. pause… it’s the story
my ancestors told the white people about Sirius .. and how ancestors interpret
what had happened.”
“we will show you the place …”…

Jan: There is a relationship to the gods of ancient Sumer, but
in their wandering they modified their religion to fit their needs and that is
how they ended in Mali. The current encampment was the home to 2 other
civilizations. The first in AD 200 or so, the other up to the time of the
arrival of the tribal Dogon. It is believed that after tenure in Egypt, they
continued their journey further west. Somehow they migrated across Libya and
Mauritania and settled along the Niger River in Mali.

I am attempting to ascertain the presence of my friends in this area and realize
it is something that will come to me as I inculcate this ancestral knowledge.

brigyde: there is the lake between walls of stone..and we rest
there and drink.

Jim: I went to the fire at the cliff and Nambu welcomed us
all. My view shifted from the fire around to him and he said we could come any
time and he would help I went to a city on a hill and asked if this was where
Iulii was and he said yes I asked 1600’s and again got yes I asked where and
seemed drawn to a dwelling near the bottom right I couldn’t go in and asked
why He said prejudice I said I didn’t see that as part of me He said that
I didn’t want to accept that I was part of things other than what I was now I
wanted to hold on to this focus and not see others that were different
Jan: For me this opens another door in the complex histories we
all seem to share :D

Jim: Then I went in and saw a fire in the middle of the
floor He said I was forcing my impressions and that was not part of that
reality. I asked married and he said yes as he did I got Gina! I asked
if there were others from the group here and he said yes I asked where and he
said around the city I asked children and he said yes I got Maryanne. Was
this someone from now He said yes but we haven’t met in this timeframe. I got
also that it was a boy at that time I asked my position and he said warrior I
saw a picture of me hunting and throwing a spear at something and then it faded

brittawynn: I had a lot of difficulty connecting. I seemed to ask all
the wrong questions. He waited patiently and just LOOKED at me. Finally, I told
him I liked their buildings; they were wearing straw hats. He smiled and said I
needed to learn how to listen better. I needed to practice. I think he said I
don’t have a focus there or at least not a close association. He also told me I
shouldn’t smoke!

brigyde: I can go on and on with the journey until I may have died
on the way… not reaching the Dogon region from today.
Jan: I didn’t pinpoint anybody in particular
but had a strong flash of influence regarding 5-6th dynasty
egypt, a time i haven’t really focused on
Tracy: asked for Nambu and he was right there, I said So soon!
and he laughed and said he’s always there. he said that Britta creates a focus
there now, before he said she didnt but she would maybe choose to create one.
KC…he said hhmm..and then Lucy the dog strated snarling and
growling…..passed a woman on the left, erect and smiling, also a teenage boy
or girl was walking with us….Nambu said You try too hard, relax, I’m always
here….shibuti tribe?
Jan: that that may be when some of them came from persia and
passed into africa
brigyde: 5-6th Dynasty ..ok ..we may look at that (time frame and
all) later.
Tracy: he SAID he was a focus of Rafaela, and present
timeframe, and shift-aware, then we were all sitting round a fire sharing a
chilim LOL
Jan: according to this doc shibuti was an elder
only hit on google
for shibuti tribe

Tracy: something about a CP that WAS and will be, as it were
focus on it increases
am I making this up? hahahaha
the teenager walking up with us to the place was a bit
sad and maybe limping

brittawynn: male or female teen?
Jan: it involves the old testement and ancient persian tribesmen
Tracy: he seems very helpful and very willing to talk, (Nambu) but I
keep shutting him up, if you know what I mean, and then he has a big laugh
…. first I though female and then I though male, Britta
not sure
brittawynn: hmm, limping–thought if female she might have cramps
Tracy: yes, maybe, not limping much, couldn’t see why the limp
brittawynn: cramps!
brittawynn: sad!
brittawynn: TEENAGER!

brigyde: I am more in my own body now .. moving with the tribe
..and listening Mr Nambu..when ever I want to listen..I can start again. ..funny
this ILDA thingy :-)
brittawynn: I got that strongly, don’t know why.
Tracy: interesting Britta. is it a girl? is it you?
brittawynn: could be, info came right away, maybe first period

Tracy: wow Britta! Nambu mentioned you twice now, once before
as well
Brittawynn: really?
what did he say before, Tracy?
Tracy: first period fits the uncomfortable face, but she is
coming with us…whereas the woman, we passed by, she just smiled as we passed
He said that maybe you would choose to create a focus
this time, he said that you were creating one now

(the IM messenger started going berserk here…)

brittawynn: Doggone those Dogon!

Tracy: Mark shoulda been here, he has a current Dogon fcus
Jan: so Shibuti is a an elder associated with Amarna :D
Tracy: what???????????? (where was I that I didn’t see the previous conversation??)
Jan: yes it is an ancient term
Tracy: you’re kidding Jan!

you get a GOLD star!
d d
not s
Tracy: Jan, tell me about Shibuti…wait I’ll google

brigyde: high sound in the left ear !

brittawynn: my left ear popped a few minutes ago

Jan: I googled shibuti tribe and only got one hit
Jim: Mine has been itching all along

Tracy: I’m downloading one now
its behaving strangely, it wont let me click anywhere
on it
Jan: 1460-1170 and Amarna 1370-1350
Tracy: taking ages to download

brittawynn: all this communication disruption…interesting

brigyde: we were before Armarna, Jan !
Jan: yes
but this weird document covers a range of migration from
persia to egypt
including Sumer
Tracy: interesting!!!
Jan: very, imo
brittawynn: very

Tracy: uh oh, I have a hundred windows all over the place
gonna close

brigyde: and when I went -in the med with Tracy and Sheila – with
the question where did we came from .. its just what you said .. from middle
east …

Jan: Tracy was having flickering lights before the med
I am surrised with the Shibuti, very cool link to me


Salitre Halloween Blue Group Hug

.November 3rd, 2006

….watched the Elias Halloween video last night where Mary dresses up as a ghost and Elias says Boo….which may have influenced my bathtime spontaneous meditations…..I was listening to the new Deep Dish CD that had arrived in the post, thinking of dancing, and imagined that we were all having a dancing DJ Rave party on top of Salitre in the moonlight. I imagined that we’d all cleared the flat part at the top of the pyramid and made it smooth for dancing, and had made the DJ area out of the rectangular cut stones that are all over the place…thinking for a moment that we were disturbing the artifacts and may miss some clues (like forensics or archeology research or something) and then I thought that was silly, what need do we have for physical evidence clues! Much better to use what the pyramid has to offer and have fun with it! If we want details of the past, we don’t do it like that anyway….

We were all as if we’d been taking E’s (Ecstacy) (how funny that’s an E word too) but of course we didn’t actually need to take any drugs to get that feeling, but we were all raving away looking ecstatic…KC had a cute summer dress on with a button on each shoulder strap attaching the strap to the dress….Mary was there dancing too and having fun, and then Elias and Mary were both there at the same time, sharing Mary’s body and voice etc…joking with each other and telling each other not to interrupt, which Mary thought was hilarious…..I think Mary kept interrupting Elias, and when Elias was speaking you could see Mary was grinning at the same time….at one point I almost imagined they were both speaking at the same time, but saying different things ….then had a logical moment trying to watch Mary’s lips, and then realized that Elias had a voice of his own that was audible…..then they were laughing and saying together ‘It matters not, my friend’ and they were cracking up, Mary thought it was the funniest thing to be saying it ALONG WITH Elias, and they were saying it again and again….

…..and then Elias asked Mary if he might have the honour of leading the next dance….HAHAHA…he started doing a sort of tribal dance, and seemed to be wearing a flowing cape or robe at that point, that sort of billowed out behind him…..and we all were in a circle (then I inserted a fire to dance around), we were copying the Elias dance, and then he came up to each of us in turn, humming a note until we each individually matched that note, then he went to the next person, and hummed their note until they’d got that right, and so on, until we were all humming our own notes…then Elias indicated to the DJ to turn the music down slowly until there was just the rhythm, and all of us humming our own notes…WOW! It was an incredible huge sound, and then there were rainbow columns or shafts of coloured light ascending/descending right through us, into the top of Salitre and up into the sky, that could be seen for miles (at this point I imagined a farmer seeing it, and thinking he imagined the rainbow lights coming out of the bonfire)… was a bit like the aurora beams or columns….then, the rainbow turned blue, and everything turned blue, every one of us, every part of us, was swallowed up in the blue…..everyone’s faces were pictures of joy…we joked afterwards that is was a ‘blue group hug’ from Elias….after that we were all hugging each other…….



Blue Diamond group meditation log excerpt from ‘awhile ago’…teafed from Franci, with telepathic permission We’ve been using the Blue Diamond ever since…….and the Blue Diamond appeared in yesterdays group meditation too

tjmarshall57 (13:53:51): back! that was amazing, i had a diamond of blue light right at the end
franci_free (13:54:09): hey i had a blue diamond!
tjmarshall57 (13:54:16): really???
franci_free (13:54:25): in fact it was the theme of the whole meditation, this blue diamond
tjmarshall57 (13:54:36): are you kidding me?!
franci_free (13:54:47): no
tjmarshall57 (13:54:52): wow
tjmarshall57 (13:54:59): tell me more!
tjmarshall57 (13:55:43): it was full of magic and endless possibilities, the feeling
franci_free (13:56:13): oh well I fell down the hole. A witch was waiting and she had a blue diamond for me. She would not give it to me though straight away, i had to do a few things, then she gave it to me…and yes it was about magic and healing and just soaking in the energy of it, i put it on parts of my body i wanted healing for
tjmarshall57 (13:56:33): WOW!!!!!
franci_free (13:56:57): cool eh
brittawynn (13:56:57): more wow
tjmarshall57 (13:57:01): I had a huge healing feeling in my neck that relaxed all my back
tjmarshall57 (13:57:10): just before I saw the blue diamond
franci_free (13:57:25):


Home Base
15th September, 2006

exercise: imagine a wonderful place, then visualize it better….accompany it with a trigger gesture, so that you can go there instantly. I wanted a place I could ‘step aside’ to, a safe and undisturbed tranquil place, but with options for variety…..

A room in a tudor manor house, in English parkland…a chintzy wing chair to sit in and fireplace and leaded glass doors to a brick terrrace, a few discreet mossy grey stone statues, a striped lawn sloping down to an invisible Ha Ha and rolling parkland with ancient oak trees and gypsy vanner horses …behind the house, a walled vegetable garden and Jenkins the gardener, a small orchard, and stables, dogs and cats and tack rooms…..through the herbaceous borders, to the spinney at the end, through the trees along a path that comes out in a clearing in Venezuela…

Back inside the morning room which has the morning sunshine streaming in, there are no books, phones, computers, tvs, radios or music although there is a baby grand just behind my armchair just in case, and a table with home made cake on and a pot of hot earl grey…..

Out the front door, it’s Spain, and bright blue sky and brightness and warmth, and geckos, and olive trees and whitewashed cottages and goats, sun ripened tomatoes and oranges….

theres an upstairs room, large and airy, with a balcony that looks over the Aegean from Italy…..

the kitchen is a basement kitchen in a Georgian town house in London, a big pine table and wine bottles and an eccentric arty and fun loving crowd , smokey and relaxed and convivial, a place for stimulating and funny conversation, clever jokes and banter…..

The dining room is opulent and dark red and Victorian southern USA, so I can wear dresses if I want to like Scarlett O’Hara, dimly lit at night, and has a terrace overlooking the trees covered in Spanish moss….

When its icy cold outside and the sun’s sparkling on the frost there’s coal fire in the morning room with a brass scuttle beside it, and a sofa with a cashmere blanket to lie down…Chrannock the nanny will bring some cake…we call her Cranky….

the hallway and wide stairs are Egypt and spacious and warm breezey, dont know whats at the top of the stairs yet….

on one side of the house the lawn slopes down to the river, any river I like…there’s a little ferry boat to take me across, any boat I like, to anywhere…

and there are easter egg hunts on the lawn and human croquet and bowls and badminton or just rolling down the hill, whicker picnic hampers and steamer chairs….

the attic is a different place, another consciousness area, its a magical place full of surprises and its where the shift assisters hang out, anything can happen here…..

and there are lots of doors I haven’t opened yet…..


Eggs of Ease & Eggleton

19th September, 2007

Last night I was ‘channeling Eggleton’ in a meditation, and at the exact same time, Franci was reading a magazine in a coffee shop and noticed an article written by a man called Eggleton.

hhmm, I didn’t make many notes! Before JimC’s meditation, we were chatting about eggs, (and I can’t remeber why), while we were listening to the Kuthumi chanelling online. Eggs do seem to pop up often, like the egg-timer direct hit remote view (I had the egg-timer, Franci got the direct hit); and the Eggs of Ease (a Patelish guy in a meditation offered me a tray of cakes, and when I chose one with a poached egg design in the icing he said ‘Eggs of ease’, meanwhile Franci was uncharacteristically ordering ‘scrambled’ eggs at the time); and the continuing story of the dragon eggs…..

…anyway, I was drifting off during the meditation, and heard a voice saying (among other things I can’t recall) “…but you still doubt…” and then everything got really bright like a bright light had been switched on in a dark room, and the voice said “The doubt comes BEFORE the pain. You are not noticing” (referring to when my back crashes; I had sort of been thinking the doubt came AFTER the pain, the pain caused me to doubt…rolling along fine and then back ache and THEN the doubts…yes ok bit slow lol); and then I asked who he was and got EGGLETON and an image of a man looking a bit like Sherlock Holmes……and a bit of a chuckle….


Jim C Group Meditation

1st September 2007

“…….it is nightfall, and we are gathered around a campfire
in the woods nearby is a cave,
with a large opening
It is warm and dry inside. The floor is sandy.
The walls and ceiling studded with gemstones that emit a soft glow
to light our way
As we enter, the silence envelops us
and we are cut off from all outside sounds
There is a large room, high ceilinged, as if to provide a meeting space
down one passageway, a flight of stairs carved into the stone
leading down
exhale deeply now
slowly walk down the stairs, descending into Mother Earth Herself
There is a landing, with a round pool of water,
fed by springs deep in the earth
take a drink
the water sparkles and glows with magic
this is True “holy water”
give thanks to Mother and continue
exhale again, relax deeply,
descend to the next level below
a faint sound, from many levels below us,
slow, pulsating, thrumming
descend again, the path grows brighter, the sounds louder
we find ourselves in a giant room,
crystalline ceiling,
torches flickering on the walls
but the light is far brighter than the torches alone provide
join hands here, in a circle
close your eyes and feel,
the pulsating sound ripples in your chest
vibrating in harmony
the hands of your friends, on either side of you,
grip tightly, warm,
electric current between your palms
the atmosphere is alive with anticipation,
it is the moment before the birth of Creation
when All is yet unmanifest, without Form,
yet All is fully present
and alive within you
You are that pure creative Impulse itself
You are the sound, the vibration you feel,
the electricity,
Rest here in this energy for a few moments
Let your Awareness expand, filling the room,
until you are present in every part of it,
your heart and gut tremble with anticipation,
ALL is possible here
you are at the Source,
and you ARE that Source!
Welcome Home,
Gods, Goddesses, co-Creators
Relax into your own Divinity,
your own Power

franci cakes with smarites red then pink

long nails (the cakes red then pink, not the nails)

she is at campfire in the backgound eating the cake which was on the energy plate I offered….

f and i go down stairs together dressed as little miss muffets with baskets eating the cakes and chatting

behind us eric is dressed as a jester and jib is in a furry brown cat or lion costume with a long tail….

jim is on the other side of the pool with a wizards clothes but viking hat, melissa is a cross between a mermaid and a belly dancer….

down and down bit distracted with tv but ended up floating in the centre somewhere and all the distractons were somewhere else…

pulsing and waving colours and floating feeling and a feeling of being an observer of all the physical stuff
felt pretty amazing at the end actually

F and I had white frilly apron thongs on
not thongs LOL
no mistakes
Freud would be proud
ching ching
I think we had bloomers and lace up boots on
frilly bloomers?
like can can bloomers?
I love those
well, the whole point of can can was NO bloomers
I love it
high heels
and no bloomers
where is this leading! LOL
to the frig for another beer

I had a dancing feeling going down the stairs after the pool
wasnt wearing the costumes then
sort of white floaty gowns
felt very tall too

at the end, did you find yourself filling the room to its edges?
wow like the speakers in Oversoul 7?

then after the hand holding, it was all not specific;

imagery of colours and floating and stuff unexplainable
I felt very in the centre but as an observer to all the masses of stuff going on on all the edges

perfect, that’s what I got.
I saw you plucking a gemstone out of the wall,
and discovering that it was your own bellybutton

I got to a place where I was aware of all of it on the outisde but still able to maintain the floaty impartial centre
it was very good


Elias Train

21st June 2007

Imagine a train; you get into a carriage, and make yourself comfortable. Relax. When you are ready, get off the train. Look down at your shoes (for an idea of time and place and who you are). Or, look out of the windows, at passing imagery; or maybe when the train stops, someone enters your carriage.

~I was waiting at the platform, which was a bit dreamlike. A silvery white train pulls up. A man in a blue turban holds open the carriage door for me (He was grinning! It was Elias). I invite him into my carriage (well, who wouldn’t!). The carriage is luxurious and over the top (like the blue turban), and full of soft blue cushions, (a bit like the inside of the Time Travel Party Yurt, really). I sink back on the cushions, which seem to have a water bed underneath. The motion of the train and the soft ripply cushions are the most exquisite back massage. I don’t bother to get out of the train. I noticed that in the middle of the blue turban, there is a huge Blue Diamond…..and then Franci is there, and her name is Alsehet, and she is Ashtak’s sister….


Group Meditation: Yurt Party

17th June 2007

Tracy: there were so many cushions in there we were falling through them, heaps and heaps of them, then feathers started coming out, bright colours, . swirling upwards, then we all realized we were creating the upward swirl of feathers
Br: I got the sense that I was someplace soft and comfy but it was hot there and I realized that I was feeling the heat here and then wondered if how much of a determinant that would be in relating to whatever I would pick up on as to when/where stuff since I tend to get most of stuff through physical sensations and then I got sidetracked thinking about that and lost the connection to the feeling of soft comfort
Tracy: from the tops of our heads, towards the top o’ the yurt
Br: but I was also aware of a feather end sticking into me from a cushion
Ro: back
Bi: Quiet and sweet, Yoall were using feathers to tickle me for a moment
Tracy: so we were focusing on joining all our feather swirls up into one group swirl to go through the hole at the top of the yurt
Tracy: wow feather syncs
Bi: Yup
F: wow cool
Br: more than one too! how neat!
Tracy: then had lots of different flashes…one was a huge billiards table, in a dark oak and red tapestry room, with servants in breeches and white hose
Tracy: frogmen outfits, and it was sort of alice in wonderland, cos I saw one with a big white rabbit head, and some dancing playing cards
Br: playing cards with feet?
Tracy: almost like a theatre entrance
Tracy: yes
Fr: I hopped out of the yurt into this tranquil oasis, where advanced technology was used on me to harmonise my body and mind. I lay in this comfy chair/bed thingy which sent energy through me. There was a fountain in the middle and lots of greenery. I then drank some amazing tasting juice and thought how well I felt now.
Br: wow, what did the juice taste like?
Bi: I believe I’ll just let you all show me around at the next party. Way to go!
Fr: like rich tropical fruits
Br: hmm
Br: we just let our imaginations show us around, Bill
Fr: it was golden colour, and it drank through a straw.
Tracy: oh, then I saw 4 girls sitting on a wall, looked middle eastern or even biblical, in a dusty side street, and a lumbering old man walkes past and they shared their sweets or whatever little thing it was they were sharing and eating… had some other images pop in and flash past, cant remember now
Fr: Then I decided I felt well enough to join the party, so the advanced beings gave me a party dress to wear, which was blue and shimmery
Tracy: oh the last scene was a bordello type yurt party
Bi: I was careful to allow instead of make something happen. I believe I’ll tag along with Fanci and Tracy next time
Tracy: lol
Bi: I got a little piece of the bordello thing, but typically tried to be a gentleman


Britta’s Elevator

23rd June 2007

Fabulously wealthy at a party in Monaco, overlooking the sea…..

Last night’s group meditation: Britta’s Elevator

Go into an elevator; there are 4 buttons, up, down, left and right. Choose one, get out of the elevator and see where, who and when you are. You can get back in the elevator and choose another button….

First of all I found myself on the train platform from Wednesdays train meditation, so I popped into the blue carriage first for a relaxing massage. I got off the train, crossed the platform, and into a large station building, with a huge opulent gilt elevator, with lots of attentive staff. Straight up to the top floor, and got out of the elevator. I noticed I had a wonderful iridescent green dress on, and found myself on the Cote d’Azure, or perhaps Monaco, at a fabulous party. We were all there, and we were rich! Franci had an identical dress on to mine, but in blue, and then I noticed Britta did too, in blue-green. I think everyone had the same dress on, in shades of blue and green, but that was ok, it was a gorgeous and perfectly cut dress, a special dress, and we were all perfectly beautiful, and fabulously wealthy, relaxed and enjoying the party…not in a wild way, but a pleasantly relaxed way. There was a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, and the twinkling lights on the coast below…we had everything we wanted and we were happy…

…went to bed and had the vibrating noise in my left ear again, floated up somehow, and found myself in a kindergarten class……


14th May 2007

For our group meditation yesterday, we decided (Franci’s idea) to choose an object, and explore it. Somehow we decided between us on a toilet paper roll as the object. Britta had mentioned some puppies that had appeared near her home, and we had mentioned Mr Bean in the conversation earlier……

franci (5/14/2007 12:30:04 AM): well our fun exploration is to go where ever with this object and just play
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:30:04 AM): oh cool! hahaha
franci (5/14/2007 12:30:13 AM): the object means something to us
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:30:13 AM): the toilet paper?
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:30:25 AM): so we get to TP someone’s house?
franci (5/14/2007 12:30:33 AM): whatever you wish!
franci (5/14/2007 12:30:41 AM): the toilet paper is a starting point for our exploration
franci (5/14/2007 12:30:51 AM): the point being that it does not matter where we start
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:30:54 AM): can we do anything?
franci (5/14/2007 12:30:56 AM): we will get where we need to
franci (5/14/2007 12:31:01 AM): yes, anything, of course
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:31:02 AM): great
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:31:15 AM): ok, next step?
franci (5/14/2007 12:31:32 AM): right
franci (5/14/2007 12:31:37 AM): you are standing in a field

franci (5/14/2007 12:31:45 AM): and you see a strange object
franci (5/14/2007 12:31:53 AM): when you go to look at it
franci (5/14/2007 12:32:02 AM): you realise it is a roll of toilet paper
franci (5/14/2007 12:32:17 AM): you have never seen one of these before
franci (5/14/2007 12:32:22 AM): so you don’t “realise” as such
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:32:28 AM): so I am in a field looking at the TP
franci (5/14/2007 12:32:32 AM): but you pick it up
franci (5/14/2007 12:32:37 AM): and wonder what it could be
franci (5/14/2007 12:33:11 AM): you ask your inner self or whoever
franci (5/14/2007 12:33:24 AM): to help you discover more about this object
franci (5/14/2007 12:33:29 AM): does that sound okay?
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:33:34 AM): yes
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:33:41 AM): yes! very cool
franci (5/14/2007 12:33:46 AM): okay 10 mins starting from now!
franci (5/14/2007 12:33:48 AM): START
franci (5/14/2007 12:42:34 AM): I found this hard to do at first and thought what a rubbish exercise. Then I started to play with the toilet paper, pulling it around the field. B’s 4 puppies joined me in playing till the whole field was covered. I lay in the soft paper and sort of relaxed, felt like I was bobbing in a boat on the sea. Tried to take in the energy of the puppies, and that became my focus, which was lovely
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:43:12 AM): that was amazzing
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:43:14 AM): wow
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:43:18 AM): hang on
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:43:23 AM): hang on!
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:43:37 AM): brilliant
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:45:55 AM): the dogs just cAme back
franci (5/14/2007 12:46:02 AM): oh wow!
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:46:03 AM): first was in my Rafaela face in a field in Bolonia near sea, floating, came down and circled the toilet paper, still floating, then flew higher trailing the paper, and it was my siver cord for OBE’s, then thought of the Nerd play I saw , Mr Bean, when he walked out of the loo with toilet paper stuck in the back of his trousers, and thought what a way to OBE! with toilet paper stuck in your knickers!
franci (5/14/2007 12:46:04 AM): cool
franci (5/14/2007 12:46:21 AM): haha T
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:46:24 AM): right behind my house making all kinds of noise in the dry leaves out there
franci (5/14/2007 12:46:34 AM): there is a floating synch
franci (5/14/2007 12:46:49 AM): oh!
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:47:14 AM): I was down in the field at first and explored the TP–looked at it all over, then thru the tube (thot that was cool) then
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:47:20 AM): then I thought about it being fragile and breakable and realized that is only a perception, there is nothing more breakable in toilet paper than the air around it, so to speak, it is all created as solid in the moment anyway, all of it
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:47:48 AM): including the siver cord, so to speak, or the bed my body is in, (re: OBE)
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:47:48 AM): sniffed it, and no scent, so tasted it–nothing special; then I listened to it–didn’t make a noise
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:47:53 AM): felt soft
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:48:08 AM): so a good reassurance for OBE
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:48:22 AM): both were, cos the toliet paper/Mr Bean makes me laugh, and think of fun
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:48:26 AM): dropped it and it unrolled a bit so I played with that for a while and asked my inner self what’s what
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:48:37 AM): but he was so laughing so hard he couldn’t answer
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:49:31 AM): then I saw you were back and I saw the word puppies and then I heard them outside
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:50:08 AM): I like the way it flutters and floats like streamers, or ribbons on our flying outfits…..then I remembered Blue Man Group, and how they had lots of people at the very back of the audience throwing our reels and reels of paper, all over the audience, so we were all joined together in a big tangle of paper rolls
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:50:26 AM): neat!
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:50:35 AM): you guys had more fun than I did
franci (5/14/2007 12:50:40 AM): yes I had people all connected with it at one stage, also laughing
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:51:09 AM): well, my inner self had a great laugh
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:51:17 AM): mostly at me
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:51:19 AM):
franci (5/14/2007 12:51:19 AM): i found it hard, just remembered i said it would take me where i needed to go at the moment, and then i realised i needed the “puppy energy”, play
franci (5/14/2007 12:51:26 AM):
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:51:26 AM): and at the end I saw the Andrex puppy ad, all the pups playing with the paper all through the house, leaving a trail of clues, whilst playing and having fun
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:51:38 AM): puppy sync
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:51:43 AM): major puppy sync
Tracy Marshall (5/14/2007 12:51:45 AM): and Mr Bean sync
brittawynn (5/14/2007 12:53:50 AM): the pups seem gone again–they took off over the hillside towards my folks’ place, or their neighbors


Household Objects

3rd May 2007

brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:28:09 AM): I have a consciousness expanding exercise in mind…if you all are interested
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:28:14 AM): yes I am
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:28:44 AM): it’s a bit different so it may lead into something we can do after
franci (5/3/2007 12:28:51 AM): yes i am that would be grand

Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:28:52 AM): ooooh
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:29:38 AM): as we all should know by now–every single thing in our environment is or reflects a part of us.
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:30:43 AM): The deal is to
choose 3 items from your immediate surroundings (in your room) and discover what they say about you–what they stand for or their meaning as part of you.
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:30:54 AM): dusty
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:31:03 AM): so?
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:31:27 AM):
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:31:39 AM): I have chosen 3 things on my table (out of at least the 50 that sit here)
franci (5/3/2007 12:31:53 AM): what does dust say about you?
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:32:12 AM): and they all appeal to me but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what they mean exactly
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:32:34 AM): it says a clean house is the sign of a wasted life, F
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:32:38 AM): the idea is to figure out the symbolism behind them, like you would if they popped up in a dream
franci (5/3/2007 12:32:39 AM): hahaha
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:33:21 AM): (gosh I’m having trouble choosing)
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:33:51 AM): we can spend a few minutes thinking it over then share our thoughts and see if they spark any impressions from the others
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:34:45 AM): choose at random, or choose speacial ones?
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:34:52 AM): whatever you like, or hate, up to you
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:35:03 AM): dont let me dither! hahah
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:35:14 AM): sounds good, but so far I’m having trouble object-picking. maybe spontaneity will work…
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:35:18 AM): everything is significant so it does not matter what you choose
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:35:59 AM): well good then, that was easy!
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:36:03 AM): if you are having trouble, select the three things closest to your left hand
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:36:18 AM): now I look around and I can see a reason why for most things
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:36:48 AM): neat, huh? But aside from a reason FOR them, do they mean anything different?
franci (5/3/2007 12:37:01 AM): i am doing dream symbolism, i all done
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:37:34 AM): when done, type it out and share with the rest–then we can all comment if something strikes us
franci (5/3/2007 12:37:44 AM): does that make me the winner i wonder?
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:37:49 AM): well, if I look at one of them from dream symbolism, its kind of corny
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:38:04 AM): yes, in a manner of speaking, Franci
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:38:42 AM): no personal invalidation allowed!
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:38:49 AM): hahahahah, well stereotyped then not corny
franci (5/3/2007 12:39:24 AM): the plastic drink bottle with the chain in it means control, dominance, and lack of clarity over the issue of what dominance is. This relates to my beliefs about how i create reality and a small, very teensy eensy small part of me that is scared to let go of control
franci (5/3/2007 12:40:01 AM): (it is the bottle the dog trainer gave me for george, the noise is supposed to be like a “snap”)
franci (5/3/2007 12:40:08 AM): in case it sounds a bit weird
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:40:15 AM): was wondering
franci (5/3/2007 12:40:36 AM): and i never use it now, which means these beliefs are not used much
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:40:37 AM): with chain and dominence in the same breth
franci (5/3/2007 12:40:42 AM): HAHAHA
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:40:43 AM): lol
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:41:03 AM): very impressive analysis F!
franci (5/3/2007 12:41:06 AM): is that the sort of thing you mean B?
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:41:10 AM): havent a clue what it means
franci (5/3/2007 12:41:29 AM): B, i think T may be invalidating me
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:41:37 AM): hhahaaah!!!!!
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:41:48 AM): just kidding F
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:41:55 AM): I just said it was impressive
franci (5/3/2007 12:41:58 AM):
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:42:52 AM):
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:43:00 AM): ANYTHING
franci (5/3/2007 12:43:15 AM): woo hoo anything goes!
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:43:53 AM): I chose my red lava lamp, my LILAC velvet chaise lounge (fainting couch), and my Galileo thermometer
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:44:31 AM): well I have a tall lamp I made from a twisted woody honeysucklevine, about 5 feet tall and the first dream symbol thing that came to mind was a twisted winding path towards the light (now do you see what I mean? about corny? I dont even see it that way) also the light bulb socket is visible because the whole thing is crooked and badly made, but I love it
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:45:06 AM): I dusted the shade recently and now its much lighter in here
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:45:30 AM): my lava lamp was gift from my father who knew I’d love it, and I do–it also brings back memories of the 60s and my wanting to be a hippie so it represents that free-love rebel that resides somewhere inside me
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:45:56 AM): made from bits of rubbish outside, and been a super useful favourite thing for 7 years, asymetrical (I am thinking aloud, is that ok)
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:46:47 AM): the couch happens to be Tiku’s color but I didn’t know that when I got it–that’s my Essence, BTW–but it stands for the 8 year-old in me since I’ve wanted one for that long
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:46:53 AM): it’s fine, T
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:47:21 AM): and I love warm orangey yellow lamp light, pools of lamp light in dark rooms
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:47:53 AM): my thermometer is tall, clear glass filled with clear liquid in which glass globes filled with different colored liquids float or sink depending on the temp, I am utterly fascinated with it
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:48:15 AM): they’re so pretty! and it’s nice it there’s polished wood gleaming somewhere in the lamplight
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:48:43 AM): I get a huge kick out of watching the balls go up and down and it must have something to do with the part of me that is a mad scientist
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:48:57 AM): wow! what a thromometer!
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:49:07 AM): just for yucks, I’ll throw in a 4th item–my bug vac
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:49:16 AM): dark bluey green ashtray, just love the shape and colour
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:49:18 AM): another odd thing from my dad that I love
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:49:33 AM): love it really alot! for just a plain ashtray, blue green Ilda Sumari, love blue green
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:51:19 AM): I was just thinking that, about the ashtray colors
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:51:19 AM): bowls of odds and ends
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:51:35 AM): I can suck up insects and relocate them without harming them or touching them. It has a built in magnifying chamber so I can look at them before I let them go outside and I don’t ever feel guilty or nervous about transporting them. Dad and I both don’t kill things so this is somewhat more than useful for me.
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:51:41 AM): bowls to put all the uncategorizable odds and ends that MAY be useful, everywhere bowls of odds and ends, and cupboards of bowls of odds and ends
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:52:19 AM): Britta your thermometer makes me think of consciousness, with different aspects rising and sinking constantly
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:52:38 AM): and lofts of boxes of odds and ends… bit like my blog really
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:53:06 AM): scattered
franci (5/3/2007 12:53:07 AM): paints, symbolic of creativity and purpose
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:53:15 AM): that’s very cool, Tracy
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:53:44 AM): but,
if I need anything, I’ll JUST FIND IT WHEN I NEED IT
franci (5/3/2007 12:53:48 AM): nails sticking out of the ceiling, symbolic of lack of completion
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:53:49 AM): I think the odds and ends is a theme for you
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:54:07 AM): yes, B
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:54:12 AM):
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:54:50 AM): do the nails need to be pounded in or removed, Francie?
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:55:01 AM): too many things catch my eye before I’ve any where near fully explored the lst thing, I make myself dizzy sometimes
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:55:21 AM):
but can’t ignore a good clue while they’re rolling in
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:55:29 AM): this is the thing!
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:55:43 AM): so the bowls take care of the bits and peices
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:55:45 AM): we are always surrounded by ‘ourselves’ in a different form
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:55:47 AM): odds and sods
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:56:11 AM):
they’ll be there when I need them, I dont need to keep track!
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:56:20 AM): we are giving ourselves information about US all the time, but we don’t often pay attention or notice it
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:56:28 AM):
I’ll just create finding them
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:56:42 AM): very true
Sheila Curtis (5/3/2007 12:57:11 AM): very true! nice exercise
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:57:13 AM): there is NOTHING in our private environments that is not ‘us’
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:57:42 AM): my 3rd thing is a framed card of penguins and camels together, I love the colours and the absurdity of it, like my crow in shoes
brittawynn (5/3/2007 12:57:55 AM): when sitting around feeling like I am getting nowhere, I plan on looking at something and letting it ‘talk’ to me
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:58:00 AM): I like bizarre alot
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 12:59:26 AM):
anything is possible, if it amuses you is what the picture says
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 1:01:59 AM): still working on what the lamp says
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 1:02:20 AM):
I can provide my own light from any old rubbish
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 1:02:23 AM): HAHAHAHAAHAH
brittawynn (5/3/2007 1:02:28 AM): LOL
brittawynn (5/3/2007 1:02:50 AM): pretty good–you can find enlightenment anywhere!
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 1:03:06 AM): yes! cos I’m creating it myself anyway!
brittawynn (5/3/2007 1:03:16 AM):
Tracy Marshall (5/3/2007 1:03:34 AM): that was a very illuminating (hah sorry accident) exercise


Jim’s Plane to the Future

17th April 2007

Jim: Ok now off to the plane
Britta : so, let’s go to the future!
Britta : yes–any instructions?
Jim : Imagine you get on a plane
Tracy: oh no!
Jim : It takes off and starts to fly
Tracy: I hate the air con in planes!
Jim: SO make it what you want it’s your plane
Britta: small plane for tracy–open a
Tracy: I will have an old fashioned
one and goggles
Jim: as you go the landscape changes
Jim: clouds bring a break and a new city into
view It is spectacular, you land and go to this city
Who are you? where and when is it? START
Jim: Find anything interesting?
Britta: It took awhile for me to
figure out who I was–the place was so fascinating, all I wanted to
do was LOOK
Jim: KNow the feeling
Tracy: The dogs went bersek racing
around, Charlie leapt onto my lap twice…..I decided to put my magic
flying sandals on, started in a green meadow, and ran until I took
flight. Flew over the english channel, over france, the
mediterranean, the suez canal, noticing landmarks en route, then came
in to land at Yemen. Then the plane took a turn, over Africa I think.
Came down trhough the clouds and saw a pale coloured city, prominent
feature a tall pale obelisk on a long grassy walkway. Flew right over
the city and came to land in a grassy clearing, in a small community
of tree houses. The tree houses didnt have walls, and there was
really comfortable furniture just out in the open, then I realized it
was the future that Sharon had told me about, if you felt like eating
strawberries, as you walked along in the woods, strawberries
appeared…if you were hot, a cool pool appeared etc; then we all
decided to project to the city, and went to a fairground where you
could play in the colours, not rides
Britta: it was like I wound up in a
city center; a place with places to do guild business, it was all color-coded
Tracy: name I got was sally or Sanjit
maybe cos I was thinking of
the magic sandals
Britta: there were amazing buildings
and slidewalks and multi-level ways to get around so you could go
where you needed to, the building materials were
not at all like here, they were glass-like but not
breakable, shiny, and opaque so you couldn’t inside all of them
Jim: Gravitic engineering came to mind
Britta Matthews : each street had a predoninant
color scheme–like you’d find various artisans on one, healers on
another etc
Tracy: interesting B, that I got colours for the
fairground in the city too. there was nothing there but
colours, but that was enough
Britta: I was like a wide-eyed
country bumpkin who missed the countryside and wondered where they
kept the trees etc. I was, I think, a visitor, a young woman who
taking my brother his lunch. He worked there and lived nearby but I
was visiting him.
Tracy: wow, B, did you live in the
tree houses?
Britta: When I found his building, I
saw the inside had loads of trees and plants indoors!
Tracy: or I should say the inside and
outside dwelling place, the climate was perfect so no
need for shelter, sts
Jim: I came down from my craft to a huge
crowd. Was led through it to a podium for the news. It was not
anything like today. No microphones and such just some kind of pick
up that worked holographically. Told the crowd I was proud to be the
first to do what I did but now had to go and debrief. Walked to a
large conference room. The debriefing was by some kind of thought
projection and displayed on the table top. There are no instruments
to record, it’s all done with the pilot! I came down from my craft to
a huge crowd. Was led through it to a podium for the news. It was not
anything like today. No microphones and such just some kind of pick
up that worked holographically. Told the crowd I was proud to be the
first to do what I did but now had to go and debrief.
Britta: I didn’t get a sense of much
else, just wide-eyed wonder at the “city”.
Jim: Was the first flight of a new kind of
ship. Traveled through wormholes or something like that. Went to the
end and took star fixes and came back. Saw a later flight and was
floating over a very green planet. Old mountains, low and eroded,
covered in forests. It was so nice just cruising along. Technology of
that time is really cool! Pilot as recorder. Amazing!
Tracy: interesting B, I flew right
over the city and headed for the country place, seemed more like home
and went to the city as a
visitor too
Britta: I got the feeling that I was
fairly young–a teenager? No names though
Tracy: I was a child I think
Jim: Yaren seems right the more I think of it
Britta: the treehouses feel
like ‘home’ to me
Jim: It seems we have a much more thought
controlled atmosphere in all ways in the future
Tracy: they were like a roof, a
platform, a railing, and lots of comfy cushions, open on the sides,
like there was no danger and no bad weather
Tracy: yes Jim, and food and whatever
you want is simply created in the moment
Jim: would be screened by forcefield if it
rained or such
Tracy: or not created in the first
Jim: It wouldn’t be fun without rain
Tracy: the weather would not be out
of your control in the first place
Jim: wouldn’t have to be violent
Tracy: if you wanted rain, you would
create rain, and not while your washing’s on the line lol
Jim: who does washing?
Britta: lol
Jim: never get dirty
Tracy: (not that you’d have washing
on the line, you would create clean clothes, or new clothes)
Tracy: snap!
Jim: change clothes with a thought
Tracy: exactly
Jim: I like the future
Britta: this may be further out than
Tracy: or closer
Jim: I think we are going to see radical
changes in the near future
Tracy: I dont know when it was, but
it doesnt have to be so far away
Britta: I’m thinking the mastery
involved vs the space stuff
Jim: as the shift makes more of us aware
things will change quickly
Tracy: yes, I mean, 2075 seems quite
Jim: good viewpoint to think from Britta
Tracy: I didnt see any space
exploration stuff today, just a future here
Jim: What you were tuned in to tracy just as I
tuned in to the space stuff
Tracy: and our abilities to create
Britta: who knows which areas will be
concentrated on first
Jim: depends on which reality
Tracy: will depend on the individuals
intents and preferences
Jim: Probabilities will be much more known then
Britta: but as a mass–which areas
will be addressed first?
Jim: will be fun to find out won’t it?
Tracy: no need to wait for it ‘to
happen’ we can start now
Britta: “we” already have begun
Jim: Figure if I make it to a hundred that
will be 2043 and a lot will be different by then
Tracy: practicing creating what you
want with ease, practice projecting etc
Jim: Also possible that 100 will not be old
soon I always joked I would be 167 when I gave
it up
Tracy: I plan on sticking around for
2075, because the older I get, the
better I’ll get at creating physically
Jim: that would be 2110
Tracy: and I will look younger and
younger, LOL
Britta: I think one big key is


The City

Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:43:16 AM): I was thinking we could do a 15 minute meditation, get together, go and insert something nice into the City
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:43:39 AM): a favourite place
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:43:47 AM): let’s put a brothel in there!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:43:48 AM): play a little, be imaginative
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:43:56 AM): whatever you like!
franci (4/30/2007 12:44:01 AM): funny B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 12:44:11 AM): okay, do we do this at the computer or go off and then come back?
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:44:23 AM): a pleasure palace for out-of-town visitors and lonely people
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:44:45 AM): we stay here and on
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:45:02 AM): after I say START we sit quiet, I usually sit right here close my eyes maybe and jot notes on paper then type ‘back’ after and wait for everyone else to type ‘back’
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:45:11 AM): then write your impressions or whatever
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:45:14 AM): we get ‘instructions’ then begin, then come back and share our experiences
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 12:45:36 AM): groovy, I already have an idea of something… it came fast but I could flesh it out more
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:46:09 AM): do whatever seems like fun in the City and leave something there nice to go back to
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 12:46:52 AM): I wanted to build an outdoor play park for the children in the city that would be very magical…
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:46:54 AM): yes do!
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:47:33 AM): so are we adding something to the City as a group or individually?
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:47:42 AM): individually
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:47:50 AM): but you can visit the others too
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:48:30 AM): because a park is a big thing–and so is a brothel, so I thought it might take more than one sitting per person to accomplish
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:48:34 AM): we sit here and do it while we’re at the computer
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:48:55 AM): I’m serioulsy hoping the intention is enough to ensure all the details
brittawynn (4/30/2007 12:49:06 AM): ah, ok, T
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 12:49:18 AM): hahaha
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:49:23 AM): but picture detail as much as poss I think

Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:50:59 AM): everyone ready for 15 mins in the City?
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 12:51:37 AM): back at :06 then START!
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:05:28 AM): back–mission accomplished! A very classy joint…
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:07:02 AM): back for me too —- i drew out a little blueprint
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:09:52 AM): mine had lots of different areas for people to hang out and not be alone
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:10:18 AM): my light bulb just blew!
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:10:29 AM): we must have been successful then T
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:10:37 AM): lol
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:10:46 AM): it blew at the last med, too!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:10:54 AM): sat here in the dark
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:11:08 AM): Now that I look at mine, it is almost like what a state fair would look like… I created 5 different pavillion/rides
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:11:16 AM): obviously we are amping up!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:12:14 AM): I first of all unexpectedly saw a japanese or chinese folly/tower/pagoda thing perched on a steep cliff looking over a valley and city
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:12:29 AM): oh, me too! I just drew it!
franci (4/30/2007 1:12:47 AM): wow cool, synch
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:12:51 AM): very

Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:12:53 AM): wasnt expecting that, then went to the hammam I just inserted
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:13:02 AM): neat
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:13:19 AM): that’s wierd…. my one building looks just like a chinese pagoda, very tall
franci (4/30/2007 1:13:39 AM): whats a hammam?
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:13:57 AM): turkish bath
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:13:59 AM): each floor is a place for a child to play at a talent
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:14:04 AM): moroccan in this case
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:14:17 AM): very relaxing
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:14:23 AM): what did you do, F?
franci (4/30/2007 1:14:39 AM): i thought about inserting a psychiatrist, then decided not to
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:14:44 AM): beautiful exotic colours and tiles and water
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:14:47 AM): hahahahah!!!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:15:38 AM): Al!! a pagoda!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:16:05 AM): Yes, I just drew it in the back of the park on the left hand side
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:16:12 AM): wow!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:16:43 AM): but when you get to a different floor, you are already perfect at the talent, so in the end you can really CHOOSE what you want to play with

brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:17:00 AM): sounds good
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:17:08 AM): be it the flute, car mechanics, gymnastics
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:17:23 AM): and each floor has the roof jutting out just like in a pagoda
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:17:28 AM): hmmmm, interesting

Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:17:48 AM): in the hammam there were rooms of colours you could have wet or dry so to speak, and just heat up and cool down in colours, rooms of colours
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:17:57 AM): great!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:18:10 AM): oh, I had something like that too in my park… it was called the ‘chakra color merge’
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:18:15 AM): I’ll bet there are different pools where the water is at different temps
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:18:23 AM): small quiet ones and big airy open ones

Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:18:34 AM): you could just walk in and become a color, merge with it
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:18:46 AM): you could move through a series of colour rooms for energy centres
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:18:57 AM): yes, that’s what I had too!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:19:03 AM): yes exactly!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:19:27 AM): then another ride I had was called the ‘slide of time’
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:19:28 AM): wow, thats amazing! even Franci will have to admit!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:19:34 AM):
franci (4/30/2007 1:19:38 AM): yes it is!

Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:20:15 AM): It was huge and brightly colored on the outside, kids could slide down and when they reached the bottom they would be in any time period they wanted to enjoy
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:20:16 AM): I LOVE hot baths
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:20:22 AM): me too!!!!!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:20:33 AM): they make me so relaxed!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:20:37 AM): and I loved the hammams in Morocco and that exotic casbah decor lol

Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:21:00 AM): outside the hammam is a casbah garden
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:21:29 AM): date palms and fig trees and perfumed flowers
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:21:56 AM): always a balmy summer night outside, no mosquitoes
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:22:07 AM): yay–no bugs!
Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:22:10 AM): T, I want to go there!
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:22:15 AM): me too
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:22:18 AM): cool pools of water
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:22:33 AM): little fountains

Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:22:44 AM): i’ve never been to Morocco or seen a casbah
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:22:44 AM): bubbling
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:23:45 AM): rusty tin filigree candle lamps making patterns on the walls
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:24:14 AM): sounds very atmospheric
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:24:21 AM): shadowy figures in djelabas with trays of mint tea

Alicia Meade (4/30/2007 1:24:22 AM): people would meditate and go into altered states in them
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:24:49 AM): oh join us in the casbah hammam Dawn!
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:24:51 AM): did you have fun?
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:25:00 AM): oh yes a casbah!
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:25:17 AM): makes me think of lazy afternoons lounging around!
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:25:21 AM): we were insering new places in the City
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:25:37 AM): I have visited the city in my dreams

awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:33:42 AM): Can I bath naked in the pool at the casbah?
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:33:52 AM): yes, whatever you wish Dawn
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:33:53 AM):

brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:33:58 AM): if not, come over to the brothel I inserted
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:33:59 AM): it feels shady and cool after all the heat of the day
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:34:03 AM): hahahaha
franci (4/30/2007 1:34:04 AM): haha B
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:34:09 AM): brothels sound like too much work
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:34:11 AM):
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:34:17 AM): it has lovely cool rooms of blue and green colours and cool water
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:34:27 AM): delicious
Tracy Marshall (4/30/2007 1:34:37 AM): mint tea
brittawynn (4/30/2007 1:34:43 AM): not everyone ‘works’ at my place
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:34:45 AM): I am getting imagery of naked bathing that is what it is
awan_dawn (4/30/2007 1:34:56 AM): cool scented water


Jim’s Sumer Meditation

10th January 2007

“This was my first vision. I first saw a city under siege. I was on the roof of a building overlooking a square just inside the gates. The army people, under my direction, were positioning themselves around the square. At a signal from me the gates were opened. The seiging army came pouring in and filled the square then the gates were closed. The invaders were all killed and then the square was cleaned up and we did it again. This went on for some time and finally the besieging army left. My vision then faded.

I had this personality come up in a recent group med and I had a crystal clear vision of the head and shouldersof this focus. The oiled and curled hair and beard, the helmet, the armor, and everything were very vivid and then it faded. I wondered why this particular focus was again coming in clear and thought this would be a good one to start with.” JIM

James: OK, it’s Sumer, and my general or whatever he was

Tracy: I saw him, he was someone I
knew, but I felt I was a woman, and not in a similar position, I saw women together washing by river, a
house I went inside, in a street, right on the street, dark inside and
various family, Jim/soldier in the street, maybe an uncle….

‘jan hart: I went to babylon and wondered about
if this is where Jim was and felt something else about the gates of
Ishatr or Ishtars gate and I thought that may have been
what you were on
Tracy: first I saw what looked like a
woman putting clothes through a mangle, you know to get the water
out…or something similar, pulling a long thing out of a machine
thing at shoulder height, mostly seemed like womens
things, and not a position of authority at all

‘jan: I felt more like an observer/reporter/librarian

Tracy: I was on the sidelines,
watching, with other people with me, not involved in anything. the very first flash was seemed
like slate blue flight of steps…then a long dried up squiggly
thing, like a dried snake or leg
then the mangle thing

James: Oh boy Abraxas was floating
around in my head and it seemed right I questioned general got king,
leader, hope of his people Any others here Yes Jan and Tracy Tracy
was of the city not noteworthy, Jan I got was in the harem. Any
others yes but some of it is hard to remember as it came staccatto
and fast Gina> Lover Sheila/ lover Bridgy/ Helper Curtis? Advisor
Franci? Lover Must have been awfully horny man Judy? advisor should
have started typing these as soon as they started coming They seem to
be getting tangled So it seems we were together in another place
Janet? Yes but I can’t see or get an impression Our purpose was to
raise the standard of conciousness and help all people realize where
they came from and how they were all connected Why is this coming
forth now? Because it relates to what we
are doing and the shift

‘jan: 15 minutes to groove and meditate
on Mesopotamia, and in particular Jim’s focus. He said general or
whatever. I don’t think he was a general at the time of his battle at
the gate. I think it was his creativity at the gate that made him a
general. I don’t see him as being overly ambitious, but do see him as
having a certain natural integrity about him that made people want to
listen to what he had to say or see what he had to do. A natural born
leader. I see him going from warring general to acting governor or
somesuch. I can see an older garrison type
person with a huge barrel of a chest. There was some friction about
size and intelligence in war and in life. That was where a faction
was formed, but the barrelchested man was ambitious and ended up
without credibility in a maneuver that saw the deaths of almost 200
riders (did they have riders then?). One was loved and respected, the
other was tolerated and not liked. The unliked man left and went
towards the north east, perhaps towards modern day Bulgaria.
There are these pretty little
swallows all over at certain times of the year. They have yellowish
bodies and blackish-dark wings. They are a sign the people here like
to see. In my vision the Gate looks to the East, towards the rising
sun. I can see myself ontop pf a mud building, adobe-like, about the
equivalent of three stories, or maybe on a rise, and I watched the
sun rise with joy in my heart.

Tracy: man with dark curly hair the
colour of dark rust, even the skin was rusty decided to go right up
to him, and shook his hand…he said AH sorta I got the name Aldrenoy
(close as I can get) and them the name Fizle for the shy girl…then
an old woman rocking a baby, in a dark room…..kept getting the
feeling of a giggling female teenager, shy a bit, and awestruck….
tree lined wide avenue…white scarves, cloths over heads….watching
a ceremony take place in a square, or apresentation, I felt female
onlooker, and in awe, then I had a scene of a young
woman with the man she wasnt his wife!
‘jan: seems to be some complex
relationships here, lol!

Tracy: lol!!
James: The impressions I got of the
different people came like machine gu fire and that’s when I started
typing but some of it is mixed up there were so many impressions
‘jan: very good, you might go back later
and rewrite them if you can and turn it into a story

Tracy: I had alot of snippets of this
and that, wouldnt mind doing this one again sometime, seems like
alot of snips of this scene and that…. dont know who anyone was, but
did feel young female (spose I wasnt always young though, but perhaps
young at the time of your gate thing Jim)

‘jan: I felt about 24 ish, male, single,
in love and a romantic

Tracy: in the harem? a eunuch? lol
‘jan: drums, flutes, voices , I didn’t feel me in a harem
James: I wonder if the impression of
harem meant you worked around it?

‘jan: I bet it did: I felt as if I was a young scribe and I can still feel love for the
woman somewhere behind me
James: It seems my king or whatever was
a horny son of a gun

Tracy: all I kept feeling was young
and in awe, part of family life, watching excitment, doing
mundane things


Break Down

16th November 2006

Wandered off the track last night during the Point of Power group meditation exercise….I started off on the right track, back at the breakdown scene, and changing the scene…..the whole incident was hilarious this time (well, it sort of was anyway, but not entirely…)….then all of a sudden my second cousin was at the scene, or it changed to a breakdown scene that he was involved in, and he was laughing out loud and saying that he couldn’t believe he was having so much fun at a breakdown. Then I suddenly remembered that our aunt died on Tuesday, and wondered if he was breaking down on the way to the funeral, for some reason…then our aunt appeared! I had a little conversation with her, said to her well do stop by again, I’ll leave the door open for you, and she said she would….and then another disengaged aunt appeared, and then another, and then another with her husband…..then one of my grandmothers appeared…then I’m back in my other grandmothers kitchen 30 years ago, and the pans are all steaming on the stove, and the window’s all steamed up, my grandfather’s sitting at the kitchen table and we’re having a conversation, and I’m in my teens……

(I posted a pictue of Stirchley Hall with this post originally; my cousin Davids son was killed on the way home from Janet’s funeral, Stirchley hall was his house)


Monkey Cymbals

18th October 2006

I told myself go wherever you want to during the Sunday group meditation, after first seeing the rainbow energy highway, coming from the big light ball with greenish edges that is how I see our group energy, the one I saw at the Salitre mediation, feeling it, the rainbow energy highway, and passing it through Salitre, and on to Mary, I don’t know why I did it through Salitre, just found myself doing it. Then it seemed like a good idea, although I’m not quite sure why exactly, but I don’t need to know all the details hahaha, so after I tried to get an ankh impression, but just got amplified sound of everything in the house, and a pegboard effect visual, so that’s when I said, go wherever you want to and I was in plastic elf toyland, and felt a bit impish being in toyland when I was supposed to be studying ankhs, and then I was scampering all over Salitre pyramid, in the moonlight, as a pixie, crashing a pair of cymbals together, shouting “I can do whatever I want(CRASH!!)”…”I can do whatever I want(CRASH!!)”….and I couldn’t stop! then I turned into a monkey in clothes, like an organ grinders, dancing all over the pyramid, afterwards I thought about the feng shwi thing of banging a pan to change the vibrations in a new house. I did that at Rachel’s new house at Salitre, because a sad elderly couple had lived there, and it felt fantastic making such a racket, made me think about all my dogs barking, growing up having to be so quiet and all kinds of things, and how therapeutic making a huge noise is.

Then I was the monkey, looking out from his eyes, not on Salitre but in the arms of a man in rough grey clothes, and I am passed to another man, and they’re strange but kind enough I think, but I don’t feel particularly happy, rather bemused….


Green; Pyramids; Mexico; Tulum; South America……..

1st October 2006

I had an impression of a pyramid hidden in jungle foliage, undiscovered. There was an event that caused defoliation, making the pyramid visible, but it was completely covered in moss or lichen, (liverworts came to mind) which wasn’t affected by the defoliation event. An impression that this mossy covering had completely covered the pyramid for some time and that it had preserved the pyramid in some way. (I have no idea whether that impression will hold up to further investigation!) I have a feeling the timeframe was future.

The second impression was (I think) a much earlier timeframe, and seemed to be Tulum, of a group of people under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, myself included. We were outside, in an area with buildings, and the colours were incredible…everything was full of colour, including the air, the breeze, even sounds seemed to be full of colour…every inch of space was full of incredibly bright colours. (I’ll be revisiting that one!)

For the first part of the Friday meditation I was standing on a
beach right next to the sea, and like a child walked into the water
with my shoes on, without worrying about getting them wet, and then
sat down in the water in my clothes for the sheer joy and impulse of
it, and I had a momentary flash of realizing that I wasn’t thinking
like a responsible adult (not keeping an eye on all the dogs, no bag
full of keys and wallet and stuff weighing me down or needing to be
kept safe, no worrying about having to drive home with wet shoes on,
etc) and just sat there in the water full of the wonder of the sun
sparkling on the water, clutching handfuls of wet sand, feeling the
slight shock of the cool water…just giving all my attention to the


Amarna & Scotland

19th September 2006

I found myself on a corner of a dusty road with a large building set
back from the road on the left, and a smaller building on the
right. A man approached from the right, walking purposefully along,
carrying a large flat square under his arm. He had white hair,
pronounced features and an unpleasant expression; simple clothes in
black and white and a hat, I think. Bare legs. I was rooted to the
spot with dread as he passed by me standing at the corner, and he
turned back as he rushed past, and I had a hopeless feeling of
inevitability. I couldn’t physically move from that spot.

I tried to refocus to the Nefertiti impressions I’d had previously,
which were different altogether, and couldn’t.

At some point I had a birds eye view, and the land was very red.

I eventually moved out of Egypt completely, and found myself in a
room I presumed to be Scotland (I’d been fascinated with the 1357
timeframe after reading about Yester Castle in Scotland, so I
assumed I was there…not sure though). There was a woman with
blonde slightly red hair, either receding hairline or a high brow,
and a small hat or something far back on her head. She was drinking
from a dark goblet made of something solid, not glass, and her dress
was pale cream/gold with gold embroidery, or woven with gold
thread. She was looking out of a window, a high window, and it
seemd to be sunny outside, it wasn’t cold. She was laughing and
there was a man behind her, but I couldn’t see him at first. The
feeling was one of security and safety, nothing to worry about, a
pleasant scene, relaxed and conversational.

I was surprised by the amount of soft furnishings in that room and
the next room, very light rugs and cloths, all creamy and
embroidered with gold. Very light and comfortable, and not dark
dreary and cold like I would have envisioned for that place and
time. There was a large white dog in front of the fireplace, with a
huge head of a bull terrier, which didn’t fit with the long legged

I returned to that scene again later, but in the meantime found
myself in the company of a very boistrous, loud, and impishly
teasing ‘in your face’ large man, who morphed his image quite a few
times, and would alternate between being on my right, and on my
left. At times he reminded me of Billy Connely (sort of LOL!) I
got the idea he was Brian, and asked him (he was a bit scary
and ‘too much’, but laughing) if he wouldn’t scare me. He said he
would! So I tried to focus past that individual focus through to
Elias instead. I managed that and got curved blue lights at the
top, but kept slipping back to the persitent Brian image, who was
needling me in a pushy way, sort of. I was back and forth with this
quite a few times.

In fact, all through the meditation, I kept pulling myself back to
NOw and experienced great waves of a different more pleasant energy,
but kept slipping back to the tension. For awhile I was trying to
explore the waves, trying to make sense of them, recognize them,
reconfigure them or something (something new for me). Afterwards I
felt like I’d had a sort of lesson in either moving attention,
reconfiguring energy, or, moving past the individual focus, to the
essence behind, so to speak.

The whole experience was not pleasant, but at the end I was feeling
like I was beginning to learn a bit more about manipulating the
environment, or something, or maybe not that as much as observing
things from an impartial standpoint, or at least, being able to move
away from an emotional reaction to a deeper place, an overall view
place maybe.

Well, that last bit was hard to explain and needs some more work!

…and then last night my computer broke down, so I had to watch TV…..and Lord of the Rings came on!



9th September 2006

I had yahoo connect and disconnect problems all during the meditation last night, and got hopelessly lost a few times in a sea of instant message windows. (I accidentally sent an audible whistle to Dawn, who later replied that she’d just got up…excuse me Dawn!!….) I managed to be present in the conference window for the remote view (way off track this week, I saw a beached whale skeleton, and the target was two blue glass boxes…maybe I was feeling ship wrecked with the yahoo problems)…..a couple of people saw rubber ducks, and I bought 4 rubber ducks for the dogs this week, although Jim had the target…( I just saw a perfectly whale shaped cloud above my house this morning…)….and I’d like to add that I did see a geometric blue thingy but always say Hello Elias when I get a blue thing, so may have seen the target after all!

I had an unsettling family phone call just an hour before the meditation, which may have been something to do with the sparky connecting problems….

The exercise was to imagine yourself on a darkened stage, location the Tara hill in Ireland, and then open your inner senses, and allow impressions….

I imagined the eight of us standing there, imagining each of us as we are now, and then looking again at each person in turn…

Bridgy was a woman in a long dress, perhaps medieval style with long pointed (bell?) sleeves, with dark hair, she seemed self assured and well off. I kept getting a name or word like mabnog, couldn’t quite get it.

Franci ( I had an earlier impression of Franci being a small female child and I was a slightly older boy, her brother…) first appeared as a stooped old man in robes with a long white beard. Then I got Jasper Carrot, rather strangley LOL! (an English comedian), and the name Aldous Huxley, a shower of silvery blue stars, and a ballet dancer. The ballet dancer was not in ballet clothes; a woman in jeans and sweater doing ballet movements.

Curtis was a (peasant?) girl and I got the name Rutsna (or something, couldn’t quite get it), with straight mousy hair, and a sort of long medieval kind of dress (impossible to decide a timeframe from the clothes…various layers of garments, long dress, a sort of waistcoat over the dress….)

Gina resembled Henry VIII in stature and clothing, a portly well off Scottish or Englishman, it seemed. I thought English at first because of the resemblance to Henry VIII, but seemed to get a feel of tartan, so thought of Scotland.

Jim appeared to be other dimensional, and I couldn’t get a clear picture to describe…coloured shafts with vague animal parts….

Myself….a very poor simple, (not quite a full bag of shopping!) man in rough sack robes, and an image of a village and people going about their business amongst low white cottages, dampness and mud, and the man was watching from the outskirts.

Another image I assumed was myself was looking down at a long white dress I was wearing….

Britta appeared as a quite awesome and powerful witch, a crone, with a strong formidable personality.

Then I started getting distracted because I felt like I’d forgotten someone and was trying to work out who, (couldn’t count up to eight, obviously LOL!) so I decided to stop worrying and just see what else came in…(Sheila, you may be connected with the following!…)

I saw a whitish stone dome that looked almost futuristic in a way, although I don’t think it was (?), and a man in coloured robes with what looked like a large book under his arm, and a ‘university campus’ feeling, with other people in coloured robes milling about behind him. The man seemed tall, and I thought again of the ‘tall people’, then had an incongruous logical thought that the domes had low ceilings so I must have been getting muddled up images….(whenever I see the tall people in the coloured robes, they are always standing very erect, seem knowledgable, wise and serene)

Then a man leaning forward in a sturdy chair, stone or roughly hewn wood, in whitish clothes a bit like a Viking, with a hat similar to a Viking but without the horns. I could see his knees, so he must have had a short tunic on, and leather straps around his legs from the shoes. He was stocky and had a beard and was leaning forward as if addressing people, his hand on his chin and elbow on the arm of the chair, as if he was quite important.

Then I saw a slender green boyish figure on a silvery horse, the boy had long narrow dragonfly-like wings.

The last image was a man in chainmail, presumably a warrior.

Unfortunately, I had yahoo problems and couldn’t reconnect to participate in the chat afterwards…looking forward to seeing the log and comparing notes….


Probable Selves

27th August 2006

The exercise for this Friday’s online meditation was probable
selves…either ‘helping’ one or asking one for help. I really
couldn’t be bothered with the predicaments of countless probable
selves (imagining the one still drinking gin, the ones still married
to other husbands…leave them to it!) so I tried to imagine a
probable self that might know something useful.

I imagined that when I was visiting Connecticut when I was 26 or so,
that I stayed there instead of returning to UK, and drove over to NY
to one of Jane Roberts classes. Rob met me at the door, Jane said hi, but
when SEth came and wanted to speak, I was unable to allow a single
word from him ;/

Then somehow I was hearing Jane talking, just chatting, and I seemed
to have a strange split thing, like when you go crosseyed and start
seeing double (hard to describe). I felt the ‘me’ sit comfortably
down on the right somewhere, quite happy and safe, while Jane was
still talking somewhere up on the right. There was a sort of zone
in the middle somewhere…well, whenever I tried to concentrate on
what Jane was saying, I lost it, and then I heard her say, I won’t
say anything important, I’ll just keep chatting, so you get used to
it without worrying about the words or content. I don’t remeber
much of what she said, but it was fast inconsequential talking about
nothing, which made it much easier to stay in the middle of the
split zone (gosh, how hard to describe!) I could have stayed but I
was already late back to the online group, and the point had been
made I guess…

It was a completely new thing for me, and seems to have potential!
I seem to do better if I don’t worry about any important stuff
coming through, but stick to a playful kind of exploratory contact,
at least for now….

This, and my other few experiences of meeting Jane, which have all
been playful, led me to post a suggestion on Sethnet about a Jane
experiment in which we simply focus on interacting with Jane just
for fun rather than the scary business of writing words that will be
criticized etc, but no-one has responded so far. LOL! I will be
doing it anyway :)


Friday Group Meditation, Salitre

19th August 2006

The park, the future park at Salitre….First I thought of a deserted village that I saw for sale in the Salitre valley, and the idea I’d had at the time of a community of ‘explorers’. At first I was thinking of a group of people buying it with money, then I realized that money was nothing to do with it (what a novel idea!!) . It was a collective, a group, with similar intent and preferences, choosing to ‘tend’ a chosen physical location (the Park) …Choice was the thing, not money….then I thought, well, I wouldn’t want to be choosing to be stuck in any one ‘place’, and realized that we could focus on more than one focus at a time, and so we could be somewhere else as well, for variety.

The word ‘variety’ made me laugh out loud, because it was the last word I’d written before the group meditation. :)


Fire dance

July 17, 2006

On line meditation group exercise

There are five of us, imagining joining hands around a fire for a tribal dance….

“I’m imagining Jim in Arizona on my left, Francie in New Zealand on
my right, Curtis in Florida right of Francie, then Gina in Indiana
joined to Jim who is joining hands with me in Spain. Pulling the
geographic locations in towards the fire, I look to my left and Jim
gives me a dark red maroon purply colour, large and solid and
stable. Francie on my right is iridescent dark turquoise, almost
fishlike. Curtis is like a fluffy chick, with a bright yellow
breast and orangey red body. Gina has no form but is metallic
powder blue, and a bit sparkly. I look down at myself and see dark
ultramarine blue plumage, with a few pink tailfeathers behind.

Gina’s powder blue morphs into an exotic dancer in pale blue, with a
young dark eastern face. She has an audience seated on cushions in
a high ceilinged large room. Flash to outside the buildings walls,
mountains in the distance (is this Pakistan? northern India?) A dark
man in a fez-like hat in dark red tapestry fabric, seated on a horse
or camel, which is not visible behind the wall.

Francie slithers and twist around in her iridescent scales, becoming
almost mermaid cartoony. A flash of a colourless cartoon cat face.
Then an image of a young man, Roman or Greek, not dancing, but
seeming to be looking down from a hill.

Focusing now on Curtis, I feel the air or wind or earth’s atmosphere
enveloping the earth, in an arching encompassing way, high up and
huge. The word dreamwalker pops in to my head. Then I see a clown,
after the circus is over, walking sadly through the circus grounds.

I see Jim looking big and cartoony, and think of Dick Dastardly, in
an early aviators outfit, a large handlebar moustache, mischeivous
twinkling eyes, and an incredibly large undershot jaw. A larger
than life character.

Now, I focus on the fire and the dance. A powerful emotional
experience, we are all teenage boys wearing skirts of leaves or
something, hands joined around the fire. We are all looking down,
and solemn and intense, our bodies still except for our dancing feet
which reminded me a little of an Irish jig. The footwork is
particular and repetetive, not random. I’m looking down at my feet,
absorbed in the steps of the dance. The emotion intensifies, the
dancers are serious. Is there a sixth dancer? We are all of South
Pacific, or South American appearance. Looking outwards, there are
people watching in silence with solemn faces. It’s dark, and
appears to be a clearing, and the ground underfoot is soft.”

Later, it seemed to me that it was a funeral dance, but no ominous
feelings about it. It was an intense and beautiful ceremony.

The circus thing is one I’ve had before in these Friday meditations,
the feeling of ‘after the circus’. Wondering if Curtis has a focus
as a clown.

I looked at Jim’s new photos this morning, and there is decidedly a
feeling of similarity with the character I saw….the mustache, the
twinkly eyes, and the jaw. It was like a caracature of Jim.

The colours at the beginning were vividly intense and beautiful, and
the visuals were particularly brilliant, and came rolling in easily.


Deep Pastel Robes & Pileta Cave

13th November 2006

During Britta’s Elevator Meditation….

(go into an elevator: there are 4 buttons, up, down, right and left. Press one and get out of the elevator. Go back in the elevator and press another button….very simple but effective exercise!)

…… last choice was down. I saw a brightly lit (no torches or lamps, plenty of light) cave gallery with an underground lake/pool on the left, (imagined it was Pileta Cave, but not sure) and a line of people were walking up along the right, and passing through a narrow space. They all had their backs to me, but they had robes with hoods up in the most vibrant solid dark pastel colours, each one different. I couldn’t see any faces, but they seemed to be on a pilgrimage or something the way they were filing through quietly.

Not the usual imagery you would expect in an ancient cave, with the brightness inside the cave and the coloured robes….