Other Dimensions


31st December 2007

I had a sort of energy encounter (I don’t know
what to call it) with so called ‘Pleiadian’ other dimensional energy
last night. I’ve had visual images of them before, and translated
them as very tall people, but this wasn’t in pictures, so to speak.

It was during an online IM chat with the meditation group, but we
weren’t meditating at the time. The energy was high though, and many
of us were starting to get some ‘altered state’ effects (again, not
sure what to call it; and the effects vary from person to person).

I started by feeling a bit trippy, and my hands looked huge and my
eyes were blurred (which is what usually happens for me). Then a big
whoosh of a high ringing sound into my left ear, did an L turn inside
my head, and through to the right ear, leaving the right ear
seemingly deaf or blocked. My left ear was was getting a high pitched
ringing that was rising and falling, and my whole left side seemed
higher/brighter/lighter/open and the right felt lower/heavier/numb.
Boy this isn’t easy to explain! There was a feeling that felt like
being on the on the edge of another place, being right in the doorway
so to speak, could go either way. There was alot of flashing lights
stuff, and colours, and physical buzziness, but also a grounded
feeling, it wasnt’t at all unpleasant. Well, at some point I asked
who it was and they said Plaiedians. There were several colours I
noticed in particular. Darren walked in then so I got distracted.

I asked Arkandin (channeled by Mark Brown) about it today, an he
confirmed it was OD Pleiadians, and that one of the colours was my
own focus in that dimension, and then I identified one of the other
colours as a focus of Mark, in that dimension.

So in this other dimensional encounter, I met focuses of myself and a
few of my friends, from that dimension, as I understand it.