1: Salitre Pyramid was built 14,000 years ago, generated in association with a collective energy, by the Andwenden people. It was originally called Meredwen.

2: It has/had a blue tiled interior at one time.

3: It is connected with pyramids in the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde islands.

4: We can tap into the energy there, and it is quite powerful, according to Elias.

5: It’s partially associated with the Inca.

6: There numerous group focus timeframes at this location…including future ones.

7: The group energy is a continuation of the energy of the shared focus in 18th dynasty Egypt as Lightbringer Preists.

8: There has been a recent increase in activity within this space arrangement of other dimensional (translated as) Pleaidians.

9: The Roman city called of Vesci was located on this site.

From Jim’s Elias session:

1) Gina-Leader

2) Franci/Armelle – I perceived her as the light of the group and E
said she was the centering personality.

3) Sheila/Meiliah- Worked with sound energy.

4) Curtis/Cisarne- I perceived as a helper, E said an organizer and
when asked an administrator? replied no he was the one who would know
how to place the individuals in positions (circle and where etc.) for
using energies.

5) Tracy/Rafaela Counselor (Ratgeber)

6) Bridgy/Thelma – Ayhael-Pulse. When asked for clarification he said
she set the rhythm for how we used the energy. I said like the
drummer in a band and he laughed and said he liked my analogy.

7) Jan- User of sound energy in song

8) Judy- User of energy in light

9) Britta/Tiku -User of energy in light

10) JIM/Kai-Jan – Healer, counselor, and Psychic warrior. my name as
this priest was Octayl (Aahk-TAY-el).


11) Reggie/dvilletx (Arkandin confirmed)

12) Rachel Long/ USA (Arkandin confirmed)

13) Emma ~ Spain (Elias confirmed)

14) Poppy ~ Spain (Elias confirmed)

15) John ~ New Zealand (Arkandin confirmed)
Notes 15th November 2007
VESCI was the name of the (unexcavated) Roman city on the Salitre site, according to Jean Sassoon, archeologist. It was the nerve centre of Roman roads coming in from the coast; and coins were minted there, with a bulls head.
ARKANDIN 11th November 2007
Mark O: OK. Can you explain more of the relationship between Salitre, Egypt, Mayans, etc
arkandin_arkandin: And your inpressions Mark
Mark O: pyramid, sound type of energy … but more… focal points of sorts… past and future. also source of info somehow …when combined is quite powerful. old energy… ancient … very
arkandin_arkandin: These individuals within their respective time frames incorporate the awareness of energy and utilized the method of constructing the pyramids to be facilitating considerable utilizations within this awareness of energy
arkandin_arkandin: The pyramids within the different locations are indeed as I have expressed before linked through energy channels within frequency
Mark Ogean: also there is something about when the energy is combined is very powerful
arkandin_arkandin: The pyramids served many purposes
arkandin_arkandin: being the focal point to centreing this energy
Jean-Baptiste: are you using them also in you time frames?
arkandin_arkandin: and allowing for communication so to speak
Mark O: that’s it .. the info thing I was picking up
reesekreeg: I heard the great pyramid in Giza utilized water on the inside of something
arkandin_arkandin: These pyramids form a communication grid within your understanding that links physical places within different dimensions.
arkandin_arkandin: Different time frames.
Mark O: Makes perfect sense Ark, that is what I was picking up
arkandin_arkandin: Within my time frame the use of a method incorporated within the pyramid is not necessary
Jean-Baptiste: are you using focal points?
reesekreeg: is the pyramid with the four sided base the simplest shape for concentrating the energy? can it be a three sided base?
Jean-Baptiste DURET: and if yes what kind?
arkandin_arkandin: yes the focal point are within in
Jean-Baptiste: I think it can be a three sided base. it depends on what you resonate with yourself
reesekreeg: maybe they were shooting for four sides because of the alignment with the poles and points of the compass
Jean-Baptiste: I’ve drawn a symbol and there’s a triangle in it
Jean-Baptiste: when I use it during med it’s like the base of a pyramid and it’s the representation of how I focus my energy inwardly in a way
arkandin_arkandin: yes Jib
arkandin_arkandin: it does indeed depend upon your beliefs
arkandin_arkandin: That is correct Reese
reesekreeg: oh, the alignment with the poles?
arkandin_arkandin: These pyramids do incorporate many purposes that within a mathematical nature is being understood by individuals who draw this information to themselves
reesekreeg: were the inner chambers of the great pyramid in giza used with water?
arkandin_arkandin: The alignment not only in the poles or certain grid points, energy points within your physical reality but also too physical points within your known space…the stars
awan_dawn: the shape is to create sound structures to assist in altered states similar to the Freemason’s?
arkandin_arkandin: yes Reese there are many water tunnels underneath the pyramid, some of these have already been discovered there is much more information to be discovered
arkandin_arkandin: That shall open up a far greater awareness of energy and the harmonious connections within energy
arkandin_arkandin: for the pyramids incorporate a resonance that is connected to this
reesekreeg: interesting
arkandin_arkandin: Therefore your question Dawn is that the resonance created within the structures is quite specific in that certain freguencies trigger movement within energy
Jean-Baptiste: is the celtic Triquetra connected with the symbol I use as a portal?
awan_dawn: one of the tones creates the sign of the Ank
arkandin_arkandin: The representations presented within this is created in more than one form
Jean-Baptiste: I feel it’s completing the flat shape forming a dome upon the base
arkandin_arkandin: you are quite correct this is partially within the many forms that you are presented with
arkandin_arkandin: as signals to self within this awareness
Jean-Baptiste: it’s a modified form of that celtic symbol
arkandin_arkandin: yes Jib
arkandin_arkandin: the symbol is connected
Jean-Baptiste: in what way?
reesekreeg: is that symbol connected energetically to the star of david?
Jean-Baptiste: is it like a concentrator of energy?
arkandin_arkandin: That this symbol is symbolic to yourself and acts life a trigger that allows you to focus
arkandin_arkandin: upon energy
Jean-Baptiste: ok that makes sense
Jean-Baptiste: this is a very personal symbol
awan_dawn: the sound creates standing waves?
awan_dawn: the tone
arkandin_arkandin: yes Dawn
Jean-Baptiste: more to help me focus on self and use the symbol like a dream trigger and a portal
awan_dawn: so that they create physical from tone?
reesekreeg: this is very close to the work of Tom Bearden, Dawn
arkandin_arkandin: The pyramids shall most certainly provide many answers to questions regarding energy
arkandin_arkandin: the pyramids are created and store vast amounts of information
awan_dawn: is that what happened to Napoleon he accessed some of the information?
arkandin_arkandin: hahahhaha
arkandin_arkandin: yes
awan_dawn: he spooked himself
arkandin_arkandin: hahhahaha
arkandin_arkandin: The realization within the true power of sound
arkandin_arkandin: energy
arkandin_arkandin: that all is energy
reesekreeg: was gunna say that Tom Bearden has written alot on standing waves and interference patterns in energy to create energy at a distance
awan_dawn: so when YOU are in harmony the power is AWESOME!!!
arkandin_arkandin: that when you allow for the awareness
arkandin_arkandin: this power overwhelms
arkandin_arkandin: and within your words becomes awesome
these structures where created by individuals who had access to information that allowed for a concentration within this awareness through using a method that in a manner of speaking acted like an antennae
drawing to it energy in all its forms
Tracy: interesting
arkandin_arkandin: and allowing for this energy to be filtered within this area
arkandin_arkandin: so as to allow for individuals to focus upon different aspects of this energy

Arkandin: Salitre

4th November 2007
Tracy: was there a massacre at Salitre around 10000 years ago, and was I a child remaining?
Tracy: and if so were they people migrating from the norht, and were 22,000 killed?
Tracy: and did the children escape in cave tunnels?
arkandin_arkandin: Tracy there was indeed a massacre
arkandin_arkandin: created through disagreements within religious beliefs surrounding Salitre
Tracy: was it an ice age migration thing? they were expecting it, it seemed
brigyde: (what different religions?)
Tracy: and 10,000 years ago? is that right?
Jean-Baptiste: was the group focus dream I had last night and that I can’t remember around Salitre?
arkandin_arkandin: Many did survive this massacre Tracy through underground tunnels
Tracy: through to morocco?
Mark O: Ark, and the disagreements were, in a sense, beyond Salitre too?
brigyde: (Tr.. 1000 ago or 10.000 ? years ago)
Tracy: 10,000
Tracy: not yet confirmed
arkandin_arkandin: The different religions Bridgy are as you experience within this now and through your understanding of history. The creation of opposition to be exploring difference
Tracy: so what were the religions at the time, and was it 10,000 years ago?
arkandin_arkandin: 10,000 years is an approximation that is acceptable to yourself
Tracy: hahaha well what was it?
brigyde: thanks..i understand that but I am looking which ones (groups). celts and arabic
brigyde: or if its 10.000 years ago which religions beleifs at that time frame opposing each other ?
Tracy: good Q Bridgy
arkandin_arkandin: Bridgy I shall allow you the pleasures in exploring which groups ahhhahaha
arkandin_arkandin: Timeframe in actuality to be precise Tracy is 11327 years
Tracy: thank you Arkandin!
brigyde: ( the religion aera wasnt established at 10,.000 before Christ)
Tracy: and did they go through caves to tetuan?
awan_dawn: is there a connection with those focuses I connect to in Turkey
Jean-Baptiste: can you tell me to what energies I was connecting yesterday evening when we were doing our improvised med? I felt a very strong pain first and it was like I was feeling hate of “myself”, and a desire to die. And it lasted a long time. And then I also had the impression of someone being disengaging and impression of a chemio and of nausea. I felt it was connected to a grouping of energies but I couldn’t clearly identify anything or anyone
brigyde: (Tracy… when was Salitre establishe first ? around 14.000 bc ?)
Tracy: (14,000 years ago, Bridgy)
arkandin_arkandin: Yes Dawn there is a connection
awan_dawn: They are very shifty
Tracy: (did they migrate from turkey to salitre Dawn?)
brigyde: ( Tracy , so thats a hint !)
Tracy: (what Bridgy>?)
arkandin_arkandin: As I expressed through underground channels and cave systems
Tracy: all the way, underground?
brigyde: (it was the time frame of the ice ages, so they lived often in caves(warmer))
arkandin_arkandin: Jib I would express to you that you allow yourself to relax, that the energies that you were connecting to within that state was indeed connected to a feeling created within yourself which is within conflict to your understanding of the exploration of that time
arkandin_arkandin: what you have done was betray a loved one
awan_dawn: I felt sick when the massacre was mentioned to and I avoided the med A…is that the same thing?
Jean-Baptiste: yes I feel it
Jean-Baptiste: ty
Jean-Baptiste: is it connected to japan?
awan_dawn: did Jib betray me?
arkandin_arkandin: yes
Mark O: many of us have “blocks” here
awan_dawn: I feel sick
Jean-Baptiste: me too
awan_dawn: Jib I chose it
Tracy: Arkandin can you say anything about the blocks?
James: Was Mark o the one on the altar in my connection there?
James: He feels I helped him disengage there once
Katie: I attended the meditation and just couldn’t get into it….is that more avoidance? Or am I just not there with the others….
Mark O: (Ark I think is scanning me … kewl)
brigyde: (cant follow which group focus at what timesframes at salitre all the questions refer to)
James: I made a reason to leave also
Tracy Marshall (11/4/2007 12:24:56 AM): (the time of the massacre bridgy, I think)
elikozoe: Dawn&Jib: when Jib mentionned this sudden feeling, I noticed Dawn had just appeared online yesterday
arkandin_arkandin: I may express to you that when you truly connect to the emotions explored within that focus that the bleed through can indeed be quite powerful. That you can incorporate the remembrance of the emotion this can at times be quite overwhelming and as we move into the shift you shall be incorporating greater awareness of your explorations as DE OE counterparting within these explorations of your choice
arkandin_arkandin: This will be quite challenging
arkandin_arkandin: and many individuals will believe they are going mad
kitchenmagick: oh gosh – more challenges?
Tracy: mass lunacy
James: Elias said that same thing
arkandin_arkandin: Yes Jim
arkandin_arkandin: you are quite correct
James: It seems many are hitting those barriers now
arkandin_arkandin: Katie you are there
arkandin_arkandin: and experiencing, you have just created a block within this remembrance
brigyde: (welcome Katie)
arkandin_arkandin: I appreciate your recognition Mark of my energy connection to you
James: I have felt quite a bit of that this last week
arkandin_arkandin: And Eric you noticed that Dawn created a non connection within this hahaha
awan_dawn: I created no connection to the internet
elikozoe: lol
Jean-Baptiste: is the fact I don’t recall the dream of last night connected to the whole group block thingy?
arkandin_arkandin: the simple process of allowance within remembrance to yourselves shall bring with it many challenges
arkandin_arkandin: for you shall explore as I have expressed previously all the different points along the see-saw to be recognizing that you have incorporated actions that you would consider in this now to be inappropriate creates great conflict
brigyde: Thank you Ark!
arkandin_arkandin: That is correct Jib, the non recall is your way of blocking the emotions involved within your betrayal, which goes against your beliefs within this now
Jean-Baptiste: ok ty
Katie: man, I must have been up to some shit too for the strength of my unwillingness to recall


Arkandin: Tall People, Pleaides and Salitre

4th November 2007

franci: Ark can i ask a question about the tall people?
arkandin_arkandin: continue with your question Franci
franci: in my meditation yesterday, i had the impressio of some very tall and gentle people, and wondered who they were
franci: they were like guides
arkandin_arkandin: Franci these very tall and gentle people are as you understand Plaeidian
franci: why did i meet with them Ark?
Tracy: are the tall people at salitre the pleaidians then?
franci: who are they?
Tracy: hahaha F
franci: i beg you don’t ask for impressions
Jean-Baptiste: are they the same as the stone men I saw with the focus of T around the tunnels?
arkandin_arkandin: this because at that moment Franci you were connecting to your plaedian focus
franci: well they were very nice
franci: and knowledgeable
arkandin_arkandin: As I have expressed to you previously Tracy that there is a connection to the Pleaideians and Salitre
Tracy: yes,
Tracy: and the tall dark people were my tranlsation of pleaidiens?
arkandin_arkandin: no Jib they are not the same
Jean-Baptiste: yes
Jean-Baptiste: those were threatening T’s focus
Jean-Baptiste: or she felt threatened
arkandin_arkandin: The plaeidians are very gentle and quite advanced within your understanding of the shift
Mark O: Salitre was not always so gentle, however
arkandin_arkandin: yes tRacy
Tracy: oh! well I wish I had known that
Tracy: so, was that in this Dimension or not then?
Tracy: they appeared to be here in this D
arkandin_arkandin: As within the Mayan and the Aztec focuses Salitre incorporates degrees of violence within it’s movement of exploration
arkandin_arkandin: within this dimension Tracy but does incorporate other dimensions
Tracy: oh so at some point they were here in this D?
Tracy: hhmm, I wonder when
Mark O: The Mayan’s, Aztecs, Salitre, etc are connected somehow
arkandin_arkandin: that is correct Tracy the two dimentions intertwine at that point
Tracy: what timeframe Arkandin?
arkandin_arkandin: yes Mark there is strong connections within the Mayans, aztecs, Egyptians and Salitre and others
Mark O: and armana
arkandin_arkandin: and your impression Tracy as to time-frame
Jean-Baptiste: (I’m feeling violet Tracy)
Tracy: violet! is that connected? 50,000 years ago
Tracy: is the violet the plaeides?
arkandin_arkandin: 30,000 years Tracy
Tracy: thanks
Jean-Baptiste: (I feel it strongly T like energy beam)
arkandin_arkandin (11/4/2007 1:10:01 AM: yes Tracy


‘Milky Way’ Energy

1st November 2007

A couple of weeks ago (mid October) I saw the ‘milky way’ energy over Salitre, and asked Arkandin about it. It was like a ‘ring around the globe’, a perfectly straight line from one horizon to the opposite horizon, directly over the Salitre Pyramid.

My (sceptic) friend Steve who lives there noticed it one night and made Rachel get out of bed to see it; he said it made his hair stand on end , and I remebered they mentioned a ‘milky way’ about a year ago.

Arkandin said that it was connected to ceremonies held at this time of year by the Andwenden people who built Meredwen, as Salitre was called then, 14,000 years ago, and that Rachel, Steve and I had been focused there at that time.

Arkandin Session Excerpts:

Tracy: there was a ‘milky way ‘ lights thing over salitre, same as a year ago (we think) what is it?
I didnt see it myself
arkandin_arkandin: Energy Tracy
Tracy: OD energy? or what?
arkandin_arkandin: Concentration of energy connected to Salitre
Tracy: what for, can you explain please?
OD bleedthrough?
arkandin_arkandin: The energy connected within the connections to this energy centre
so not other dimensional

Tracy Marshall: hhmm, an visible like that, was that visible to anyone then,?
arkandin_arkandin: this particular time
Tracy Marshall: and whats the point of it, what can you do with it?
arkandin_arkandin: holds significance within energy being projected from this location, this energy is visible to those who incorporate an awareness.
Tracy: the energy is projected from the location itself?
arkandin_arkandin: The point is within connection and recognition of the awareness of the energies. To allow yourself to connect to the energies within that time frame
arkandin_arkandin: yes
Tracy Marshall: which time frame?
of the milky way?
arkandin_arkandin: The milky way is merely the interpretation or the translation of the energy being projected from this location and within your understanding connected to distant planet.
Tracy: hhmm, the pleiades thing?
arkandin_arkandin: It is not the milky way as you understand the milky way it is your terminology within the recognition of this energy.
arkandin_arkandin: Yes
that is correct
Tracy: isnt that OD?
arkandin_arkandin: That is but the location here is not, you are all capable of connecting to other dimensions
You all incorporate connections to other dimensions
Tracy Marshall: so what is the connection between salitre specifically and pleaides then?
arkandin_arkandin: And are aware of your focuses within these other dimensions.
arkandin_arkandin: And you shall express to me following your investigations your impressions hahahhaah
Tracy: ahhahahahaha
but the origin of the energy coming from salitre is this dimensional
or any dimesnion ?
arkandin_arkandin: Yes Tracy this
Tracy: or between dimesnions?
arkandin_arkandin: however it is connected to other dimensions
Tracy: ok and has it always been doing this milky way thing, or is it increasing?
is it something to do with the reason why it was built?
does it do it when it is focused on or something?
Katie: aren’t the Pleiades not stars, not planets, but a cluster of galaxies?
arkandin_arkandin: just as majority of your in a manner of speaking landmarks, for example pyramids
this has always been doing this milky way thing
and within a specific time, within your understanding of time of year
Tracy: ah so it is thhen
arkandin_arkandin: There is always reason for creation
the pleaides are stars within a region where there are planets
Tracy: so do certian locations all do this thing then and we are merely noticing a usual and normal thing?
arkandin_arkandin: where there is an energy concentration within the creation of planets which many individuals incorporate focus and explorations within this dimension
arkandin_arkandin: yes Tracy, you notice when you allow awareness
the energy is always there
Katie: okay, yeah, star cluster containing hundreds of stars, only a few of which are visible to the naked eye
arkandin_arkandin: Within your awareness of creation Katie
Tracy Marshall: so what would happen if I went down there and connected to it or something, I mean, why is it once a year
arkandin_arkandin: In this particular occurrence there is a greater concentration of energy being incorporated as it incorporates a ceremony, just as you are aware you incorporate ceremonies which happen yearly. There is no difference.
You may connect within any moment to these energies
Tracy: oh interesting, but who is doing the ceremony?
arkandin_arkandin: You and others connected to this structure in that particular timeframe
Tracy: which frame was that?
arkandin_arkandin: of which we have discussed previously
Tracy: arrghh would you remind me?
arkandin_arkandin: hahahaha
Tracy: 14000 years ago?
arkandin_arkandin: I shall remind you that these do have a connection to the pyramids that these form energy points that are used by certain individuals within creating greater awareness to self.
arkandin_arkandin: That is correct
Tracy Marshall: so, since rachel and steve saw it, were they particpating in that too in that timeframe?
arkandin_arkandin: yes
Tracy: ah thank you
arkandin_arkandin: ahhahha
all within this group hold some connection to this structure
Tracy: and this time of year reminds us of that ceremony
Tracy: and you too?
arkandin_arkandin: yes
This time of the year holds significance of a ceremony of which you were participating
Tracy: ok thanks! I undertand a bit more now thank you
arkandin_arkandin: hahahha you are most welcome
Tracy Marshall: I saw the ‘milky way’ at salitre tonight, and I am curious about why it seems to be from north to south, across the sky, so high it seemed
and why at one point on the lane it seemed alot closer
why it makes Steves hair stand on end
can you try and clarify what it is I saw?
arkandin_arkandin: The energy is simply there
it matters not within the perceived direction of the energy, that the energy comes from you and this at the point at which it seemed closer.
Tracy Marshall: and we choose to make it look like a line like that? that physical point on the lane you mean?
so the direction of the line doesnt point to other physical locations tht are connected to it?
arkandin_arkandin: You created the direction of the energy that Steve’s hair stands on end as this is within his translation of understanding, his recognition within his connection to the energy
It does indeed connect to other physical locations because you create it connecting to these other locations.
That the energy appears to be a beam or in your terms a lane
Tracy Marshall: perfectly straight from one side of the sky to the other
arkandin_arkandin: yes
James Hallock: I see it in two distinct forms, as a tornado and also as a beam straight up from the top
Tracy Marshall: but looks so far away
this wasnt from the top
arkandin_arkandin: an illusion
Tracy Marshall: ok
like a ring in space circling the globe as it were, right over salitre
arkandin_arkandin: A translation
yes that is correct
James Hallock: is that the pool I see as crystal water?
Tracy Marshall: but that can only be seen at salitre at this time of year?
arkandin_arkandin: It can be seen at any time however there is a draw to the viewing of this at a particular time of year that is associated to a ceremony
Tracy Marshall: yes ok
arkandin_arkandin: That was conducted within connecting to the other point.
James Hallock: can you elaborate on the ceremony?
Tracy Marshall: is the ceremony that impression i had ages ago of a green flame in a recangular stone trough thing?
Tracy Marshall: what other point?
arkandin_arkandin: That is quite correct the ceremony is conducted within similarities to the ceremonies that represent specific movement within your reality, for example …
arkandin_arkandin: Equinox
arkandin_arkandin: The other point being the Pleiades
Tracy Marshall: ok can I clarify, this dimension plaiedes or Od pleades
arkandin_arkandin: There is connection to both
Tracy Marshall: ok…did you say my impression green light was this ceremony btw?
arkandin_arkandin: you create the Pleiades within this dimension and you create other dimensional realities within the same dimension.
arkandin_arkandin: Yes
awan_dawn: T I have a picture for you
Tracy Marshall: can you explain a bit about the green light?
awan_dawn: with a green flame
arkandin_arkandin: The green light is merely a frequency of energy that was used within the connecting
Tracy Marshall: I can see the stone thing knee high and women around it
awan_dawn: is the picture I have imagery of what you are talking about?
arkandin_arkandin: yes
Tracy Marshall: and the energy was created how? with sound?
Tracy Marshall: with sound and the structure as Sheila imagiined?
arkandin_arkandin: energy is frequency
Tracy Marshall: with the low Om and so on?
Tracy Marshall: and tell me about the green thing?
Tracy Marshall: is this recent interest in groupsound connected to this ceremony and this time of year?
Tracy Marshall: I’d say stands a chance
James Hallock: I think it also relates to the work of the lightbringers
Tracy Marshall: yes
Bill Herrman: Heart energy
Bill Herrman: healing
Tracy Marshall: a sort of book of chapter focuses withing our group as it were, maybe incorporating a south american one
arkandin_arkandin: There are connections within this
arkandin_arkandin: energy is frequency with is light and sound
awan_dawn: so A we are connected within this picture, this ceremony?
awan_dawn: I feel like a priestess
arkandin_arkandin: Yes the majority of the people involved with the ceremony held statues(?)
arkandin_arkandin: of priests and priestesses
Many thanks to Baruch, Awan, and Arkandin.


Elias on Salitre

March 2006

Elias: Good evening!
Tracy: Good evening, Elias!
Elias: What shall we discuss?
Tracy: Ok, the first one that I have to ask you is Halloween last year I saw a blue ball of light come straight at me, and I just want to know if it was you?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Yes! Great! Ok, the next day I went out,
(November 1st, 2005…Day of the Dead) I had a fantastic day, I found two hills that look like pyramids, and I’m wondering if they just look like pyramids, or if they really were pyramids, or are pyramids. They’re in Andalucia, and one is called Benarraba, and the other is Salitre.
Elias: They are not the type of pyramid that you are familiar with in association with other physical locations and physical structures that have been built, but they are a type of pyramid, for they have been generated in this form in association with a collective energy.


Tracy: I’ll have to investigate that a bit further. Now I did a meditation back to these pyramid things, the Salitre one, I did a meditation where I tried to enter it, and I was going up a path towards it and I got a blockage or an exchange and it was sort of a warning not to tell many people about it or to be careful or something, but there weren’t any words and I didn’t really see anything. Could you explain a bit about that, is it symbolic or literal or what is that?
Elias: More symbolic.
Tracy: More symbolic?
Elias: Yes. It is associated with the energy of the area and what formed these types of pyramids and in that you can actually tap into that energy and it is quite powerful.
Tracy: Ok, so, ok, right, ok I think I got the message on that one…I also got that there were very tall dark people in there, would that be right? At some point.
Elias: Associated with this location?
Tracy: Yes.
Elias: Yes
Tracy: OK. I went for a walk by there not long ago and there was a dog with the most incredibly strange eyes and he also appeared in this meditation. Is there anything in particular about this particular dog or is that just a symbolic thing as well?
Elias: It is imagery that you have presented to yourself, that you have created in association with this area. In a manner of speaking what you have created or invented as your focal point in association with the energy of that area.
Tracy: Last week I think it was I did an online meditation and then afterwards I got alot of lights and activity on the lefthand side and I started to get a few things and I think it was from somebody called Fantak, who would Fantak be? Was it right that it was coming from somebody called Fantak?
Elias: Yes. This would be another essence.
Tracy: I got this, but I also got that it was wrong, Fantak of the Iberjin, but I’m quite sure I got that wrong, what was the Iberjin, or what should it be?
Elias: That was your translation, it was not literal, it was an association.
Tracy: Ok, I asked if I had a focus in that location before and I got ‘earlier than you think’, and then I got 147,000 years ago, would that be correct?
Elias: Yes and no.
Tracy: Yes and no? Could you explain that a little please?
Elias: You have an energy presence there in that time framework, an actual focus would be later.
Tracy: Later, ok. I got that the one that’s there now was built 14,000 years ago, would that be right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And that the tall dark people that I saw in the previous meditatation, they came later?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And it was, and I’m not sure about this, that it was built by people connected to the Inca?
Elias: Partially. There’s a partial association with that culture and with that energy, but only as an influence.
Tracy: As an influence
Elias: Yes
Tracy: I also got in the previous meditation that the whole pyramid was covered in pink flowers, bright pink flowers, was that right?
Elias: At one point, yes.
Tracy: Also in that mediatation I saw triangles on the path leading up to it on the left, there were white triangles with a brown dot in the middle, and brown triangles with a white dot in the middle, on the left. What were they?
Elias: This is a future association.
Tracy: future association
Elias: Yes
Tracy: Is it a coordination point?
Elias: In a manner of speaking, yes.
Tracy: Is there any connection to the Italian pyramids, and the one in Bosnia?
Elias: No.


TRACY: OK, now I’ve got a number of questions now…the Salitre
pyramid near here, we’ve been doing group meditations and we did one
last Friday, and a few of us have impressions about this. Yaglin (George’s 23rd century focus, channeled by George) was
there, and he was in a party mood, and I’d just like to confirm
this, although I’m pretty sure he was there?
TRACY: And Jane Roberts was there, and she took me skateboarding down the
side of the pyramid?

TRACY: Yes, that was wonderful! OK, going down the path towards
there, there was a big white ball of light with sort of a green
edge, and there was something sillouetted in front of it…um…I’ve
got Fantak written down, um, could you tell me who it was or what it
represented, that ball of light please?

ELIAS: That actually represents the interconnection of the
collective energy participating
TRACY: And then I saw an orange patch on the right, and for some
reason I’m thinking that may be KC?

TRACY: Yes, good, ok. Curtis is part of the group and he saw a blue
tiled interior to the Salitre pyramid, would that be right at one

TRACY: Could you give me a time framework on that please?
ELIAS: Ah, and shall you not continue your investigation?
TRACY: OK! Franci saw hooded people in robes, well I was going to
ask you a timeframe on that, she didn’t actually ask me to ask you,
but just out of curiosity, but you may tell me to investigate that
too, yeah?

ELIAS: Yes, for that would be in the same timeframework
TRACY: OK, so Franci and Curtis were both in the same timeframework?
TRACY: OK, well that’s helpful, because this is all very
interesting stuff. Now Emily, my stepdaughter, I’m wondering if she
has a bad memory of a focus there, there’s a sort of reluctance, and
also wondering if my friend Rachel, and Gina who’s also part of the
meditation group, myself, and possibly KC all share a focus there
that was not very pleasant?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct
TRACY: Thank you. Bridgy has some questions, she saw a Roman, she
thinks she has a Roman focus there and she was wondering if you
would give her a time frame?

ELIAS: That would be a different time framework, that would be 100BC.
TRACY: She also saw that all of us, the meditation group, all there
happily together, she thinks that’s either in the future, or in a
very very ancient past, could you clarify that one please?
ELIAS: Future
TRACY: It’s a future one, ok. There’s been more future things than
past in some ways. She also saw sailors or vikings, and then she
saw them sailing up to Carthage and what-not, she would like a time
frame for that too please?

ELIAS: That would be eighth century
TRACY: Gina saw some horse riders and alot of men on feet looking
weary and what-not and moving through, and I was wondering about the
timeframe on that and if what she was seeing was the Moorish focus
that I had with Rachel when we were riding through there?
TRACY: And the timeframe of that?
ELIAS: That would be 14th century
TRACY: Also, I was looking around to see who was there at the
Salitre Meditation, and I conjured up an image of Seth, as he
appears in his portrait by Rob, and it sort of morphed into an old
woman, but it wasn’t very clear, with a hat on. I mentioned it to
Bridgy, and she showed me a picture of a portrait that was from a
New Orleans museum, by Carl Kronenburg, and she already had the
impression that you were the woman in the portrait, and that Mary
was the artist?

ELIAS: Correct
TRACY: And is that the same woman that I saw in the meditation?
TRACY: And she got a direct connection the Canaria, to the Canary
islands, with the pyramid?
TRACY: OK, so she got her questions right!
TRACY: Jims question: he got that we were priests together in an
early Egyptian dynasty and that we were called lightbringers?

ELIAS: Correct
TRACY: And is it a continuation of this energy at Salitre?
TRACY: And he also got that we as a group shared a group focus in
England, just to have fun, and I was wondering what the timeframe
would be?

ELIAS: Correct, early 16th century
TRACY: For some reason I was going to think that was turn of the
19th century, ok. The back of the Salitre pyramid appears to be
caved in, but KC got she didn’t think that it had caved in, that it
was built that way for some reason. I also once had an image that
once there were buildings all up that side, and KC and I both don’t
feel so good about that side as we do about the other side and I was
wondering if you could comment on that?

ELIAS: Your impressions are correct; and your experiences in
association with that area are what you would term to be unpleasant
ELIAS: And also incorporated your deaths
TRACY: Oh, deaths, ok. So we obviously had another focus that we’re
more concerned with that was the other side and that was better?

TRACY: Gina saw as well that possibly in some kind of a future
timeframe that it was a park, and that we were all sitting there in
some kind of a park situation?

TRACY: Could you tell me a timeframe on that please, Elias?
ELIAS: 24th century


TRACY: Do I have an older focus
than that (observing Cesaria Evora) in the Cabo Verde Islands?
TRACY: I’ve seen pictures on the internet and it looks as if there
are similar pyramids there to the one that I have here in Salitre,
is that right?


1: Salitre Pyramid was built 14,000 years ago, generated in association with a collective energy.

2: It has/had a blue tiled interior at one time, and the people at that time wore robes with hoods.

3: It is connected somehow with pyramids in the Canary Islands and the Cabo Verde islands.

4: We can tap into the energy there, and it is quite powerful.

5: It’s partially associated with the Inca.

6: There are a number of shared focus timeframes at this location…including future ones.

7: The group energy is a continuation of the energy of the shared focus timeframe in Egypt 18th dynasty as Lightbringers.

8: Elias confirmed that Salitre was called Meredwen, and it was built by the Andwenden.


Group Meditation

11th August 2006

James: As we are joined we start up the road and marvel at the countryside
The water at the bottom gurgles in welcome
We reach out to the forces and entities
They welcome us
They ask us to join and share
We’ll meet at the top when we’re done…….

Gina: You guys took a long time………
Sheila: actually seems like another hour or so would be nice
James: I have a lot to say but I want to wait until everyone else has had their say
Brigitte: I was deep down … a black door at the end to be seen… it took its time to be the door .. i ask for light .. an oil lamp enelighted the room … i stand before a wall of bricks.. dont can enter there is a edge .. i ask again enlightning ..insights.. i changed to an roman soldier with a spear .. in his left hand .. I ask him what he is searching .. what time frame.. .. then it chnage . is saw from above a hill the sea .. with some ships .. Viking ships … i followed the ship .. it went into the middle sea .. and joined a place ., town (karthago).. then went on to the Levante ..
I ask for to go back in time .. it was very not easy to go back.. at first i saw many people around the pyramid area happy and working… then i got a direct connection to another pyramid on the Canary isalnds. ok.Im done
James: Very good
woodchiper01: I got walls like a hallway, very tall and wavy, made of azure glass tiles, tall slender triangles. They pulsed and waved like music but there was no sound other than a low humming. The place seemed to breathe. The tiles seemed to be made of light, it felt like thougts crossing a plane. . .
Gina: Nice…..did you feel comfortable there?
Brigitte: .. who was the Roman ..?
Brigitte: yea..
woodchiper01: Yes
Tracy: wonderful Curtis! it certainly was amazing experience
Gina: anyone get an impression of the use of this place?
woodchiper01: Good impressions Bridgy, was any of it familiar to you?
James: I had a lot but I still want to wait
Gina: I like that image – of blue glass….singing almost
Tracy: no, same as Bridgy said it was hard to go back, I was firmly focused it seems on the present assortment of energy
woodchiper01: It was peaceful and so lovely
Tracy: and got masses of that come in various ways
Gina: yes, I was too pulled by today and tomorrow….I simply waited for everyone to return.
Brigitte: tell us what you get
Tracy: almost ecstatic at times, I’ve got 2 pages of notes!
and I still feel like I left way too early LOL!
Gina: Sheila?
Sheila: stones, I seemed to want to vibrate with the stones, wake them up, connect with them. my throat opened and I found myself “om”ing on the note that felt right… very low, lower than my voice can usually go, over and over… then jumped an octave, then low again. seemed to hear the stones “om”ing too, a chorus built up, getting very solid and strong. then I went higher, and after a while the chorus did too. eventually I saw us as something like Gina’s star or the spoke-wheel, light… and we settled into place in a “lantern-holder” that seemed made for such a purpose, central and high up in a large chamber. stone somethings, 2, were at floor level… maybe delicately-wrought stone tomgs, maybe ceremonial table(s)
Tracy: yes you all are reminding me of things
Sheila: I never made it to the party outside…. could have stayed another hour easy
woodchiper01: Tracy, I got a sharp headache towards the end, way high on my neck, a little to the right. Then your name came to me, a minute later it faded to zip.
Tracy: I got that low note than a high one, and 2 symbols
Sheila: what symbols?
Tracy: well its not on my keyboard LOL! I’ll draw them and post later (I didn’t)
Brigitte: I had to anchor at first the energy deep down under my feet ..
woodchiper01: It was odd, real sharp then nothing
Tracy: Yaglin was there, Gina, he yodeled twice for you
he was in a party mood
Brigitte: hahahaha
James: Did anyone sense other presences?
Gina: LOL!
Tracy: he has a multi level voice and I said I bet you sing like a dream then he yodeled and then said that was for Gina
Brigitte: yes some of us
James: Other than us?
Tracy: and again at the end he popped out from a tree and yodeled again for Gina
franci: yes 5 or 6 cloaked figures
Tracy: yes definitely other presenses,
Brigitte: ghosts
Sheila: oh yes, for one I think Bill Ingle was there for a bit, I think between Jim and Tracy on my “map”
James: Yes I sensed he was kind of iffy
Sheila: and the lowest tones, where my voice cracked, I kept thinking of Jane
Brigitte: did you asked them to open their cloaks..
Tracy: Jane I saw too
James: Elias or Seth?
franci: one of them took her hood off for a sec cos I said I found them a bit scarey, just to show me they weren’t scary
Tracy: yes, both Jim! LOL!
Tracy: I had a shower of blue lights and Seth was an old woman in a hat
James: OK is it all right if I give a little story and tour?
Brigitte: me , at a time of orangered..
James Hallock (8/11/2006 8:47:58 PM): OK this has affected me deeply and it started when Tracy and I were talking Sunday
I’ll post the transcript from yahoo and then let me know when everyone has read it…..

Jim: I get the feeling that Salitre is going to be something special
Tracy: yes, well of course I feel that myself, but other people seem to feel a connection there too…well, if you think how many other lives we’ve had, we probably are revisiting old ground where ever we choose to meet
Jim: Friday I had a flash when you mentioned it of flying over and a sense of Uh OH here they come
Tracy: uh oh here they come??? the Salitre energy was welcoming?
Jim: Just what I seemed to hear from the pyramid
Tracy: in a good way, welcoming, or oh no? Jim (8/6/200
Jim: It was as if we all know what we’re going to find and are ready for that step now. More like a parent when the kids are starting to act up
I see us all walking up the road, arm in arm, and singing
With energy coils flowing from the top of each of us and joining into one
and that joining with the pyramid More seems to come as I look at each step And then that flowing back to each of us and we begin to glow and rise and meld. I almost feel some of that now
Tracy: that sounds like what I havent put into words, like how I felt it would be from when I first found it
Jim: We must be on the same page and I suspect the others are as well
Tracy: and I havent really been back there much physically, sort of been waiting for the right time to pursue it
Jim: I was going to go in meds this morning and it seems I have already just sitting here
Tracy: and that seems like now, and I’m so happy that it’s with this group of us…well, it wouldnt have been any other way would it, I can see that

James: After that I went to my meds and I was in and out like a yo yo all day. Then I wrote this so I wouldn’t lose it. Fat chance
Tracy and I were chatting on IM this morning, Sunday, and the subject of Salitre was touched . I had a series of visions that I want to put down now so they will be available Friday without waiting for my slow typing. As we were talking about Salitre I had a picture of all of us going up the road to it, arm in arm, singing, and happy. It seemed as I saw one thing another would then open. We were all emanating a coil of energy from the top of our heads and then this was joining into one. From there it went to join the coil that was coming from the pyramid. This seemed to flow for awhile and then started flowing back to us. As it did we began to glow and rise with some tone increasing as we did. It seems more detail comes as I type this. I told Tracy that I had planned to go there in my morning meditation but it seemed I was already there. I started my morning meditation later and Salitre was almost chomping at the bit. I had to put it off as I settled and warmed to my normal procedures. As soon as I had started and I felt that demand from there I asked Salitre? Yes. Should I go there? Yes.
When I was finally settled I started walking up the road and the coil of energy was there. It joined with the coil from Salitre and I was drawn up in this tornado like column. As I rose It became lighter and then I was in this sea that was crystal clear and beautiful. I coursed throught it with bubbles trailing behind and did this for some time. I seemed to feel an enlightening and asked if this was healing and or cleansing me and the answer was yes. I asked if this was Earth energy and it said yes. Are we supposed to spread this and the answer was yes. All of us? Yes. Is this supposed to help the transition? Yes. So I coursed through this for awhile longer and finally came back. I thought this will be hard to explain Friday as I type so slow so I came back downstairs and typed this up to have available to cut and paste on Friday. It will be interesting to see what happens. I don’t want to mention this before Friday as I don’t want to predispose anyone or guide the event as I think or feel it should be.
Sheila: helping, linking, connecting, awakening, clearing, joining, are all words that spring to mind
Tracy: Wow Jim! (I already had the following written….pale blue glassy rods, reminds me of Curtis’ impressions; had a huge whitish .green ball of light and a dark shape looming or rearing up in front of it; a swirling, upward and clockwise of our combined energies…a coil!!; several times I was above looking down:
James: OK Here comes the kicker I kind of slipped in and out of meditationall day and it seemd to just all become one. I remembered I had said something on Friday about seeing what I got and couldn’t remember what it was so I went back to the computer and opened the logs to find it . We were discussing how we seem so connected and I asked about this. The answer I got was Egypt as Priests, in a larger group than we sre now, and in England as a family just to get together and have fun. In Egypt we were considered Lightbringers. Perhaps this will resonate with someone? I seemed to have some kind of conflict with the information as I tried to get more but that was all I got. I see myself flowing through the sea of Salitre and just relishing the joy and love as I move around the house. Neat huh?
Tracy: also Mary/Michael popped in clear as anything, I didn’t think to invite her, but she said, yep, it’s Mary,
James: Then I did this Wednesday. Since Sunday I have had a continuing contact with the energy from Salitre. I zoom through it as a torpedo, cavitation bubbles flowing around me, I pause and bask in it, letting it heal and clear my body.
Tracy posted more pictures today and the dirt road is just the way I saw it Sunday. I got that this is the same energy that is in the Ley lines and it can be used for many purposes. I still get the feeling of a begrudging parent watching their children learn to do something and hoping they don’t get hurt too much or do too much damage, Also pride that there is someone again taking an interest in this power. It seems it is the same source as at the mounds and these are scattered around the planet. By tuning in to this one it sensitizes us to all of the other flows.
woodchiper01: That is very neat indeed Jim.
James: Then this from this morning
Tracy: very wonderful Jim
James: I was pondering the connection with Salitre this morning and it seems my connection with Gaia is starting to take a circular pattern. Since Sunday I have had a part of me basking or just absorbing the Salitre energy. I was thinking whether the energy I send to Gaia was the same as from Salitre and the answer was no. I take universal energy and give this to Gaia but the Salitre energy is a different form and should be absorbed and then radiated to everything. : So I send universal energy to Gaia, she transforms this to the Salitre form, I absorb this form and then radiate it out to all. At first glance this seems complicated, but it’s not. It is circular but we each have our part to do and each change is necessary to the whole. This morning seems kind of flat and I can’t wait for this afternoon and the lift it gives. There will be more people and it should be interesting. I see us as a wave of light washing over Salitre and as we ebb we spread the energy further. I can’t wait to see how others react to this.
woodchiper01: Nice, I like that idea, I like the whole string of thoughts Jim.
James: Anyone get anything on the Egyptian thing?
Tracy: I got the deep humm tone from Jim, and he felt firmly rooted
franci: My group of cloaked figures I kept thinking looked like Monks or something religious, and when one of them took off her hood I thought it was one of you guys, not quite sure who. And they gave me a piece of paper with “love” writtin on it. Don’t know if that could be connected with lightbringers at all.
Tracy: no I was mostly there present I think
woodchiper01: nothing other than the place feels like old energy, long standidng. . .
James: Now for tonight. As we all scattered I saw it as firefies flitting all over the pyramid Then the vegetation and ground seemed to peel away
The pyramid was revealed in a luminescent golden white color
Brigitte: ah .. it seemed at one moment that this area was vulcanic once ..
James: There were people moving around

franci: Hey I saw a volcano
James: The pyramid seemed to lose it’s glow and then faded back into the dirt: I had a sense of Jane, Bill, Yaglin, Seth, and possibly Elias being there
Tracy: me too Jim
James: Then I was at the top again and went up in the tornado and waited for everyone floating in the energy
franci: yes a huge eruption at first it was rocks but then it changed to light, flower, happy, nice, color thingys and we played in it
Sheila: nice!
Tracy: Yaglin was the first one, and after he yodeled he said This is just a fun encounter. Go and see who else is here….so that kind of set me off on that. seeing who was there, like mingling at a party
James: That reminded me I saw us rise in the tornado and go out the top like a fireworks display
Tracy: yes that sounds right Jim
Sheila: top, yes
Tracy: lots of powerful waves and things
Brigitte: thank you for all the details
James: My pleasure I’ve been in this all week long
Tracy: we usually find lots more details to share throuhg the next week as well
Brigitte: cause i understand better each scenario i translated
James: I wanted to do this while we were all here to see if anyone got more on how we relate to each other
Brigitte: yes me either ..and I like to thank you Tracy for inviting me !!
Sheila: delighted you’re here, Bridgy!
Tracy: everyone elses experiences becomes such a part of your own, an integral thing
Gina: I’m glad you came!
Tracy: glad we’re all here!
franci: yes indeed
Sheila: yes, it all blends and helps translate
James: Any Ideas for next week?
Brigitte: lets do it on Salitre again
Tracy: I had a very tonal or vibration type of thing with each of you individually, they were quite distictly unique
James: I’m still there
Sheila: I wasn’t at Salitre long enough
Brigitte: there is my question when started the pyramid area around the world ..and you gave a bit explanation ..
there is a time when gaia was so active by fire
and all life was burned and then we start anew

Brigitte: yes .. but my question is not answered … why all this pyramida all over the world
Tracy: there was a big wild fire near there a couple of weeks ago. Last minute the wind changed…you can see the damage to the left in the vido
Tracy: energy power things or something but I do feel like I dont know what on earth I’m doing at Salitre, just know that I want to focus on it
Sheila: I wondered that too, what specifically is Salitre for? I’m pretty sure the Philippe mounds protect from harsh wind and water

Brigitte: maybe we can go from there to the egypt connection. as I went with the vikings I asked if they went thru the nile
woodchiper01: it all sounds good to me, we can go anywhere, as often as you all would like. . . !
Tracy: I have no idea what its for Sheila! maybe we can find out
Sheila: wow, I can easily sense me as a Celt but Egyptian is a mask left unturned
Brigitte: ah and the direct connection to the Canyry islands is also interesting
James: THis flashed in my mind It was an energy center to power their vehicles
Brigitte: we are a sailors group
Tracy: I think power station kind of thing???
Sheila: it sure hummed like a generator
woodchiper01: Yea, that’s it. you ever tour a big powerhouse when it’s running?


ELIAS ON SALITRE March 17, 2007

Tracy: Melissa’s impressions:
Salitre, sometime this year from Pleaides….
talking to Tianitha who was the leader of these people from Pleaides, and I asked Arkandin……is something
actually going to happen at Salitre and he said Oh yes, something is,
and I had quite a trauma over that (laughing) with the Arkandin
energy merging thing going on at the same time. I really had a big
panic for awhile there and thought I was being taken over by aliens,
which I’ve never really had a fear of that before, but it all came
together…can you tell me if there’s any truth, or what the
translation is on this Pleaides and Salitre thing and something
actually happening there please? And about my trauma, anything you’d
like to fill me in on that because that was quite a big thing, that
really shook me.
Elias: First of all, understand that you all generate certain
associations with certain concepts, certain experiences, known
information, and the manner in which you process much information is
to assign it or attach to it a sequence of events that appear to you
in some manner in imagery to fit together, and although all is
interconnected and inter-related, the manner in which you associate
the connections can at times be askew. For you are viewing
information from different sources but incorporating the same
subject, and in that incorporating pieces that within the grand
picture are interconnected but they may not be connecting immediately
together. They may be more removed from each other. That is not to
say that they are not interconnected, for they are. In this, first
of all, as I have expressed previously several times, the association
with Pleaides or what individuals term to be the Pleaidians, this is
an other dimensional expression. It is not within your physical
dimension. It is not within your physical universe. It is other
Tracy: That starts to make more sense
Elias: There are individuals that allow themselves to tap into
information and they have named this Pleaides, and they have named
what they connect to as beings, Pleaidians, but they are not
associated with your dimension. Therefore, what is received is a
translation; is translated in relation to what is known within your
dimension, which is generally what all of you do in tapping into any
other dimension, which does occur in actuality somewhat frequently,
but they are translations, and what is expressed in other dimensions
does not fit within your dimension. Therefore, I can express to you,
yes, in that space arrangement there is activity and there is an
increase in activity in association with this other dimension, I
would express to you the likelihood of that actually generating a
bleedthrough into your physical reality is very slim. Now, this is
not to say that it cannot occur, but that would require an intensity
or energy, not merely in association with the other dimension; more
associated with the energy expressed in this dimension for an
Tracy: OK So, supposing all our group got togther and we decided we
DID want to focus on it…why would we want to do that? hahahahah
Elias: Why indeed!
Tracy: I don’t feel any urge to be doing that yet
Elias: For that may in actuality may generate an overwhelm. There
are many individuals that actually do generate an openness to allow
themselves to encounter a bleedthrough from other dimensional
expressions, and many times what they create is trauma. For, as I
have expressed, other dimensional expressions and beings do not fit
within your reality, therefore you must reconfigure them to allow
yourself to encounter them, or to allow yourself to see them, and
your translation of the energy that does not fit

Tracy: could be scarey
Elias: becomes overwhelming, and can be quite frightening. And I
will express to you also, as I have previously, you yourselves also
do this. You project energy in curiosity to other dimensions, and if
the beings in the other dimensions generate an openness to allow
that, it becomes overwhelming to them also, and frightening, for it
does not fit within their reality either.

Tracy: Why would there have been an increase; has there been an
increase there since I spotted it and I’ve been telling everyone
about it, Salitre, this increase in other dimensional activity in
that physical location, is that what you said?
Elias: Let me explain. Realities occupy the same space
Tracy: Ok, yes
Elias: Space arrangement is space arrangement, it is a physical
expression and it all occupies the same space. It is separated by
what I term to be veils, or you could entertain an idea of some type
of force fields, but, in actuality they are all separated by energy,
a veil of energy that allows for boundaries in which each reality can
configure energy in its own design, and it is contained, and in that
containment it allows you to create easily and naturally and to
configure energy in a natural flow in the design of your reality.
Energy expressed in other realities is very different, and in each
one, they are also contained in thier configuration. This is the
reason that are not many bleedthroughs, for they do not fit with each
other for they are different configurations. But you incorporate
focuses, so to speak, in many or all of them, and therefore in
actuality there’s not necessary for them to not be separated, for
you are present regardless, therefore you are incorporating all the
experiences regardless, just as in this reality you create another
element of separation in which you manifest in singular forms, and
although you incorporate many focuses simultaneously, each is
separated in time and form to allow for that free flow and the purity
of each identity and experiences. In similarity different dimensions
are created quite the same.


Legend of the Casarón, the Brave one, the Ghost and the Treasure

Pedro Jose Núñez Torres (Algatocín)

In a place of the Valley of the Genal, in the municipality of Algatocín, the zone of Salitre, there is a legend that once a man of serious aspect arrived at the place, with profound glance, dressed in rags, who came asking for an old big rambling house deserted many years ago. This big rambling house was located in the slope of a mound, and was said to be haunted at dusk so the place was avoided by the neighbors, and to the people who dared to go that way at night, appeared a horrible ghost, because several deaths in the somewhat strange house had happened, which had not been solved; all this happened at the end of century XIX.

This man who appeared from nowhere, appeared as if by arrangment to solve the mystery of the big rambling house and to face the ghost because he stated that he was not scared of anything and had lived experiences of this type previously. Therefore, he inquired into the exact location of the big rambling house, and asked the neighbors of the place to give him a little stale bread, garlic cloves, and a tomato, and they lent a container to him to do a warm gazpacho. And against their advice , he marched into the dusk to the place where the big rambling house was, to make his particular supper, lighting a fire there where there seemed to have previously existed a chimney.

Once the fire was ignited and when he had initiated his particular task, and in silence at night suddenly he heard a hoarse voice, like a roar, that said:
– “What you do in my domain?”
To which our friend did not answer, and continued with his work. Then appeared a leg that fell from the chimney, soon an arm and another leg, and a head, until a mans body formed. When the body was complete, it said:
– “why you do not flee, do I not give you fear? Perhaps you do not know what can happen to you here?”
To which our friend responded by inviting to him to eat gazpacho. Then the spirit, when seeing that this man was truly brave, said to him:
-“Until now, and since many years, I had not known a brave man of truth! ¡Now I can rest peacefully, because during the years I inhabited this house, to guard the treasure, where cowardly ones have died, guarding the treasure that I promised I would only give to a brave man! So before the dawn and the people come to see what has become of you, raise the bricks that form this chimney and underneath you will find one vasija full of coins of gold and silver, and then leave here, so that they don’t rob you of what you have won.”
The next day, several neighbors of the place went to see what had become of the bold traveller, but only found the remains of fire, the raised chimney, the rest of one tinaja and by its side a shining a pair of gold coins, but they never knew anything else about the traveller, nor of the ghost that inhabited the place.

And they concluded that the one who lives in fear of what may happen,

lives condemned to a life in which nothing ever happens.


Blog Post:

Before you ask, Raven, I’ll tell you a bit about this not just any old wall. These stones as you can see are huge, they are very squarely (or oblongy) cut, there are hundreds of them, which you may not be able to see, and truckloads have already been removed sometime in the past, which you certainly won’t be able to see. Many of them are mostly in the ground, and you can’t see much of them, and then of course there are the thousands that none of us can see, because 14,000 years without dusting them can cover alot. Nobody (but me and you) knows that this is a 14,000 year old pyramid in Andalucia, anyone who has seen it, if they have noticed it at all, think it’s a pyramid shaped hill, which somewhat inexplicably has alot of very large very squarely cut rocks in steps all the way up it, despite the fact that it’s far too steep to plant anything up it. Strangely enough, there’s another pyramid shaped hill with steps all the way up it in the next valley as well.

I recognized it, probably because I was around when it was built. It was called Meredwen then, and the people who built it were called the Andwenden. My name was Shoshonire, and a non-physical essence that I converse with occasionally called Fantak, was called Patual at that time. Many of our meditation group were there at various times; once we were all massacred there (KC’s ‘our blood is on that wall’ comment). In Moorish Al Andalus days, I was a Moor and I travelled through this valley, but such were the times, I couldn’t linger there, but made a pact with my Moorish friend (who is now my friend Rachel) to return. Jan knew me there in the 14,000’s, when she was Sansophia, and I was Russido le Perenz, from Barcelona., and Britta remembers her days there as a Roman; and Bridgy too. Not to mention Curtis and Franci, who connected to the same time frame, a blue tiled interior, and Gina and Jim and Sheila and Janet and ….We are there too in the future, was it 23rd century, I can’t remember…anyway, there is more in the list of highlighted posts on the right, ‘Salitre, the Story So Far’, and probably alot of other posts tagged Salitre.

It is a continuation of the energy of our group of Lightbringer priests from the Amarna Dynasty in Egypt, where we had a group focus (reincarnated as a group). We were killed for that! We’ve done quite a number of group meditations to Salitre, and also Amarna. One day I’ll get all the information together in one place, there are snippets and meditation logs all over the place….HEY! Anyone reading this who can lay their hand on anything relating to Salitre, would you send it to me please and I’ll do some more work on the Meredwen Website.


Group Meditation Notes

Gina: I’m wondering if Curtis’ azure tiles are in there and the lovely pulsing
woodchiper01: I been thinking of that all week
Brigitte: the roman soldier like man was inside ..walking and had a torch ..
Tracy: back…we should Invite Yaglin on the CP thing
Brigitte: where are the azure tiles ?
Gina: It could be the crystal cave
woodchiper01: very nice rythmic tones, like breathing very slowly
Gina: last week Curtis saw azure tiles
woodchiper01: The tiles lined a hall inside
Sheila: see’em
woodchiper01: transparent greenish blue that looked like glass or just light energy
Tracy: I had a flash of a high domed ceiling room with light at the top once
Gina: Do we need a torch or do the tiles give off light?
Tracy: the tall people time
Sheila: Tracy, last week light at top was us!
Brigitte: the tuareg like ones ?
woodchiper01: they glow and the intensity varies in ripples through them.
Tracy Marshall: yes, Bridgy
woodchiper01: The hall is not straight, it flows in waves and changes


Sheila’s Notes:

Here’s my two cents since I had a very unusual (for me anyhow) experience at the Salitre pyramid, with sound. Don’t know if you’ve read this before but in case not, here goes:

… when I was little I was very drawn to ankhs, and convinced my grandmother to buy me a gold ankh ring for my 16th birthday, which I still cherish today thirty-five years later. Never could analyze why, just feel it’s an important symbol for me.

There was a children’s book by E Nesbitt called “Five Children and It” wherein an ankh from the British Museum grew large and the children could step through the oval opening and visit other times and places. I thought that made perfect sense.

When we went to Salitre, I asked myself “how do you communicate with a pyramid?” and out of the blue I found myself diligently chanting “om” on a VERY low note (for an amazingly long time, maybe ten minutes straight) with a strong notion that by so doing I was waking it up, communicating and/or activating the energy there. It “worked”, the stones seemed to wake up and resonate back, and then I intuitively shifted to a higher note which felt right, and perceived a sense of the higher notes being the realm where perception of people associated with the pyramid became possible. Then some travels around inside, then our group linked somehow and I perceived us as light, like a multi-pointed star, and we settled down like clicking into place in a light fixture (like a candelabra-holder) suspended just under the top opening and positioned over (way high over) a stone table/altar/ceremonial/burial stone or possibly stone vault. By now the whole pyramid was shaking like a Willie Wonka machine, and energy started pouring out the top. The question resonated throughout the upper chamber where we were, “what will you do with it?”

then I went outside, saw a flash of Jane Roberts, and got a strong impression of someone who I think is Elias’s Mary. My take was that something about the experience was quite interesting to lots of folks, like maybe we were exploring areas that held meaning to more than just us meditation-group gang.



Rachel’s Notes:

Rachel said that last night after dark there was a strange line of light going right over the top of Salitre…she thought it was a cloud at first, but it wasn’t a cloud; the only way she could describe it was like a ‘Milky Way’ in a straight line over her house, the pyramid, and over the other side

November 21, 2006


Tracy’s Notes:

I saw a brightly lit (no torches or lamps, plenty of light) cave gallery with an underground lake/pool on the left, Pileta Cave, – near Salitre – and a line of people were walking up along the right, and passing through a narrow space. They all had their backs to me, but they had robes with hoods up in the most vibrant solid dark pastel colours, each one different. I couldn’t see any faces, but they seemed to be on a pilgrimage or something the way they were filing through quietly.

These are the Andwenden people.


There was a circle of blue sky above Salitre all day….and rainbows all around it. It was raining everywhere else today…but not on Salitre ;)

November 4th, 2006


Janet’s Notes:

I decided to re-visit the lifetime where I was speared to death. (it
was a spear, that i now know)

It seemed to be near mt Salitre…but at the same time…it was in so
america <???> There is a heavy Mayan or Incan influence to this
liftime that is kinda confusing…???

We lived under a king-ship…but we did not follow the rituals and
rules of said king. We were rebels, I suppose. <gg> And it was for
this we were slaughtered. The soldiers ambushed us. We lived in a
small seperate comminity…maybe 10 kilometers from the main town and
home of the king.(note: I’m american….why I just used ‘kilometers’
as a measurement, I have no friggin clue!!LOL) The time-period is
ancient….i’de guess around 4th century BC…but don’t hold me to it.


But there was a love…such a great love I had for the others that I
felt as I layed there dying. Also a knowing….a knowing that this
was not the end – of me or the relationships I had with my lil’

Very cool. nausea!



Jan’s Notes:

Tracy: the last pic is the top of salitre
‘jan’: feels like a druish place
just got strong impression of doing natural majick up there
another strong impression of fluidity of species….like a doorway where many can come through or exit
Tracy : I oten visualize magic up there
and it the skies above it
‘jan hart’: feels as if the majick was feminine
don’t know how to differentiate that from masculine
never thought like that before
meaning i feel men around
but the majick was feminine
i feel very strongly that people were here in the 14th c
Tracy: doing what?
‘jan’: i feel like this was some sort of crusading refuge
the pic is just flooding me with scattered thots
I feel moorish
is there any proof of an orchard on top?
AZpples in particular?
Tracy: almonds trees
‘jan’: almonds?
Tracy: yes, there now
‘jan’: no apples?
Tracy: didnt see any now, holm oaks
its flat on top
‘jan’: could it have been an almond orchard at one time?
Tracy: yes! definitely
‘jan’: cultivated garden
Tracy: yes
‘jan’: I feel a woman very strongly
very playful
Tracy: working in the garden at the top?
‘jan’: but not young, like a child
Tracy: playful better!
14th century?
‘jan’: I once had a dream of hiding in a moat at a castle. we had many animals. one was an anteater. it was tame and would lick between my toes and it would tickle. they didn’t like me in the moat. I feel like this woman is associated with her
‘jan’: yes
about 14thc
Tracy: anteater!
‘jan’: yes, funny, huh? who’d make this shit up? lol!
Tracy: hahahahah!!!! stranger than fiction
‘jan’: cracked me up cause the most vivid part of the dream was him licking my toes, lol!
Tracy: lol!!
‘jan’: and me knowing I wasn’t supposed to be there
i feel a very strong similar energy to her
Tracy: were you her?
‘jan: yes, I think so
i feel like she was a maid of somesort
Tracy: moorish?
‘jan: no, i’m not
but there are many there
it feels like a place where people were accepted
Tracy: even during a time of invasion? intersting
‘jan’: regardless of me being a maid, it didn’t matter what color your skin or you religious preference
‘jan’: yes
i feel like this was hidden
in a way
like ti wasn’t often recalled
i have a strong sense of a roman soldier back in about 1-3 c AD
he came through on a horse with an army and he loved i and settled there
he loved the people
Tracy: Bridgy has a roman focus 100bc
‘jan’: about 1000 years later
in about 800 ad it became a bit of a farmers/peasant village
small semi democratic state
no not semi democratic
but autonomous, self governing, and there were votes about important things
but there was still a leader
a farmre
he was smart in a way hard to reconcile for the time due to lack of education
his name may have been ferdinand or fernando or ferdinando
(of course, that may be my lack of names in Spanish)
within 400 years it was bigger
that was my name, or close to it
Tracy: I’ve had the name sophia in my head for months
‘jan’: sans is without, funny, and sophia is a name i got the other day regarding russia…..but together her name is sansophia
sanso phia
not san sophia
Tracy: am I there with sansophia?
‘jan hart’: yes
Tracy: who am I?
‘jan’: but you are male
russido, rusido, de leperent
de le perent
de la perenz
he isn’t a local
but he is from spain
Tracy: wheres he from?
from the north?
‘jan’: a cross betwen spain and normandy/flanders?
something sort of french
with spain
raised in near barcelona
Tracy: basque?
‘jan’: i dunno basque’
he is different
but he is native
Tracy: what time frame is this jan?
‘jan’: i think i am getting a lot of distortion
‘jan’: 14th c
all from that picture
none of the others did it for me
Tracy: is this same time as the little girl with the anteater called san sofia?
‘jan hart’: but that last one is a real zinger
yes, i am sansophia
in 14th c
near salitr3e
Tracy: well I just thought I’d bombard you with phtos in case one of em did the trick!
‘jan: but we had a different name for it then
something about ponting to the sun
Tracy: ok and I’m there too as R..
‘jan’: yes
‘jan’: but i only know you from a distance
you are much older than i
maybe 40 ish to my 20 ish
Tracy: I wonder who else was there!
‘jan hart’: you were quite handsome cauase i feel a sort of crush on you
but from a distance
you were too old for me
Tracy: I was not a local tho, travelling through?
‘jan’: your skin isn’t dark
it is weirdly white
with dark hair
not albino
but like you should be brown, but aren’t
like a white skinned chinese
very thin skinned
not emotionally
but literally
but you were strong
Tracy: translucent skin?
‘jan: it is a weird visual
‘jan: almost
like you didn’t tan
no matter how long in the sun
but your hair reflected being in the sun
Tracy: but wth dark hair!
‘jan: being in the elements
this is all about a settlement near salitre
Tracy: ok, not actually the mound itself
‘jan: and even then there were ruins from the romans
‘jan: no
we didn’t live on the mound
we lived near the mound
and the mound at one time had a large rock fence around it
Tracy: behind it were dwellings I think (or on the west I should say)
‘jan: around the top that is
Tracy: seems to be remnants of that now, alot of walls at the top just down from the top
‘jan: it was about 3 – 5 feet high and about 2-3 feet thick
this was a thick wal!
Tracy: what was that for?
‘jan’: it kept the garden secured
i duno really
but it was there
i think the wall came from the roman man who settled the region back when
there were already ruins when he settled
some of the stone he used for his stuff was from then
so there is not a lot left of the original structures
but there are stones left from the,
Tracy: yes for sure I can see that the stones have been used since for various other things
‘jan: and you can tell tracy
when you go there and see the stones
there will be a warmth of feeling associated with the older stones to you
and you will know the newer stones
for you
it will be temp detected
but the temperature is gauged on the inside
not by actual physical tempuaters


Madison’s Notes:

had been going to sleep thinking about Salitre, and trying to feel into the energy of it. I drifted to sleep and on waking saw an OD humanoid. It felt like a female. She had very defined chiselled features, very pointy. She could fly, I’m not sure if she had wings like a sugar glider, rather seemed to be made of fabric, so I think it was more to do with the clothing. She was just darting around. I’m not sure if she is connected to Salitre or not, or a bleed through from and OD dimension…. I keep feeling there is a strong connection to the Canary Islands. I’m wondering if I may have a focus there at the same time as others had focuses around Salitre? Lots going round in my head.


2nd November 2007 Recap

I hadn’t connected myself to the massacre at first when it seemed
that others did (well, there quite possibly has been more than one
killing incident there over all the years…) so at first I think
was assuming it was an inquisition time frame thing (and there may
have been that too) but later I had images for a couple of days of a
huge massacre there, 10,000 or so years ago. It was expected, to a
degree I think, because it seemed to me that the children had
a ‘plan’ to retreat to caves and underground systems. (I have a
theory that these underground systems link to Morocco at Tetuan, near
Chefchaouen, another significant energy point, or CP, and that the
children fled to Morocco)
I’m pretty sure I wrote down 22,000 people killed, only children
left, and I was one of the children. I got the impression that it
was people moving down from the north that all but wiped out the
people who were already there (not necesarily the Andwenden, as I
think the massacre was around 4,000 years later….there are many
cultures we don’t even know of yet I think). Because of the time
frame, I wonder if it was an ice age migration down from the north.
As far as I understand, thanks to our geologist Jan, the ice didn’t
reach as far south as Salitre…the ice age circa 10,000 years ago I

I found it interesting that in the other Salitre med log I posted,
Bridgy mentioned Tuaregs, in response to a comment about the tall
dark people that I saw there once….very tall… I mean extremely
tall….dark brown skin but not negro features, wearing vibrantly
colourful clothes. I saw them inside the pyramid, in a high domed
chamber with a light of some kind at the top, vague image similar to
stained glass window. There are legends of giants in the Hoggar, the
Tuareg place in the Sahara, and I’m wondering not for the first time
if there’s a connection there somehow, and way back…the Andwenden
came from Turkey (if I’m not mistaken I think that’s what Arkandin

I always see the Andwenden as short and somewhat solidly built,
white skin and round faces and dark straight hair. They are always
wearing deep pastel coloured robes of a fabric that I often see
clearly for some reason, a soft rather open weave that seems to be
something we are not familiar with. The colours are gorgeous! The
women seem to have nun-like cowl hood things around their faces, and
close fitting sleeves at the wrists, and I got an impression that
there were alot of insects. It also seemed incredibly green and lush
countryside then. (14,000 years ago) I also saw them once in the
Pileta Cave near to Salitre (full of 25,000 year old cave paintings
etc), the cave was brightly lit and not from flickering torches, and
a line of people in the deep pastel robes were filing along the side
of the pool in the cave, and the feeling was that it was a pilgrimage
or something.


I haven’t asked Elias or Arkandin yet about the massacre or a Tuareg connection, and I don’t think
I’ve confirmed the cave links to Morocco (which has been suggested in
many places, not just my impression)…but Arkandin did confirm that
there are underground cave systems there, and that my Andwenden
impressions are correct. Also confirmed is the OD Pleaides
connection, the time it was built (14,000 years ago), that it is
linked to similar pyramids in the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde
Islands, and has a connection in energy to the Inca’s. (I can almost
feel a triangle of these, from Cape Verde, Canarias, up to Andalucia,
and back down through Morocco to Mali). Then there’s the other one,
Benarraba, in the next valley to Salitre; a much smaller one in
Pueblo Nuevo (with a sign on saying ‘archeological site’, presumed
Roman; and another one I haven’t investigated yet in the general area
that looks similar.

In my first Salitre meditation (solo, not a group one) I encountered
a blockage, a non physical something that wouldn’t let me pass until
I had wordlessly ‘got the message’ to be considering who I was
telling about the pyramid, and this may be my own interpretation, but
not to tell all and sundry locally about it, which I mostly haven’t.
However, from the minute I first saw it, I’ve felt compelled to share
it with certain people. Locally, nobody has any feeling whatsoever
about it, they think it’s a tit shaped hill (sigh..the local Brits
call it the Salitre Tit). I haven’t felt a need to crawl all over it
often, not wanting to attract the attention of whoever owns it, until
I know what I’m looking for.

Jan, Britta and I had a chat about it once (which I’ll find and snip)
and we had the feeling that it was almost purposefully invisible (as
a pyramid or anything significant) during certain culture
timeframes. My feeling is that the current time frame is an
invisible period, but that in the coming new culture, it won’t be.
I’m not sure what Elias would say about that.

I get Salitre information from an essence called Fantak (you may want
to talk to him yourself), who had a focus called Patual at the time
it was built. Fantak told me I had been there ‘longer than you
think’, 147,000 years. Elias confirmed that I had an energy presence
there then, not an actual focus.


Ogean’s Notes: 2nd November 2007

(1) Energy of Salitre as an ancient focal point to other D’s remains
consistent. Ogean is there, however I have been blocked from reading
into all the energy. A mass sacrifice or similar intense experience
makes sense. We are hiding it from ourselves and continue to, to some

(2) In addition to its pyramid nature, the sound energy is very
strong. Very.


Group Meditation

1st November 2007

KC: Archor in the form of Nellie from 2100 is here
James: 2 dragons, 1 unicorn, 3 wizards and a bunch more
ONe crazy little polynesian Laughing like hell
Tracy: Yaglin might start yodeling again
Mark: you being teased … others too
James: Yaren is here too
James: A baby yet? (to Judyette, who is expecting an overdue grandson)
judy: weird, my screen keeps popping off! baby close though
Mark O: (who is Yaren)
James: My future astronaut 2300’s
James: Iulii too I might have my whole damn focus base here
Mark O: I sense some participation in this focus too
judy: are you guys focus hunting?
Tracy: no, just inviting people to the party, dead or alive…. or almost born!
invite the baby!
judy: yeah! wonder where he fits in
James: somewhere
James: cat getting excited in the background
Mark: kitty very unexcited here
judy: we just had a white ferret incident. we found a white ferret while trick or treating last night, a very friendly white one
obviously someone’s pet. put an ad on CL, someone just came to fetch him, he was a nice little critter, with a silver tail
KC: I gotta go — but I’m on Salitre! in purple
judy: interesting (Seth) posts tracy on sound and the pyramids
its weird, its like i already knew that stuff, like i’ve always known it
i can see myself taking part in bldg the pyramid at giza
Tracy: sounds right when you read it doesnt it
judy: yeah, exactly
James: yup: I could see and feel the crowd
judy: raising the stones with sound, and lots of us guiding them into place
Tracy: when we get back into practice we can start building stuff again
Sheila: Judyette when you first joined the conf, I thought “oh good! Judyette will be chanting” like it was a normal thought.
judy: my daughters and most of the local seth group here believe ourselves to have egyptian focuses
Tracy: you surrely do Juddyette, arent you a lightbringer amarna one?
James: From the lightbringers she worked in sound
Sheila: yup
Mark O: for whatever reason, I have blocked byself on Salitre, but Ogean is there I just realized: why have I blocked?
James: The only one I picked up is a priest way back
Katie: I”m not even clear what Salitre is all about…..
Tracy: youre not the only one to block Mark, a few have
Mark: why? interesting…
Tracy: a massacre I think in some cases
Mark O: yes
judy: i got a black dark feeling when we were there before
James: They were much like the Mayan with human sacrifice way back
Mark O: some of us “hurt” one another
judy: like something not so great happened there
Tracy: my daughter blocks, and my freind rachel, and janet and gina
Mark O: yup that’s it
Tracy: KC had an awful first vist
James: When I first found that it shocked the hell out of me
Tracy: but we have several group focus timeframes here including 24th century
James: That was what led me to see the lightbringers being killed
Katie: what are the timeframes?
Mark O: “savage Love”
Tracy: built 14000 years ago
judy: well, hell, this is a Party!!!
Tracy: roman focus circa 100ad
judy: lets visit the good times there!!
Tracy: 1400s, moorish 1300s
Mark O: fun, fun
IAM One With One: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hooooooooooo
Tracy: current LOL
Mark O: similior energy to what I have with Baruch
James: The sacrifices were good for the people of the time It’s just our sensibilities now that are offended
Tracy: and an OD pleaides connection
Sheila: yes! I block the parts I don’t like, but love the rest
IAM One With One: Wheres the alien icon thingy
James: The sacrifice gave energy to all and put them in a communion
Mark: but Saltire has a strong group energy element too
James: very
Mark O: strong enough to block others, including me, this focus
judy: we can create a party now, today, so that when we are dying back then, we can go here in our psyches, and have a little fun as we are on the way out!!!
Tracy: I think the people who built it were cool, maybe we could try to connect with them, the Andwenden, and why they built it
Tracy: exactly Judyette! always the finale of the med is a party on the top

Tracy: say 15 or 20 minutes, connecting to andwenden, or any other happy party there, see who else is there at the party on the top for the finale, and be noticing sound stuff?
Sheila: sounds good (I’m there already)
Tracy: and bringing baby, and saying hi to britta and anyone else
and sending out rainbow bubbles to everywhere, oh and dont forget the flying party….START!
James: company at the door got to go sorry

Mark O: Since realizing the block, I have many more initial impressions regarding Salitre, but like jimbo I have an interruption. Major mergences this end, major. something is unleased
Katie: unless I am also blocked from focuses there too, I don’t think I have any focuses there.
judy: yahoo crashed on me while i was away, took awhile to get it back u
too much energy, i killed it!
Tracy: I got loads of purple colours and violets
judy: i stayed on top, saw stuff in the sky, seems like that place is a piece of a larger …energy line, or configuration or something
Tracy: I didnt get any visual stuff as such just strong bright flashes of the purple colours
Tracy: yes I think so too
judy: i suppose this is just my own thing, but i saw myself at a party, and both you tracy and sheila were wearing red
IAM One With One: Lots of stars
Tracy: with squiggly metallic bits
judy: yeah, m, lots of stars
IAM One With One: very peaceful
Tracy: yes
IAM One With One: cool air, moving freely
judy: tracy, you gave me a present for the baby…something that had two ends, with long colorful ribbons tied to the ends
Tracy: I had the cold feet thing (Ruburt)
Tracy: oh lovely! I was thinking about baby
judy: its ok i’m just making it up, i wanted to have fun there with you guys, and i did
Tracy: and I always see us in coloured ribbon flying outfits over salitre
IAM One With One: I was smoking laying on my back on the top
Tracy: oh the best ones are the ones I make up LOL
judy: i saw ships passing over in the sky, not stopping
with beings sending us light/love energy

IAM One With One: the light energy was rainbow color, that hued
judy clarke (11/2/2007 2:48:03 AM): yes..
IAM One With One: and the beings had white and silver robes
Mark O: I can not stay
Tracy: I wonder why I got nothing but violet this time
Mark O: Salitre is VERY old pyramid, sound energy
Tracy: how old mark?
IAM One With One: WOW
Mark O: very. connects with other pyramids
Tracy: yes
Mark O: it is a focal point between other dimensions
IAM One With One: yes
judy: yes, i felt that also
Tracy: any other energies there mark?
Mark O: yes, but can not stay, a significant focal point
Sheila: yes
Mark O: trust me
judy: i believe it is a part of a “string” of them
Tracy: yes!
IAM One With One: yes
Mark O: J yes.. emerging
judy: i just like that word!! emerging……
IAM One With One: rising
judy: emerging emerging emerging.. and rising….
IAM One With One: below, above and way above: 3
judy: you m are of the water, eh
Tracy: so cool we never had an emerging baby at the salitre med before
IAM One With One: Yes
judy: yes!!! baby will be here soon
Tracy: he’s already surrounded in rainbow bubbles ;0
IAM One With One: dolphins
Sheila: Judyette, what a wonderful night this is! I’m smiling and sending rainbow bubbles!
Tracy: I was getting a sound in th very beginning, a sort of two note one high constant and the other middle note that rose upwaards to meet the high note, in waves, sounded like yaah een yaah een
Sheila: I heard sounds, like higher chanting than I expected, at first but it stopped soon
Tracy: it was quite alot of buzzy energy at first to even settle down and relax
Sheila: yes, I went and laid down which helped
Tracy: then suddenly, my dead wood stove fire roared into life and all the pulsing bright violet colours started, and the phsysical buzziness settled into a more relaxed peaceful buzz
IAM One With One: I love the energy
Tracy: yes
Sheila: yes!
Tracy: seems now like this med is like a catalyst or something, not a fact finding exercise, a drawing in of more energies
IAM One With One: yeah
Sheila: I kept trying to make myself find something “tangible”… I remember every time I thought about the Andwenden I thought of Curtis
Tracy: I got a red dot I never had before
Tracy: I tried to a bit at first shelia, but had to forget any ‘plans’ and just soak instead… not sure soak is the right word lol.. sink back and do nothing
Sheila: yes… I’ll go lay down and drift some more soon…


(AwanDawn is typing for ARKANDIN)

Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:08:02 AM): the dream snapshot I had of the grey wall, was that salitre?
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:08:26 AM): In alignment with this structure the energy that I perceive as crystal water is this something of an earth energy that recirculates?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:11:36 AM): and your impressions
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:12:18 AM): I fet rejuvenated and joyful while flowing throuhg it
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:12:34 AM): I had the impression thei was meant to be shared with all
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:12:52 AM): That it came form and returned to gaia
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:13:00 AM): energy is constantly available
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:13:07 AM): it is never eneding
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:13:19 AM): you may translate energy into any form you may so choose

James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:13:25 AM): I understand that intelllectually but this felt nice
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:13:39 AM): this crystal water is a translation that you have created and it is quite effective for you
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:13:52 AM): there are others that align with this form of translation
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:13:59 AM): Yes I know it is my translation of this energy
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:14:09 AM): you will find that you draw it to yourself these individuals
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:14:45 AM): Are they around me as known persons now and or will some be coming to this
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:15:01 AM): that is correct howver within your translation the wall is not grey
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:15:01 AM): or both
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:15:22 AM): it is brightly colored and you have not allowed yourself to be viewing of the true beauty of the color
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:15:35 AM): oh really! thanks
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:15:39 AM): in this moment
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:15:41 AM): painted?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:15:57 AM): in a manner of speaking
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:16:15 AM): what year was it covered in pink flowers?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:16:59 AM): (Tracy you connected to it in the future and the colors are tiles, which are energy)
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:17:15 AM): oh! thanks
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:17:38 AM): and your impressions as to the year?
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:18:04 AM): was going to say future too now I’m not sure
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:18:31 AM): then may I suggest you meditate on this
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:18:40 AM): 10,000yrs ago…ok
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:19:07 AM): i heard 2026 but tend to discount it
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:20:11 AM): I suggest a meditation
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:20:23 AM): questions?

Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:20:27 AM): good idea, ok and thank you
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:20:34 AM): no more q’s
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:20:38 AM): you are welcome
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:20:44 AM): About our lightbringers group
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:21:03 AM): is poppy a lightbringer?)
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:21:03 AM): Were they of semitic origin?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:21:37 AM): there are many light bringers
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:21:57 AM): there origin is not semitic but of that region

James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:22:34 AM): Was Mark O and Janet part of that group?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:23:24 AM): they are
James Hallock (2/16/2007 3:23:35 AM): more to add to the bunch
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:23:49 AM): there are indeed many more
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:23:49 AM): and poppy?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:23:57 AM): yes
Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:24:05 AM): emma too?
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:24:20 AM): emma too
awan_dawn (2/16/2007 3:24:23 AM): yes

Tracy Marshall (2/16/2007 3:24:27 AM): thanks!


Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:15:19 AM): I’d like to know more about your TV screens, Arkandin, please
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:16:03 AM): they are similar to what you understand as holographic images
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:16:26 AM): and you can see us all the time?
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:16:27 AM): and they are controled through thought
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:16:38 AM): at times
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:16:38 AM): did we agree in F2?
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:17:02 AM): and is it just the ones who know about you? or anyone you want to see?
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:18:15 AM): the connection to the holographic images are controled as I said by thought
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:18:27 AM): mine or yours?
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:18:48 AM): I can think about an energy and I can connect and display those images within this holgraphic effect
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:18:58 AM): anyone

brittawynn (2/12/2007 10:19:03 AM): wow
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:19:27 AM): wow, and if the person is not in agreement, can you still see? just asking
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:19:48 AM): I cannot be intrusive
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:19:56 AM): ok thank you
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:20:22 AM): can I ask about Fantak?
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:21:18 AM): who is Fantak? he seems to tell me about salitre now and again
Tracy Marshall (2/12/2007 10:21:42 AM): an esence that I know a focus of now?
awan_dawn (2/12/2007 10:22:51 AM): he is a focus of an essence that you know that is connected to that timeframe, who is connected to you in that timeframe, he is bringing you information, information that you already know


awan_dawn: questions?
Tracy Marshall: yes
Tracy Marshall: if I may
awan_dawn: you may
Tracy Marshall: ask for comments on Melissas impressions of Salitre and this coming year
Tracy Marshall: the ‘return’ and meeting 5 men in a craft in november
Tracy Marshall: who is returning etc
Tracy Marshall: and also the pyramid and connections with giza and a light etc
awan_dawn: I may offer to you that her impressions are indeed those of herself
awan_dawn: that you draw this info to your self to create a porbable reality where indeed five men in a craft shall return
awan_dawn: these men would indeed be connected to this structure, men that where involved within the workings of the structure
awan_dawn: that would have knowlege of regenerating the power that is within this structure
Tracy Marshall: five men meaning a pyramid gestalt? or 5 men in a craft from somewhere else?
awan_dawn: I have stated before that this structure is indeed connected to the pyramids of Giza
Tracy Marshall: wow!
Tracy Marshall: yes
awan_dawn: that the light you so speak of is energy
awan_dawn: light is energy

Tracy Marshall: and that, ok…wow
awan_dawn: do you understand?
Tracy Marshall: yes…and no
Tracy Marshall: are the 5 men OD?
awan_dawn: what would you like me to explain?
Tracy Marshall: and is something actually going to happen at salitre?
awan_dawn: it is whatever you would create, however within the probalility
Tracy Marshall: other than just in my head so to speak?
Tracy Marshall: are the 5 men Arduin?
awan_dawn: that you are connecting to now that these individuals would come from the area or location known as the pleiades
Tracy Marshall: wow
James Hallock: In other words by accepting what Melissa saw we are creating it for ourselves
awan_dawn: there is indeed something going to happen and be recalling that you indeed create your reality
Tracy Marshall: yes
awan_dawn: that is correct Jim
Tracy Marshall: wow…thank you
awan_dawn: Tracy you are welcome


Friday Group Meditation, Salitre

19th August 2006

The park, the future park at Salitre….First I thought of a deserted village that I saw for sale in the Salitre valley, and the idea I’d had at the time of a community of ‘explorers’. At first I was thinking of a group of people buying it with money, then I realized that money was nothing to do with it (what a novel idea!!) . It was a collective, a group, with similar intent and preferences, choosing to ‘tend’ a chosen physical location (the Park) …Choice was the thing, not money….then I thought, well, I wouldn’t want to be choosing to be stuck in any one ‘place’, and realized that we could focus on more than one focus at a time, and so we could be somewhere else as well, for variety.

The word ‘variety’ made me laugh out loud, because it was the last word I’d written before the group meditation. :)


Group Meditation Logs:

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:43:56): Now it makes sense. I went back to the sacrifice in detail.

I cut out the woman’s heart and blead her into a bowl. I sipped the blood and passed it around to the others on the dais. I took the live heart and ate it. There was an energy to this and as it raised it went out to the crowd. Kind of a group high. With this we then joined and rode the energy column to the clear sea of energy that I first went to. This was how they accessed it. They couldn’t just go the way we do today. To them it was very sacred and the sacrificial person was glad to give themselves for the benefit of them all. Not quite as bloodthirsty as we would think of it today.

Britta (19.12.2006 23:44:42): back

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:45:06): very interesting Jim

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:45:10): ok back…came out a few mins early so i could type this up. (pressed for time) I went inside the cave…not thru the door tho, Just popped in. I could really smell the earth…rich sweet soil smell. That was the most distinct part of the whole time under. 1st, I saw a circa-shakespear guy dressed in a red outfit, complete with the poofy shorts and white tights. He had a goatee and a very pointy nose, a hat with a feather in it and he was looking for someone. Then, i was in a theater…a play was going on and it was a packed house, also shakespear time. then, I was back in the cave and saw stone tablets flush inside the walls with carvings on them. Couldn’t make out the design tho. Then I was looking near the entrance and saw a small fire going. Then Owen Wilson’s voice saying …

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:45:27): “Dis they say anything about me?”

Britta (19.12.2006 23:46:04): I felt very nauseated from the start and had to go away from the computer and outside into fresh air.

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:46:23): oh shame britta!

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:46:54): interesting jim….i’ve always thot that sacrificial people did so voluntarialy

Britta (19.12.2006 23:46:57): I felt fine until I came back and typed this in; now I feel queasy again.

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:47:06): It might help if you can access what is making you sick I know the sacrifice did me at first but now that I see it in detail it feels much more comfortable

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:47:25): i also believe that they did so to have someone on the other side to guide them

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:47:25): glad you went back and got that Jim

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:47:36): Me too

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:47:44): It’s really a relief

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:47:50): makes sense janet

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:47:58): yes Jim!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:48:17): I took rough notes but only got jumbles this and that

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:48:20): Anyone else get anything?

Britta (19.12.2006 23:48:23): I get nothing. Just sick.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:48:31): sorry britta

Britta (19.12.2006 23:48:44): who knows, maybe it was my heart

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:48:50): maybe!!!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:48:54): a man on a horse with dark curly hair, his horse had a dark blue blanket, couldnt say when but not too ancient

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:49:06): Take all our hands and see if you can find what bothers you, we’ll all help

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:49:22): yes we will

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:49:32): i think it was britta’s heart!

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:49:43): Yes!!!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:49:52): saw a naked pregnant woman who lookd a bit mexican at glance

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:50:08): was she with Owen Wilson?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:50:12): lol

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:50:19): Does that seem right to you Britta?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:50:35): a corridor with stone block walls…oh and a small crowd around that door, in brown clothes, leaning and looking into the doorway

Britta (19.12.2006 23:50:44): all I know is I don’t feel right–like being drugged

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:51:06): i had the crowd at my theater pearing in a doorway tracey

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:51:10): a sharp image of a cave painting goat

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:51:24): wow Janet!

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:51:47): tracey..invite gina!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:52:00): rough and ready merry woman with a strange hair style, divided into sections, like 10 pony tails all round

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:52:13): laughing bit raucus (?)

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:52:34): Yep the person was drugged

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:52:38): and a lot of pink and pale blue in between snippets

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:53:03): See if you can access the feeling of doing for others

Britta (19.12.2006 23:53:12): almost like motion sickness–no fear

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:53:44): ok I invited Gina Jan and Franci

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:53:47): feel the going on possibly leading others

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:53:55): she prolly can’t come tho

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:54:03): Sorry, my son is on his way to help me move furniture to put up

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:54:08): No, thank you.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:54:11): see?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:54:23): lol! wheres Mark> still out?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:54:29): and Bridgy?

Britta (19.12.2006 23:54:42): I feel zero but my left ear popped which is my personal signal to pay attention/it’s important & true.

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:54:46): Seems so , he really gets off into these things

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:55:18): So what do you get now?

Britta (19.12.2006 23:55:53): less nausea; I ate some fudge.

Britta (19.12.2006 23:56:02):

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:56:04): yum!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:56:08):

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:56:16): Chocolate always helps ask Harry Potter

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:56:40): fudge is gooood for upset tummies

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:56:41): mmmmm I have a big bar of cadburys in the firdge

Britta (19.12.2006 23:56:58): chocolate cures all; when I was in the hospital I told them they should have hooked a can of Hershey’s syrup to my IV. I’d have been fine.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:57:11): had some the other day w/ my 7-up

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:57:15):

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:57:25): lol

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:57:30): I am here .. just reading and feeling ..


Tracy (19.12.2006 23:57:36): I havent heard of hersheys for YEARS!

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:57:52): wrong side of the ocean

Britta (19.12.2006 23:57:56): Mr Pat came to sit by me.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:58:00): dont they sell hersheys in spain!?

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:58:08): He would see it all

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:58:15): no!

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:59:41): What did you get Bridgy?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:59:44): poor baby!

Britta (19.12.2006 23:59:48): He’s special–brought me a bird to fix the other night. It just needed to rest awhile then flew away. He kept an eye on it but didn’t do anything else. 2nd time too.

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:00:16): nice Britta!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:00:24): I am feeling better.

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:00:27): is Mr Pat your cat Britta?

Britta (20.12.2006 00:00:34): yes–my pal.

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:00:41):

Britta (20.12.2006 00:00:46):

Britta (20.12.2006 00:01:02): he’s got a blog

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:01:05): Jim what time frame is that ? ..I mean is that a celtic procedure ? I only remember that from a aztec focus .. same as Britta, was sacrified… but had a day of taking drugs before

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:01:34): your cat has a blog???

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:01:34): No this goes back to the tall dark people way back

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:01:54): Tall dark people ? …

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:01:55): He sure does

Britta (20.12.2006 00:02:02):

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:02:07): oh is it the tall dark people Jim>?? I didnt realize! they seemed like nice pople lol!

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:02:26): did you notice the clothes Jim?

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:02:33): The people were almost black, very tall and thin, kind of like the Masai of Africa today

Britta (20.12.2006 00:02:44): Other than sick, I just feel/felt very detached from it all.

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:02:44): yes

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:02:59): and they were at Salitre ????

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:03:08): omg britta…that is soo cute!

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:03:18): It seemed I had a kind of cross between a toga and a robe

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:03:21): but not like african black features, more western features but dark skin…what did you think Jim?

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:03:26): yer cat…not the detachment…gggg

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:03:34): in colours Jim?

Britta (20.12.2006 00:03:37): either way, Janet…

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:03:39): They were the people of Salitre

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:03:52):

Britta (20.12.2006 00:03:57):

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:04:01): what the original ones?

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:04:09): Yes more caucasian features but very dark skin

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:04:20): yes Jim!

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:04:43): I think just after the originals They had lost the original intents and methodology

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:04:25):.. before all of the other we have already identified ?

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:04:17): so…whos the shakspearean guy?

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:05:11): Janet .. I had asked this question on my Blog : if we are in the bunch with Shakespeare

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:05:31): … you are the first one who went into that

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:05:45): cool bridgy

Britta (20.12.2006 00:04:51): could be quite a mix of people in that area–from travelers over the years

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:04:54): good question! ,my man on a horse could have been the same timeframe, but he had dark clothes on

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:05:21): black or dark grey, heavy or leather clothes

Britta (20.12.2006 00:05:49): neat

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:05:56): for sure Britta, its at the edge of 2 continents and 2 seas

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:05:59): The originals had air travel and other things like the Atlanteans That’s how they used the power of the pyramid The sacrifices came later

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:06:36): so the tall dark people who did sacrifice were not the builders of the original Jim?

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:06:43): No

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:06:22): can’t figgure out why Owen was talking tho…..ggggg

Britta (20.12.2006 00:06:26): the whole Shakespearean thing has given me energy

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:06:44): who is Owen, Janet ?

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:06:49): who’s Owen???

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:06:58): he was a very cool dude….very distinct features!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:06:59): brother?

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:07:09): An american movie star

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:07:21): Owen Wilson, an actor was doing a voice-over in my med!

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:07:22): thanks Jim!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:07:26): oh

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:07:27): hahahah .. yes thats what I got from your description

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:07:28): lol!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:07:34): never heard of him

Britta (20.12.2006 00:07:47): is he black?

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:07:51): ya ain’t missin much britta

Britta (20.12.2006 00:07:56): ok

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:07:57): White and blonde

Britta (20.12.2006 00:08:00): oh

Tracy 00:08:05): my curly haired man had slightly protruding tob teeth.jaw, but it looked ok

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:08:10): l maybe you find his name at my Blog, Janet .

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:08:13): he has a southern accent tho

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:09:08): british souther accent ?

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:08:16): nice smile

Jim-James (00:08:24): He did a couple of movies with jackie chan and some others of that like

Britta (20.12.2006 00:08:30): oh

Britta (20.12.2006 00:08:44): I quit watching stuff years ago.

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:08:50): ok kiddies…I have to get rolling here

Jim-James (20.12.2006 00:09:03): Bye Jan Have a good time

Britta (20.12.2006 00:09:05): good to see you!

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:09:12): thanks…it was fun!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:09:21): drive safe!

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:09:23): bye janet!

Britta (20.12.2006 00:09:24):

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:09:30):

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:09:35): bye Janet!

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:09:36): tracey…don’t fergit to send me a copy of the log…OK?

Britta (20.12.2006 00:09:41):

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:09:42):

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:09:46):

Tracy (20.12.2006 00:09:49): ok will post it on focus group list

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:09:58): perfect!

Bridgy (20.12.2006 00:10:04): bye

Janet Rahmya22 (20.12.2006 00:10:05): byebye all!

Yahoo! Messenger (20.12.2006 00:10:08): Janet Rahmya22 has left the conference.

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19- 20.Dec. 2006 MED LOG – Salitre (2)
Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:09:17): Tracy send me some please…

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:09:19): OK

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:09:32): look at her Blog, Mark !!!!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:09:38): hold on

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:09:40): i have it in my mind already

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:10:03): well tell us janet…does anyone want a link to the blog post or do you have it?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:10:22): so…are we going to just focus on the place, or do we have an intent?

Britta (19.12.2006 23:11:04): how long?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:11:06): This is the url for this post: (didn’t know where else to keep it) 10: Salitre Videos:

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:11:09): I have read that Jan and Tracy had a med about : Romans, Crusaders and .. female power of Celts .. so what direction /time frame want you to follow ?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:11:29): omfg

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:11:33): 14th century?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:11:37): thats the trees!

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:11:39): what Janet?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:11:50): where?

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:11:56): I would like to med about the new entrance and the circle stones… seems me will lead us to the celtic part

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:11:57): that pic…that’s the kind of trees i died in

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:12:16): which pic?

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:12:31): Me too I want to find more of the old part

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:12:37): yes to the new entrance or whatever it is

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:12:40): the one on your blog

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:13:05): theres load s though janet, which one?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:13:07): they were not too tall

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:13:16): its the entrance .. seems me .. its like at the Tara and Sillbury ..

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:13:19): the latest one

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:13:53): with Tracy in picture?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:13:59): noooo

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:14:01): ok thanks janet

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:14:13): Tracy is sitting at the entrance.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:14:18):

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:14:24):

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:14:25): and there is one with the entrance and the circle

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:14:29): 1st pic

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:14:35): The one about todays med

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:14:50): yes

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:14:54): Is that where you died?

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:15:14): not exactly…but the surroundings and type of tree match

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:15:34): long entrance

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:15:41): why? where is that exactly tracey?

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:15:57): seems me are oaks

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:16:00): its more or less on the same side janet as ther video that you mentioned

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:16:08): holm oaks (evergreen oaks)

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:16:13): aha

Britta (19.12.2006 23:16:29): I’ve never heard of them, how interesting.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:16:32): i knew it! thats why my heart skipped a beet when i saw it

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:16:35): is that where the entrance is .. between these holm oaks?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:16:43): its all the south side

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:16:56): todays pic and the video at 59

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:17:23):

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:17:27): the door is on the west side but not facing directly into the mound

Britta (19.12.2006 23:17:35): Do the Holm oaks grow very big?

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:17:36): I wanna know if we go to a time frame… celtic for example

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:17:57): not big by US standards probly not

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:18:02): ok .. Tracy.

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:18:07): tracey…where is the pic of the entrance…or arch sheila was talking about…the one with carvings in stone?

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:18:11): I don’t think it matters we all seem to go where it is best for us

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:18:28): well we cant pick a timeframe or the door becayse we dont know what time it was yet

Britta (19.12.2006 23:18:34): I wondered because we have some oaks here that predate Columbus. Might be some that old there.

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:18:36): for the door

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:18:47): some are very ancient

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:18:58): I thought that I went west when in the tunnel .. as Roman.. but had to turn .. wait .. at the edge .. 90 ° its south . Ok.

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:19:00): cork oaks

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:19:19): what ever you and sheila were speaking about yesterday or last weekend

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:19:20): the ring is on the west side too

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:19:25): Columbis is Marks focus …

Britta (19.12.2006 23:19:33): I will have to look up these different kinds of oaks (me and my tree fetish)

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:19:37): he know if he brought oaks with him

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:19:55): Janet I dont know what you mean about an arch

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:20:04): well poo

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:20:16): do you mean these?

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:20:31): Let’s just put the intent of door and see where it goes

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:20:53): I think thats a plan Jim

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:20:57): sheila said something like “isnt it amazeing…how you have opictures of an archway that arceologists would envy” or something like that

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:20:58): see what we get

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:21:18): what does the door look like?

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:21:30): I am getting very strong pings from those stones

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:21:40): rather, the entrance

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:21:44): Don’t know yet

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:21:50): ohhh

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:21:56): good lets go for the stone doorway then and see what we get

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:22:02): ok

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:22:05): Good for me

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:22:06): how long?

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:22:14): 15 minutes

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:22:19): ok

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:22:23): I dont know that its a doorway, we shall see…..

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:22:29): then sharing .. and maybe later again

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:22:29): Ready

Britta (19.12.2006 23:22:34): I keep thinking of an altar

Britta (19.12.2006 23:22:38): ready

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:22:39): ok yes bridgy!

Janet Rahmya22 (19.12.2006 23:22:42): ready

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:22:43): 25 now, so say 0

Mark Ogean (19.12.2006 23:22:47): 40

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:22:53): That’s inside in the back cave believe me

Bridgy (19.12.2006 23:23:01): The Altar is inside .. in that room .. (I have seen that)

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:23:01): what is?

Tracy (19.12.2006 23:23:11): what room?

Jim-James (19.12.2006 23:23:19): The cave in the back