Pearls of Magic from Many Sources

Defrene, channeled by Emmy
Monday May 21, 2007, 9.51
“We can use more versions, more analogies to clarify what we want to say. One is not better then the other, one is however more suitable for one person (you, Emmy) and the other is maybe more suitable for the other (meaning Ellen). It is hard to choose so maybe we will take a third option and combine the two.
When writing a worldview there are some important factors to keep in mind. We have noticed that your trust is fluctuating tremendously when you search for proof of the writings you are doing Emmy. It is of major importance that you realise some concepts so that it is clearer to you why you might not be able to find all the details of your writings confirmed. Some details will be hard to trace, others might be partially correct when viewed from the history books.

As you noticed there were many Yosef’s in that timeframe, even many Yosef’s from Belgium and still a lot who perished in Auschwitz. You need to realise that from the one Yosef you are studying so intensely now through his writings there are just as many varieties, endless varieties through the many probable events in his life just as is the case with you and with Ellen. You tune into one line of probabilities and even switch from one line of development to another, all existing simultaneously, all can be explored.
Why do you tune into this particular set of events? Because you attract the information that is most suitable for your desired line of development.
Let us start with the analogy for Ellen: When you look at the books in the bookstore where you are working in, imagine taking one of them of the shelves. You study its cover…maybe there are more versions of this book, a paperback version and a hardcover version. Maybe these two versions have a different cover, but include the same information. Another possibility is that the book you hold in your hands has had several different editions over the years with some changes being made; for example a different foreword. The overall content of the book is however the same.
Let’s delve into this particular book even more, before this book got published there was a draft of this book; many different drafts, many different possibilities. Some changes were made here and there before the publishing house decided to publish it. Let’s delve into it even deeper. This particular individual book has many probable versions that never were written in the reality you see now around you, but do exist in a probable line of development, just as valid as your own.
And now we will give the analogy for Emmy: When you look at the Bach suite you are playing now, your teacher asked you to get a particular edition. You are aware of the fact that there are many other editions, all with slight differences in interpretation, bowings, dynamics etc. Some people will claim: this is the one and only edition, the only true edition of this piece. You know very well my dear that all the versions are true in that sense, just a different interpretation suited to the personality who is playing. Some audiences will like one interpretation over the other; others are more moved by another. Even when two individual musicians play the same piece from the same edition they will play it in their unique manner.
As you know very well Bach wrote one particular piece but there were uncountable probable versions of this piece that he did not write in the history that you are seeing in your reality.
When we apply the lessons of these analogy’s to the writing of a worldview it is important that you realise that just as with the many probable versions of a book there are many probable versions of the memories of Yosef. It could be that some of the lines do have their echo’s in the history you can find in the library; at the same time it could be that some of the events, some of the choices are not in your libraries, but in another just as valid probable library and record of history. Remember that for that probable reality you are a probable reality as well.

A worldview contains all of the probabilities and is ever expanding.
The information you pick up from Yosef is valid and when you try to get everything confirmed in the reality you are living in right now you might not realise that your search engines, your physical search engines do not have the capacity to record all the different probabilities.

It’s the story that is important. The message that the story conveys will be suited to your needs, as well as the needs of the people who read the story. Ellen your Charlie has many probable Charlie’s, all valid. Your perspective of Charlie is ever changing based upon your own development and your own explorations just as you Ellen are ever changing into different versions of Ellen. Remember they are all connected, never separated, all part of the bigger whole. You are all, and many have said this in the past, more then all of your parts.
Both you and Emmy are now exploring one particular line of development. But is it really just one? Or are there more lines interwoven? Just as in reality all exist at once, you continuously step from one line of probabilities to another. All lines are connected and part of the same road.

Dear friends, I’m going to have you two have a break to ponder upon this. Emmy write the story as it comes, it will be perfectly suited to the needs of the reader. It’s the message that must not be forgotten and that will get the shape it needs right now, please trust it.”