My Elias Sessions

talks with the dead guy


Castaic  March 2007
Tracy:  Am I fragmented from Rose Twyla and Otha?
Elias:  And three others and I would encourage you to investigate, and they are not associated with this energy exchange.

(in February 2008 Ogean confirmed with Elias two other fragmentations: Ruburt and Baruch)
Tracy:  And Darren, is he fragmented from Rose, Tomkin and Lezbae? This was Arkandin told me this.
Elias: Not Rose
Tracy:  Is his essense name Arron, or Warren?
Elias:  Warren
Tracy:  It is Warren?  I knew it was Warren, and Arkandin said Arron.  His mother wanted to call him Warren Warren.  A focus of mine that was around when Salitre was built, Shoshonire, is that the name?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  And Fantak, his focus that was around at the same time, is it Patual?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Nambu: is this a current shift aware focus of mine in Dogon?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Ok, so could I actually go to Mali and go and see him if I wanted to?
In theory?
Elias:  In theory.  I may express that you may encounter difficulty in actually encountering, but..
Tracy:  Ok, but he’s there now, and he’s a bit older than me, is he?
Elias:  Yes.
Tracy:  Ok.  I seem to be able to contact him easy enough; he said he would sort of guide me through dreams, not that I remember any, do I have plenty of dreams when he’s around?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  I do!  What can I do about increasing/imporving dream recall, I don’t remember a thing
Elias:  Temporarily alter your sleep patterns
Tracy:  Is Darren Zuli belonging and Sumari aligned?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Emily’s essense name, is that Katreana?
Elias:  Alter the ending to E
Tracy:  And is she intermediate?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  And am I political?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  There was a legend of Salitre that I found on the internet, a stranger that came and did some things with a pot, and whatnot…is that a focus of me?
Elias:  No, but you are known to that individual
Tracy:  Ok, I had a little conversation with my grandfather and he said that he was a two year old female Mongolian child presently, or he has a focus currently as that, is that right?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  And my grandmother is actually Hayley’s young child in Chilliwack?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  I thought that was just too weird to be true! hahah  and my grandfather was also a sister of Ashtak  (the focus in which a focus of Elias is our father, 800BC Palestine)
Elias: Yes
Tracy: Ok, focuses with Jane:  I got that Jane, Jan, Sheila, Franci and I share 34 focuses; with Britta, 7; and with Judyette, 17.
Elias:  Questions have been incorporated concerning focuses with that individual in the numbering of, but to your first question, yes.
Tracy:  The Jane Jan Sheila Franci and I , and the 34, that was right?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Jane Bill Ingle and I share 15?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Am I Joanna Gifford and I have an incestuous relationship with my son William, who is a focus of Bill Ingle; Yester Castle?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Cesarion:  I watched a TV show and the underwater thing, and there was a sort of a sphinx thing and his face, it turned into a real face, and he was looking at me on the television…I googled it and I think it was Cesarian.  I think that focus has already been taken, but do I have a connection with that, because the face on the television was rock and it turned into a real face..
Elias:  Observing
Tracy:  William Hope Harvey, Arkansas, is that a focus of my father?
Elias:  Also observing
Tracy:  I think it’s my essense animal that’s a goat, is that right, and I was wondering what my focus animal is and if it’s either a rabbit or a mongoose?
Elias:  Mongoose
Tracy:  It is?!  Wait til I tell KC!
OK, amethyst..OH! Blue Dog day…when I had a house full of blue powder paint; were you involved in that, and was Patel as well?  That was the funniest thing hahahaha
Elias: (chuckling)  I would express that our energies were present
Tracy:  hahahah I don’t know why I had to ask that.  Ok, amethyst, I seem to keep getting this, and Arkandin said something about Balthazar, but I don’t think it’s that at all, why do I keep having a thing about amethyst?
Elias:  And what is your impression?
Tracy:  Well, I read somewhere that it was your favourite stone, but why would that have something to do with me?  I don’t know.  I had a dream about KC and a column of amethyst, I keep seeing the colour…I don’t know…
Elias:  Connection
Tracy:  What do you mean, connection?
Elias:  It is a symbol of connection
Tracy:  Is it?
Is my intent exploring connections, is that enough for an intent? hahahah (I don’t know why I said that!)
Elias:  Is that enough?  Yes, that would be enough! and yes, you would be correct.
Tracy:  And amethyst is a symbolic thing of making connections?
Elias:  Yes
Tracy:  Perfect.  Now that makes sense.  Is there an absolute CP (coordination point) in Dogon Mali area?  A main or an absolute one?
Elias:  Main, yes
Tracy:  Ok, there’s a woman turned up on the internet, Tippi, a Persian lady living in London, now does she share…she gopt the impression that she and I were belly dancers, but I also got the impression that Bill I and Jan were as well, that all four of us were belly dancers, in Persia, round about, is it Samarkand, round about 1100ad…
Elias:  yes
Tracy:  Abdul Hamid I, his daughter Sahila, is that a focus of Sheila?
Elias:  Observing
Tracy:  And he also had a daughter Meliska, would that be a focus of Melissa?
Elias:  That would also be observing



Castaic March 17, 2007
Elias:  Good afternoon!
Tracy: Hello Elias!
Britta:  Hello Elias!
Elias:  And what shall we discuss?
Tracy:  Ok, well I’ve got a jumbled up list, so I’m just going to start.  One of my main questions is, we’ve had Mark Baruch channelling Arkandin lately and I’ve got quite a number of questions about Arkandin.  Hmm, difficult to know where to start….I’ll start with the strange thing that I don’t know what it is exactly that has been happening since I’ve been talking to Arkandin on the internet.  A physical thing, like my vision goes and then my hands go strange, I’ve had some physical things almost like a psychic chiropractic treatment, ans also a spontaneous orgasm kind of thing, and I really don’t know what that’s all about because that’s new.  Could you sort of explain that a little bit to me?
Elias:  Individuals respond differently to  energy exchanges and especially to the initial timeframework of an energy exchange.  The energy is more scattered and therefore what occurs, and what I have explained in relation to this phenomenon which is very similar to any other energy exchange, is in the filtering of energy.  If you visualize what you know now as an Xray machine, when that machine is engaged the Xrays span.  They are not streamlined, they span in a wide direction.  When an energy exchange is initiated, the energy that is being filtered through engages a very similar action, for the essense that is projecting energy is acclimating to its focal point and the individual that is receiving the energy is also acclimating to the energy that is being projected, therefore that creates a scattering of energy; and, dependant upon the individual that is interacting with that, it can be quite affecting in many different manners; and it can be affecting in many different manners in ONE individual.  You may experience it in one manner in one encounter; you may experience it in a different manner in another encounter.  As those energies acclimate to each other they become more streamlined and more directed, and as it becomes more directed, the individuals interacting with it experience it more easliy.  This is not to say that you will not continue to experince SOME type of energy exchange but it may be much different and much easier to interact with and not felt physically as strongly.
Tracy:  ok, so, this is not so much a new thing that I’m learning how to develop, I’m just picking up something because it’s a new thing for them, for Dawn and Mark and Arkandin?
Elias:  But it is also new for you, for you are newly interactive with an energy that is not focused yet
Tracy OK right so it’s my first experience of interacting, other than you, yeah ok I understand that…..
Elias:  And therefore the energy that you receive in that scatteredness can create intensities of experiences that YOU generate, for you are actually interacting with another energy.
Tracy:  Ok, so…it almost makes it seem like it’s accidental and it’s not something I should develop…I don’t know, I was sort of thinking it was an energy merging, that he was saying, that I could go further with that, and now I’m getting the feeling that I’m just getting an excess of scattered energy…do you understand what I’m saying?
Elias: Yes. I am understanding what you are expressing, and in this I can respond to you, yes and no.  Yes, you are responding to a scatteredness of energy which you are newly engaging, and you are translating that energy in certain manners, BUT also, if you are so choosing you can explore those energies more, and in new developments and new manners, for you are choosing to receive that energy in a particular manner.
Tracy:  yes
Elias:  Therefore it is not accidental.
Tracy:  No, of course not, no
Elias:  Therefore, it is offereng you new experiences, and in those new experiences you can choose to explore those experiences further, or, you cannot.
Elias:  I would express to you, as I would to any other individual, when you are engaging another essense in an energy exchange, listen to your intuition, and trust what rings true to you.  Most individuals, not all, but most, that engage an energy exchange do generate some element of filtering of the individual that is allowing the exchange, therefore there is some filtration or bleedthrough of the individual.  This is the reason that it is important that you allow yourself to evaluate what rings true to you and to separate what your intuition is expressing to you does not fit with you.  I have expressed this from the onset of
this forum, I have expressed to individuals that choose to be interactive with myself  I have chosen an individual that does not filter, BUT that is not to say that all of the information that I offer will ring true with you, for each individual draws themself to information for a reason BUT they may not be open or ready for certain information, and that is acceptable.  I am not interacting with any of you to be a god, and I am not soliciting any of you to be followers, and in that, there is no expression for myself to prove and no requirement for you to accept.  This holds true with any other information.  It does not invalidate the information, it merely is a question of listening to your own intuition, steering your own ship.
Tracy:  Ok, I understand that.  So I don’t need to… throw the whole thing away?
Elias:  Correct
Tracy:  Ok, still on the same subject, I guess this is a crystal ball question, is Arkandin likely to progress to a similar thing that you do with Mary?
Elias:  That would be dependant on the individual that is engaging the exchange, for it is dependant upon the individuals willingness to assume a particular position.  Most individuals are not willing to assume that type of a position, for within your reality most individuals incorporate some degree of an issue, so to speak, with control.  And to acheive the position that is necessary to generate this type of an exchange the individual must be willing and must also, in a manner of speaking, incorporate the type of personality that does not express that necessity for control, and therefore will generate the willingness to relinquish.  But once again, that does not invalidate the information that is presented in other exchanges.
Tracy:  OK.  Also on the same subject, Arkandin is a focus, so to speak, that’s being energy exchanged with, in the sense that it’s not an essense like you, it’s a focus, and I wonder whether an energy exchange with a focus rather than an essense would mean that that focus would have an agenda? so to speak.
Elias:  This may be somewhat difficult, for the focus IS the essense, just as YOU are essense.  Therefore, it would be dependant upon what element of the focus is being tapped into.  If the individual is tapping into the focus directly as an individual, the actual physical manifestation, that would be one type of exchange which is possible, but in that situation, yes, you would be correct, that there would be an extra filtration, for you would be receiving the information that is being filtered through the beliefs of that individual, and also being filtered through the beliefs of the individual receiving.  But, it can be that an individual is connecting with an aspect of the personality of a particular focus but also accessing information from the essense.
Tracy:  Ok, so it this case it could be a bit of both
Elias:  Yes
Tracy: So that would require your intuition whether or not you….
Elias:  Yes.  And to pay attention, and to listen to what rings true to you, for you also incorporate a filter, and therefore it is a matter of allowing yourself to receive information that is in conjunction with your guidelines, and your direction, and in a manner of speaking, to let go what is not.
Tracy:  Ok Thank you.



17th Aug ’06 Session 2075


ELIAS:  Good Afternoon!
TRACY:  Hello!  Elias!  It’s lovely to be talking to you again.
TRACY:  I have another few pages of impressions I’d like to ask you about…
ELIAS:  Very well
TRACY:  OK, shall I just go ahead and start?
ELIAS:  Yes!
TRACY:  The first one I’ve got written down is, I was thinking about my focus  as Fanny Cramer in London who was married to Jakob, and I just got this yesterday, that Jakob Kramer who was my husband in that focus was a focus of my father, and that he was a pianist?
ELIAS:  Correct
TRACY:  Correct, ok, thank you, and I had a little meditation thing where I was looking at a cave in Ethiopia, Sof Omar, and I saw a black man there and I thought that it was a focus of somebody on the Seth lists called Bill Ingle, and that his name was Fayna?
ELIAS:  Correct
TRACY:  Thank you, and there was a white woman, actually, there as well, amd I thought that was me?
ELIAS:  Correct
TRACY:  Could you tell me the name of her?
ELIAS:  Barbara
TRACY:  Barbara?!!  Is this a past or a future, um….hello?
ELIAS:  Past
TRACY:  Ok, thank you.  I looked at some pictures of Dogon, in Mali, and I’m sure I must have a focus there; do I?
TRACY:  OK, can you tell me a timeframe?
ELIAS:  And your impression?
TRACY:  Oh, a long time ago! I don’t really know, I haven’t investigated fully on that one because I keep getting swept in other directions!
TRACY:  OK, well I’ll investigate that one. A while ago, a month or so ago, I was fascinated with Peru and I found a man called Percy Harrison Fawcett, and I’m wondering if I have a focus as his brother, or something to do with that family?
TRACY:  As the brother?
TRACY:  Ok, thank you.  I asked you last time if I had a focus as an Indian saint and now I’d like to venture an impression on who it was; is it Sri Yukteswar?
TRACY:  It is?  It’s an actual focus, is it?
TRACY:  My brother is very interested in, and has been for some time, in Yogananda.  Does my brother have a focus, either as Yogananda, or somebody in that sort of timeframe and group?
ELIAS:  In that timeframe, as a follower
TRACY:  As a follower of Yogananda?
TRACY:  OK, because he’s a follower of Yogananda now.  Ok Thank you.  This suddenly came to me today, the artist Van Gogh, is that a focus of me, or an observing focus?
ELIAS:  You incorporate a focus as a relative
TRACY:  As a relative, OK.  Now I have some famous ones here, I was wondering about famous ones, and these are the ones that spring to mind and I’m thinking they’re probably observing essences.  One is Lou Reed, the singer
ELIAS:  That is observing
TRACY:  Cesaria Evora?  She’s also a singer
ELIAS:  That is an observing
TRACY:  Thanks, I got those right then.  Do I have an older focus than that in the Cabo Verde Islands?
TRACY:  I’ve seen pictures on the internet and it looks as if there are similar pyramids there to the one that I have here in Salitre, is that right?
TRACY:  OK.  Rapha the giant, going back a while there, I had a feeling about that as well, is that a focus of mine?
TRACY:  Yes!  OK, this is a question I’ve had in my mind for quite some time but didn’t like to really ask, do I have a current Palestinian focus, or a recently disengaged one?
ELIAS:  Recently disengaged, yes
TRACY:  Was he a terrorist, or a suicide bomber?
ELIAS:  Actually, no, but would be considered a radical.
TRACY:  OK.  I had a couple of dreams in the recent past about the English royal family and I feel quite close to Prince Charles, and I wondered if that was an observing role, or if I have some kind of an observing role in the family?
ELIAS:  Observing, and counterpart.
TRACY:  Of Prince Charles?
TRACY:  Aubrey Beardsley, I suddenly remembered that I had an interest in him when I was earlier (?!). would that be an observing role too?
TRACY:  And also when I was a teenager, Albrecht Durer?
ELIAS:  Counterpart, and briefly a student
TRACY:  OK.  I had an incredible meditation, an experience about Nefertiti, I think it was, and one of her children, and it was incredible to witness the sort of mother love that she had for the child…I felt like I was observing them both.  Do I have a focus as either one of those, or as a part of that family?
ELIAS:  A child
TRACY:  As one of her children?
TRACY:  Now I had a very bizarre thought once, I was in the bathroom, and I was thinking of you but I said Elvis instead, and for some reason I connected you with Elvis Presley, and I can’t quite see how that can be.  Can you explain why I got that strange thing?!
ELIAS:  Perhaps an association with a revolutionary
TRACY:  OK.  I had an image of a man who looked like a conquistador, he had that kind of clothes on I think, he was on a beach and he had dark hair and a mustache and I got the impression that it was a shared focus that I had with you, but I don’t know whether that man was you or me?
ELIAS:  That was myself
TRACY:  So that was you, and I had a focus with you in that timeframe, yes?
TRACY:  OK thanks.  Now this suddenly came to me last night, I think it was, have I got 44 shared focuses with you?
TRACY:  Oh good!  I got that..WOW…OK!  and then I got one as a Danish farmer, and something about pigs?
ELIAS:  Yes, ok.  Goats keep cropping up and also horses, but I’m wondering if goat is my essence animal?
TRACY:  I’m also wondering, and other people keep seeing it as well, a horse and a rider on it sot of connected with me and I’m wondering what that is?
ELIAS:  That would be also another focus
TRACY:  Another focus of mine?
Tracy:  Ok, I had a little imagery of Jeanne Lucille, on the internet Elias lists, that we shared a focus as poor Americans, I saw a woman and a baby and an old man, and somebody was shouting for Anna Rae.
TRACY:  Ok, so is one of us Anna Rae?
TRACY:  Which one?
ELIAS:  The mother
TRACY:  and that would be Jeanne?
TRACY:  And I would be the child?
TRACY:  I tried once to put a face to my essence Rafaela, which might have been a bit silly, but I did get a face and it seemed to me to be a Greek focus, an old, ancient one?
TRACY:  OK, but sometimes this face morphs into a chatty New York girl.  Is that a focus that has the same face as the Greek focus?
ELIAS:  Very similar
TRACY:  Similar, ok, thanks, and is she current?
TRACY:  This sentence popped in, and I don’t know where from, and it was me I think saying “I’m going to catch up on the centre guard, Don’t leave Sawyer” and I’m curious as to who I was and when I was, saying that?
ELIAS:  That is a future focus
TRACY:  OK.  Now, cloud imagery, I had some incredible, well I often do, but yesterday in particular was incredible, and Nanaiis, KC, posted some aurora photographs and she asked me to ask you is her focus Spock on the Arduin?
TRACY:  And is any of this cloud imagery that I got yesterday to do with the Arduin also?
TRACY:  OK, now I’ve got a number of questions now…the Salitre pyramid near here, we’ve been doing group meditations and we did one last Friday, and a few of us have impressions about this. Yaglin was there, and he was in a party mood, and I’d just like to confirm this, although I’m pretty sure he was there?
TRACY:  And Jane was there, and she took me skateboarding down the side of the pyramid?
TRACY:  Yes, that was wonderful!  OK, going down the path towards there, there was a big white ball of light with sort of a green edge, and there was something sillouetted in front of it…um…I’ve got Fantak written down, um, could you tell me who it was or what it represented, that ball of light please?
ELIAS:  That actually represents the interconnection of the collective energy participating
TRACY:  And then I saw an orange patch on the right, and for some reason I’m thinking that may be KC?
TRACY:  Yes, good, ok. Curtis is part of the group and he saw a blue tiled interior to the Salitre pyramid, would that be right at one time?
TRACY:  Could you give me a time framework on that please?
ELIAS:  Ah, and shall you not continue your investigation? (humourously!)
TRACY:  OK!  Franci saw hooded people in robes, well I was going to ask you a timeframe on that, she didn’t actually ask me to ask you, but just out of curiosity, but you may tell me to investigate that too, yeah?
ELIAS:  Yes, for that would be in the same timeframework
TRACY:  OK, so Franci and Curtis were both in the same timeframework?
TRACY:  OK, well that’s helpful, because this is all very interesting stuff.  Now Emily, my stepdaughter, I’m wondering if she has a bad memory of a focus there, there’s a sort of reluctance, and also wondering if my friend Rachel, and Gina who’s also part of the meditation group, myself, and possibly KC all share a focus there that was not very pleasant?
ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct
TRACY:  Thank you. Bridgy has some questions, she saw a Roman, she thinks she has a Roman focus there and she was wondering if you would give her a time frame?
ELIAS: That would be a different time framework, that would be 100BC.
TRACY:  She also saw that all of us, the meditation group, all there happily together, she thinks that’s either in the future, or in a very very ancient past, could you clarify that one please?
ELIAS: Future
TRACY: It’s a future one, ok.  There’s been more future things than past in some ways.  She also saw sailors or vikings, and then she saw them sailing up to Carthage and what-not, she would like a time frame for that too please?
ELIAS:  That would be eighth century
TRACY:  Gina saw some horse riders and alot of men on feet looking weary and what-not and moving through, and I was wondering about the timeframe on that and if what she was seeing was the Moorish focus that I had with Rachel when we were riding through there?
TRACY:  And the timeframe of that?
ELIAS:  That would be 14th century
TRACY:  Also, I was looking around to see who was there at the Salitre Meditation, and I conjured up an image of Seth, as he appears in his portrait by Rob, and it sort of morphed into an old woman, but it wasn’t very clear, with a hat on.  I mentioned it to Bridgy, and she showed me a picture of a portrait that was from a New Orleans museum, by Carl Kronenburg, and she already had the impression that you were the woman in the portrait, and that Mary was the artist?
ELIAS:  Correct
TRACY:  And is that the same woman that I saw in the meditation?
TRACY:  And she got a direct connection the Canaria, to the Canary islands, with the pyramid?
TRACY:  OK, so she got her questions right!
TRACY:  Jims question: he got that we were priests together in an early Egyptian dynasty and that we were called lightbringers?
ELIAS:  Correct
TRACY:  And is it a continuation of this energy at Salitre?
TRACY:  And he also got that we as a group shared a group focus in England, just to have fun, and I was wondering what the timeframe would be?
ELIAS:  Correct, early 16th century
TRACY:  For some reason I was going to think that was turn of the 19th century, ok.  The back of the Salitre pyramid appears to be caved in, but KC got she didn’t think that it had caved in, that it was built that way for some reason.  I also once had an image that once there were buildings all up that side, and KC and I both don’t feel so good about that side as we do about the other side and I was wondering if you could comment on that?
ELIAS:  Your impressions are correct; and your experiences in association with that area are what you would term to be unpleasant
ELIAS:  And also incorporated your deaths
TRACY:  Oh, deaths, ok. So we obviously had another focus that we’re more concerned with that was the other side and that was better?
TRACY:  Gina saw as well that possibly in some kind of a future timeframe that it was a park, and that we were all sitting there in some kind of a park situation?
TRACY:  Could you tell me a timeframe on that please, Elias?
ELIAS:  24th century
TRACY:  About 30 years ago I had an experience with a few people, my husband and my brother, and someone else, with a ouija board and we spoke for quite some time, a month or so, supposedly to some people from another planet.  I’ve been curious about this but can’t actually remember alot about it.  Were they people from another planet?
ELIAS:  Yes, but also other dimensionally.
TRACY:  OK, and the planet was called Naran?
TRACY:  Also on the subject of the ouija board, previous to speaking to these people ‘X’ was also there and he ended up taking back to America with him something awful (? inaudible, it was an ‘evil posseession’ experience) can you tell me if there’s any way at all I can sort of go about helping him getting over that; he’s pretty much over it but he still feels it there in the background and that he battled a force of evil, and he mentions it again from time to time, and he’s coming over to Salitre in a couple of months time, and with his history and with the energy there I think he has a little bit of apprehension, and I wonder if there’s anything useful that you could say about that.
ELIAS: It is not evil, it is unfamiliar.  In this, what he has experienced is another energy of an other dimensional focus and that energy is expressed very differently and therefore may be translated in association with the individuals beliefs and what is known to him in this dimension as evil but the reason that it is being translated in that manner is that it is a strong energy.  It is merely a translation, there is no necessity for fear, or apprehension, or uncomfortableness, for there is no harmfullness associated with it, it is merely a very different expression than he’s accustomed to.  You within your reality, although you are each individual and unique, you express a similar type of energy that fits with the design of your physical dimension and therefore it is comfortable and easily recognized.  When you allow yourselves to tap into some other dimensional expressions or energies, they do not necessarily fit in your reality and the energy may be very different, and in that, very unfamiliar, and that can be somewhat unnerving or generate apprehension, and that can influence an individual to configure that energy or generate an association with it in some type of negative manner, in relation to their expressed beliefs now and their associations with evil or good.
TRACY:  Thank you, that’s very very very helpful, thank you.
ELIAS:  You are welcome.
TRACY:  Changing the subject quite a bit, my mother in law is here at the moment, Maureen, and her husband John disengaged in May, I think it was, and we were all sitting round the table on Sunday night, and I had an impression that he was there actually, and that I was sort of talking to him a little bit, was that correct?
TRACY:  This is interesting because his is the first time that anything like this has happened, and then on the way home I suddenly started writing things down, that Maureen and John shared 43 past focuses, and 17 future?
TRACY:  Oh, this is interesting, because I’ve never actually sort of done this. Roger came to me, would that be John’s essence name?
ELIAS:  That is a focus name
TRACY:  And that all of us, including myself, shared a focus in Portugal in the 1300’s as fishermen?
TRACY:  OK, and also that John was a child called Francoise, a female child I think, and Amelia, his granddaughter, was her mother, in France in 1897?
TRACY:  OK, this is interesting, and also that we all had a Chinese focus, and it wasn’t a very nice focus, and we didn’t at the time even know what year it was but it may have been the 1500’s?
ELIAS:  1400’s
TRACY:  And then I got another thing here, I got some names, this was Florida and I think early 1900’s, the same group of people, two black people, Annie Barclay, who was a focus of John, Jim Cussons who was a focus of me, and a white shop owner who was Maureen and her name was Maude Hammer.
TRACY:  Ok, so I was talking to John on Sunday night, so I thought, and I got the impression that he wanted me to tell Maureen that he was there but I hesitated on that one, does he want me to tell her?
ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, as an assurance of his presence, and his supportiveness.
TRACY:  About a month or so ago I had a future focus meditation and tried to access a few future focuses; one came through quite clear and it looked like Gandalf, but I got the name Randolph, and it was an old man with a long white beard in a room full of books and he seemed quite pleased to see me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying…I thought it was Randolph and that it was a future focus of mine, and then somebody mentioned that you had a focus as Gandalf, could you clarify that for me please?
ELIAS:  Your experience was accurate.  That is a future focus of you, and the name is correct.
TRACY:  Oh, thank you, OK.  I also got the face of Rafaela, like the Greek face, and she was dancing but she had four bodies and I presumed this was a future focus, she had four bodies but she could dance and merge them into one and then back out again; is this a future focus? and what timeframe?
ELIAS:  This is an other dimensional focus.
TRACY:  OH!  ok, and then I had a futuristic one, and I think it was me and Darren, I think I was the man and he was the woman but I’m not really sure, it was black and white and we had black and white face markings, and the unusual thing was the way we were interacting, in a kind of sensual way but without doing anything apparently physically, we were just sort of standing there.  I’m curious about that, if that’s a future focus, or what?
ELIAS:  Yes.  That is a future focus and that is incorporating the action of a ritual.
TRACY:  A ritual!
TRACY:  Ah, ok. What time frame would that be?
ELIAS:  That would be in the timeframework of the 25th century
TRACY:  Did you say 26th or 25th?
ELIAS:  25th
TRACY:  OK, back to the horseman thing again, I’ve been exchanging messages and things with, I think his name is LP, but he goes by the name on the internet of rhdragsa, I’m wondering if this is a counterpart thing, or I even wonder sometimes if it’s a focus of my own.  Could you explain a little bit about that, it’s confusing, we seem to have alot of telepathic stuff going on.
ELIAS:  That is a counterpart action
TRACY:  And does he have a focus called Rageh?
TRACY:  OK, and is this anything to do with Fantak, I keep getting these all muddled up together
TRACY:  No, ok, I’ve got a muddle on with that one.  There’s a little question here from Dale, on the Elias lists, she had an urge or a craving for mozarella, and she would like to know the definition, or difference between a craving and an urge.
ELIAS:  An urge would be somewhat of a prompting and would be somewhat more subtle.  A craving is associated with the body consciousness generating a communication.  The urge is associated with more of a preference in the moment.  The craving is an actual communcation from the body consciousness in relation to some element that it is requiring in that moment
TRACY:  There’s a very old lady that my friends and I help to look after sometimes, her name’s LK, and I got an impression that she was a nurse in WWI, and us that are nursing her now, were soldiers.
ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.
TRACY:  I don’t remember when it was but Yaglin, I was in a little room, I couldn’t hear what he was saying, he looked very rushed and busy, and in the end in exasperation he gave me a parcel of information, I wonder if you could explain what that is exactly please?
ELIAS:  And your impression?
TRACY:  Well I don’t know really!  He gave me this bundle of stuff, all sort of tightly knitted wires and things, gave it to me to open later or to pass it on, so I sort of passed it on to anybody who wanted it, and I guess I’m saving it for later, is that about it? hahaha
ELIAS: hahahaha  It is imagery associated with unravelling
ELIAS:  Unravelling your direction and new discoveries and incorporating new avenues, new awarenesses, and piecing them together in a manner of speaking, unravelling the tangle of them and piecing them together in order.
TRACY: That sound good,  Ok then, this is another difficult question, Osama bin Laden, he’s not a focus of mine is he, or is he an observing essence role?
ELIAS:  Observing
TRACY:  observing, ok, I thought (inaudible).  Ok, now this puzzles me and I probably shouldn’t even be asking, but just so that I know whether I’m on the right track or not, there’s a girl from India with a kidney problem who posts on the Seth lists, and whenever I read her posts, right from the first one, I get the impression that it’s TB writing the posts, and now I don’t know whether he’s writing the posts, he is doing that, pretending to be her, or is it another focus of T, or a counterpart?  Just so I know why I keep thinking this.
ELIAS:  Counterpart
TRACY:  I had a dream recently, I didn’t remember much but I woke up to the sound of Sumari singing and I was in the sky looking down at some kind of rice paddies or salt flats, that kind of cultivation, I wonder if you could comment on that please.
ELIAS:  That would be associated with another focus also.
TRACY:  Would this be an ancient Sumerian focus or an Iraqi one?
ELIAS:  The first, Yes
TRACY:  It was Sumerian
TRACY:  ok, thanks.  Before I even started with the Seth books and things, I had a dream, and all it was in the dream was Eye of Horus, Eye of Horus, write it down, write it down, so I wrote it down, um, why was that? haha
ELIAS: A trigger point.  Or what you may term to be a portal.  It can be incorporated as a dream trigger, or even as a meditational or visualization trigger point, in which you can incorporate it as a portal to other areas of consciousness.
TRACY: oh, ok!
ELIAS:  Similar to what was expressed as the Gates of Horn.
TRACY:  Oh yes, ok! that’s interesting because it was a sort of trigger point, it started me looking at lucid dreaming websites. OK, with our group meditation, a couple of weeks ago we all met at Phillipe Park in Florida, an Indian mound, and I got very very strong colour impressions about the various people.  I wonder if you could tell me if it was an energy at the time colour, an essence colour or focus colour?  Gina, I got powder blue….
ELIAS:  I would express to you that the colours that you were tapping into were the energy expression of the individuals at that time.  The general projection of their energy field at that time.
TRACY:  OK, so the colours that I saw when I looked down at me were ultramarine blue with little bits of pink at the back so was that simply my energy expression at the time, or what colour am I?!
ELIAS:  Yes that was your energy at that time
TRACY:  Ok, so what would be my essence colour?  I mean I know there’s a certain shade of green, but I know it doesn’t have to be my favourite colour, so what essence colour would I be?
ELIAS:  Essence colour would be what you would term to be avocado.
TRACY:  Avocado, not quite the green I like; and my focus colour?
ELIAS:  And your impression?
TRACY:  Is it the green that I do like? sort of blue green?
ELIAS:  Focus colour, burnt umber
TRACY:  OH! well you surprise me there! This Phillipe Park meditation, Sheila saw me as an Indian princess and something to do with seashells; do I have a focus there at the mound in Florida as an Indian princess or whatever?
TRACY:  Ok, thank you.  As I was going through my notes to make my list of questions here I got Ninhursag next to Ki Longfellow, and I’ve also got three other names, Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag and these relate to my focus in 3200 I think, which I thought was a Sumerian thing, were these the names of the four people that I saw?
TRACY:  Which one was the one I called Ralph?  Why did I get Ralph, Sue, Helen, and David then?
ELIAS:  They are translations.
TRACY:  So which one of those would be the one that was me?
ELIAS:  And your impression?
TRACY:  I would be guessing!  Anu.
TRACY:  Ok, so that was the man, then.
ELIAS: (chuckles)
TRACY:  Now, Deane, and his Atlantis portal, I didn’t really have alot of success with trying to do this Atlantis meditation, probably some hesitation on my part. I think this was something to do with this, I got a dog that was a man or a woman, in a grey raincoat, but the head was of a dog, and the hands were like human hands but they were covered in hair, is this something to do with Atlantis or is this something else, another dimension?
ELIAS:  That would be another dimension.
TRACY:  And I also got with this meditation a sparkly spiky sunflower thing with a bent stem, which, first I was looking for the most prominant thing in Atlantis, then it seemed to be Gina’s remote view earring that I was picking up, and then I saw Deane’s book cover and there was a similar shape on that, so I’m wondering which of those was it?
ELIAS:  All of them
TRACY:  OK. Something I got recently was soldiers in some kind of a food tent having a beer and they looked a bit serious, and then there was a string of bombs afterwards and then silence, and I had Iranq written down and I don’t know whether it was Iran or Iraq, and a current focus fighting there?
ELIAS:  That is a current focus and that would be in Baghdad.
TRACY:  As an American?
TRACY:  I have some questions about Deane and Atlantis but I don’t really feel like I want to go there at the moment so I think that’s just about it.
ELIAS:  Very well.
TRACY:  Thank you very much!
ELIAS:  ha ha ha ha ha
TRACY:  I’m really very pleased again and thank you very much!
ELIAS:  You are very welcome my friend and I shall be offering my energy to you as always in encouragement and I shall also depart in expressing an acknowledgement of you in directing yourself and evidencing that to yourself in your environment.
TRACY:  OK, I’m not quite sure what you mean, but…haha
ELIAS:  In the peacefulness in your environment
TRACY:  OH, ok, good, thank you hahaha
TRACY:  Thank you very much Elias
ELIAS:  I shall be anticipating our next meeting and I express great appreciation to you my friend.
TRACY:  Thank you Elias, thank you very much, I’m looking forward to it too.
ELIAS:  In great lovingness, Au Revoir.


First Elias Session

Elias: Good evening!
Tracy: Good evening, Elias!
Elias: What shall we discuss?
Tracy: I have a list of questions here, for you to maybe validate, of
impressions I’ve had. I seem to have had more than I realize, I’m hoping that if you can validate a few it will sort of cause me to trust myself more in the future.
Elias: Very well.
Tracy: Ok, um, I’m a bit nervous, this is really exciting!
Elias: Hahaha
Tracy: Ok, the first one that I have to ask you is Halloween last year I saw a blue ball of light come straight at me, and I just want to know if it was you?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Yes! Great! Ok, the next day I went out, I had a fantastic day, I found two hills that look like pyramids, and I’m wondering if they just look like pyramids, or if they really were pyramids, or are pyramids. They’re in Andalucia, and one is called Benarraba, and the other is Salitre.
Elias: They are not the type of pyramid that you are familiar with in association with other physical locations and physical structures that have been built, but they are a type of pyramid, for they have been generated in this form in association with a collective energy.
Tracy: ok, I might want to come back to, well I will want to come back to the pyramids. Can I ask the next question now which is, in July last year, I had an experience of alot of strange words coming to me from a distance, and a man in a blue turban on the left was translating, well not translating, but saying the words again for me slowly so that I could understand what he was saying, um, I got the name Ashtak, but I’m really not sure if that was his name. In fact, I am tempted to ask was that you, the man in the blue turban?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: It was!
Elias: Yes,
Tracy: Brilliant! Ok, I was, I thought it was presumptuous to ask that!
Elias: Hahaha
Tracy: I also got that he said he was my father in Palestine in 800BC. Is that correct?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Yes! Great, and then I got Jehepzibah Hepzibaya Zib, would that be his name?
Elias: Yes,
Tracy: Yes! So the Ashtak, what was that then?
Elias: You.
Tracy: ME??! Ok, now the strange words that came from a distance, what language were they, who were they from, and why did I get them?
Elias: That was a presentment of another focus, that was of that focus,
Tracy: Not a focus of mine, another focus?
Elias: No, of that focus that you and I share
Tracy: ok, so that was another focus that we shared as well as the one in Palestine? or the same one?
Elias: The same.
Tracy: The same. Ok, right, so the words that were coming from a distance, as if they were spoken by somebody else, um, who was speaking those words?
Elias: That is merely imagery in association with time.
Tracy: OK. What was the language? the name of the language
Elias: A form of Arabic.
Tracy: A form of Arabic, I had a feeling it was something to do with Arabic. OK then, and at the same time as this man, well, you, I don’t know what to say really, the man in the blue turban, I got a few other things as well, that Emily my step-daughter, was my mother in Corsica and I got the date 1492, would that be right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And I got a visual thing, we were standing on a windy hill and there was something awful in the valley below, would that be right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Ok, what was happening in the valley?
Elias: A large conflict.
Tracy: A conflict. Ok, I guess that’s enough I need to know on that. My essence name, I got one word which sounded like Zhaana, but I’m really not sure, would that be it? My essence name.
Elias: That is a focus name.
Tracy: It’s a focus name, ok. And my essence name is?
Elias: Essence name, Rafaela.
Tracy: Rafaela!! Really?!
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And am I intermediate?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: I’m not very sure about family because I feel like I’m close to most of them but, Sumari?
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: ok, and aligned with…I don’t know. The one that moves around alot, interacting with different cultures, but I can’t remember the name?
Elias: Ilda
Tracy: Ilda, yes?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: So it’s Sumari aligned with Ilda?
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: Brilliant, I’m getting, ok number of focuses, I’ve got two numbers, one of them is 643 and the other is 432. So I’m confused about that, but my question when I asked it was how many focuses I share with my husband Darren, could you help me on that one?
Elias: Your impression as to numbering of focus, the first is correct.
Tracy: Right, ok
Elias: The numbering of focuses that you share with your partner would be 241.
Tracy: I got a few other things at the same time as well, Civil War, New Orleans, Elspeth and Craig, and that this was connected with somebody else on the internet lists, Don, and that he was the woman and I was the husband, is that correct?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And then I got that Fanny Kramer, married Jakob, London 1820, would that be a focus of mine?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And then Fred Zunni or Rooney, a black Columbian, 1920?
Elias: Rooney, yes.
Tracy: Was that one right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: The next one I’ve got is Marcus Needham, a twelve year old boy now living in Norfolk UK, that he’s the same essence as the baby I aborted in 1980, would that be correct?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Yes! Wow, this is incredible. I also had like a waking dream, of a, I was sort of in the sky, and then I came down to a sailboat, and there was a boy on the boat and I took his earring. Would that be the same boy?
Elias: Yes! OK, I had another one, an old boyfriend called Omar, and I got that we were brothers in Jordan, Syria, and Damascus in 875BC?
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: Wow! I’m better than I thought!
Elias: Haha!
Tracy: Ok, can I validate something for Deane, whose essence name is Leland, that he has two portals, or crop circles on his property in Alabama, something about an Atlantis power station, is that correct?
Elias: It is a translation, but yes.
Tracy: Ok, thank you. Now, when I first saw the picture of there I saw an image of a cone, a long tall cone in the trees, and I’ve had a couple of dreams or images of these cones, and I wonder if you can tell me what that is, why I’m getting these cones?
Elias: And your impression?
Tracy: I don’t really know, is it something to do with, um I don’t know, Egyptian funerary cones, but I don’t know what they’re like, or Cappadocia in Turkey, I don’t really know.
Elias: In actuality, these are associated with other dimensional focus
Tracy: Other dimensional..aha…ok….
Elias: These are…
Tracy: I’ll have to investigate that a bit further. Now I did a meditation back to these pyramid things, the Salitre one, I did a meditation where I tried to enter it, and I was going up a path towards it and I got a blockage or an exchange and it was sort of a warning not to tell many people about it or to be careful or something, but there weren’t any words and I didn’t really see anything. Could you explain a bit about that, is it symbolic or literal or what is that?
Elias: More symbolic.
Tracy: More symbolic?
Elias: Yes. It is associated with the energy of the area and what formed these types of pyramids and in that you can actually tap into that energy and it is quite powerful.
Tracy: Ok, so, ok, right, ok I think I got the message on that one…I also got that there were very tall dark people in there, would that be right? At some point.
Elias: Associated with this location?
Tracy: Yes.
Elias: Yes
Tracy: OK. I went for a walk by there not long ago and there was a dog with the most incredibly strange eyes and he also appeared in this meditation. Is there anything in particular about this particular dog or is that just a symbolic thing as well?
Elias: It is imagery that you have presented to yourself, that you have created in association with this area. In a manner of speaking what you have created or invented as your focal point in association with the energy of that area.
Tracy: Last week I think it was I did an online meditation and then afterwards I got alot of lights and activity on the lefthand side and I started to get a few things and I think it was from somebody called Fantak, who would Fantak be? Was it right that it was coming from somebody called Fantak?
Elias: Yes. This would be another essence.
Tracy: I got this, but I also got that it was wrong, Fantak of the Iberjin, but I’m quite sure I got that wrong, what was the Iberjin, or what should it be?
Elias: That was your translation, it was not literal, it was an association.
Tracy: Ok, I asked if I had a focus in that location before and I got ‘earlier than you think’, and then I got 147,000 years ago, would that be correct?
Elias: Yes and no.
Tracy: Yes and no? Could you explain that a little please?
Elias: You have an energy presence there in that time framework, an actual focus would be later.
Tracy: Later, ok. I got that the one that’s there now was built 14,000 years ago, would that be right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And that the tall dark people that I saw in the previous meditatation, they came later?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And it was, and I’m not sure about this, that it was built by people connected to the Inca?
Elias: Partially. There’s a partial association with that culture and with that energy, but only as an influence.
Tracy: As an influence
Elias: Yes
Tracy: I also got in the previous meditation that the whole pyramid was covered in pink flowers, bright pink flowers, was that right?
Elias: At one point, yes.
Tracy: Also in that mediatation I saw triangles on the path leading up to it on the left, there were white triangles with a brown dot in the middle, and brown triangles with a white dot in the middle, on the left. What were they?
Elias: This is a future association.
Tracy: future association
Elias: Yes
Tracy: Is it a coordination point?
Elias: In a manner of speaking, yes.
Tracy: Is there any connection to the Italian pyramids, and the one in Bosnia?
Elias: No.
Tracy: Ok, thank you. I also got in this meditation that I shared a focus with Jane Roberts, 1743 in London, would that be right?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And also awhile ago I had an imagery thing of Jane standing at a podium, and speaking to the people but she wasn’t speaking to me, she was speaking to the people, was that sort of actually Jane I saw?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: I did an internet meditation, sort of a guided thing to Sumer, and I met four people there, an old man, a woman, a young man and a very strange child and I came up with some strange names for them really, the old man was Ralph, the woman was Helen, the young man David, and the strange child Sue, and I’m wondering why I got such ordinary names for these, and who they were?
Elias: This is also another focus.
Tracy: One of those people would be a focus of me?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Which one?
Elias: The man.
Tracy: The young man David or the old man Ralph?
Elias: The older man.
Tracy: I had a funny feeling that the woman was something to do with Ki Longfellow, would that be right, or did I imagine that one?
Elias: Counterpart.
Tracy: The strange child which I called Sue, seemed to be not sort of a normal human, if you like, she had pools of green eyes and her bones were strange under her skin, was she from somewhere else?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Where was she from?
Elias: A different planet.
Tracy: Wow! Can you tell me which one?
Elias: Not within your galaxy.
Tracy: And was that child someone I knew when I had a focus as Ralph?
Elias: Yes. This is a future focus.
Tracy: It is?! Goodness me, thank you! What timeframe?
Elias: Timeframework, 3200’s.
Tracy: Ok, thank you very much. Into the future as well here, Yaglin, there’s a man called George who has a future focus as Yaglin, and I was reading one of his channeled things on the internet, and I had a little imagery, he was welcoming me, was it actually him I was seeing?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And he had a strange voice, a sort of multilevel voice, more than one voice, that’s right, yes?
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: I also got at some point that I had a focus as Indu or Imdor, and I was married to Aisha, who is a focus of my husband Darren, in Persia, I got the number 13, and that we had seven children.
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: And was Aisha my favourite concubine, is that bit right too?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Thank you. Ok, a friend of mine got this, that Rachel, my friend who lives by the Salitre pyramid, that we were military friends in Moorish Spain, and we travelled through the valley then, and made a psychic pact to return to it to enjoy the tranquility, is that right?
Elias: Correct.
Tracy: Thank you. Ok, when I did a Gates of Horn dream awhile ago, I kept hearing Omeetunkaweena, and I was wondering what language that is and what it means.
Elias: That also is associated with a future focus and it is a name.
Tracy: I also got, I was looking at my husband one night and his face sort of changed to that of a south american, and I got Tchutchuwahaca Omchakawan, and I wondered if that was his name, or what that word was?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: That’s his name?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: ok, thank you. I also had an imagery that I felt like I was an insect once, and my husband says that he sometimes looks at me and sees an insect. Could you explain what this might be please?
Elias: You can project an aspect of yourself as essence into any manifestation to experience that type of manifestation, it is not actually what you would term to be a focus of any type for all of these manifestations you create, but you can project an aspect which is an attention into any form such as that, and offer yourself the direct experience of that manifestation, and this is what you have expressed.
Tracy: Ok, thank you. Deane/Leland had an idea that we were sisters in eastern europe in the 1800’s, is that correct?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And were Darren and I together in Australia, and I got 88,000 years ago?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: I also had an imagery when I was in the bath, of my mother, and it was my mother as she is now, drowning me in the bath as a small child. I wondered if this was a probability, a probable self?
Elias: In a probable reality, yes.
Tracy: I also got Trish Hoover May, Galveston whore, 1930’s, would that be a focus of mine?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And then I got another one, Julie Watling?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Mary Liddle or Biddle?
Elias: Biddle.
Tracy: Martha Hammond?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Joe O’Riley? I wasn’t quite sure about the O’Riley.
Elias: Yes, you are correct.
Tracy: Thank you. I also had an imagery of World War Two trenches, I think, as if I was fighting in that war, would that be correct?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: And an ancient looking sword fight with alot of people with burlap robes with hoods on, would I have a focus there as well?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Could you give me a timeframe on that?
Elias: That would be the timeframework of mid first century.
Tracy: Would it be in England?
Elias: It would be in that location but it was not identified as England in that timeframework.
Tracy: Ok, I understand. I’ve also had a few imagery things of moving fast over the treetops, very fast but not so far above the treetops, or through the woods just above the ground, but not in a vehicle. Is that a future kind of travelling or what would that be?
Elias: That is imagery of projecting that you can accomplish now, if you are so choosing.
Tracy: Ok! can do it…ok, thank you. Um, we’ve got through so many questions, I can’t believe it. I once had a thought that I might have a focus of a saint and I thought that was a bit presumptuous, is this true?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Would it be like an Indian, kind of Yogi saint?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Can you tell me a name maybe?
Elias: (chuckling) Shall you not investigate?
Tracy: Yes ok, (laughing)
Elias: You are quite accomplished at this!
Tracy: I’m really pleased I’ve done so well! really, this is incredible!
Elias: (chuckling)
Tracy: There’s a place I visited a long time ago, in the Welsh borders, in Wales, an old building called Tretower, and I felt that I’d been there before, have I had a focus there?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Have I had a focus in Morocco, northern Morocco, in Chefchaouen?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Would you tell me a timeframe for that?
Elias: 1500’s
Tracy: Would this be the same focus that was the warrior in Moorish Spain?
Elias: No
Tracy: No, so it’s another one. Now Rosie, my dog Rosie died last year and I was sure I’d known her before. Had I known her before, and was it as another pet, or…I don’t really understand about dogs…
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: I’d known her before as a pet?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: In another focus or this focus?
Elias: Several times.
Tracy: Pardon?
Elias: Several times.
Tracy: Several times…I thought so. Ok, and how is she now?
Elias: (chuckling) That would be a reconfiguration of energy to be generating another type of manifestation.
Tracy: Ok, as a different animal, or what?
Elias: Yes
Tracy: OK. My sister-in-law just had a baby called Rosie, and I felt like I already knew her as well. Have I known this baby Rosie before?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Ok, right…well, I’ve run out of questions!
Elias: HA HA HA
Tracy: (laughing) I don’t believe it! It was yes to everything, that’s incredible! Ok, well maybe I could ask you about my neck, I’ve constantly got neck and back ache, is there something you could tell me about that? I know it’s tension, but is there something else I could know about that?
Elias: And what is your assessment? What do you view that it is associated with?
Tracy: hhmmm, mmm, I can’t really see how it could be, but probably lack of trust in myself or acceptance or something like that, (pause) or taking on the burden of other people’s problems, maybe something like that?
Elias: That would be more associated with it. In compromising and allowing yourself to be dictated to by other individuals in acquiescing.
Tracy: Ok. I can’t think of any other questions now because I’ve gone through all the questions on my list. Can you think of anything (laughing) that you think I should know?
Elias: Ha ha ha ha ha This would be YOUR choice my friend! ha ha ha
Tracy: I know, I know, oh goodness me, this is ridiculous, I can’t think of what to ask you now…
Elias: It is not necessary, if you are so choosing, we may discontinue and continue in another timeframework, and you may assimilate your information and present new conversation with myself if that is your preference.
Tracy: Ok, well, yes, because my mind’s gone blank now! With all these impressions validated that gives me, well, it gives me alot of trust in the future ones, and for that I’m very grateful…
Elias: HA HA!
Tracy: Really very grateful, it’s incredible!
Elias: hahahaha
Tracy: And, um, the man in the blue turban, can I, well I say the man in the blue turban, but I guess it’s you, can I access that again?
Elias: Yes.
Tracy: Any time I want?
Elias: I shall be available.
Tracy: Oh, that’s brilliant!
Elias: (chuckling)
Tracy: Ok, well thank you very much, and the elaborate blue turban with all the feathers and everything, that’s fine! (laughing)
Elias: Ha ha ha ha
Tracy: I’d love to see that again, that would be great!
Elias: Hahaha Very well!
Tracy: Ok! Well thank you so much! This has been absolutely incredible!
Elias: You are very welcome my friend, I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement, and supportiveness, and playfullnes Ha Ha Ha Ha
Tracy: Thank you very much!
Elias: To you, in friendship and great appreciation, au revoir.
Tracy: Thank you very much, goodbye, thank you.