Jan Roberts Birthday Party

8th May 2008

Thanks to OSHARA who planned an actual party in San Francisco for Jane’s Birthday last night (link below) we decided to join in the fun from all over the world on Yahoo IM. We went to a party in a probable reality in which Jane is still alive……there was much, much more fun and laughter in this log but I snipped it down to a readable size…….

Judyette ( 11:20:22 PM): is there an occasion?
Tracy ( 11:20:34 PM): its jane roberts birthday party
Tracy ( 11:20:42 PM): today
Judyette ( 11:20:59 PM): happy birthday jane! i should’ve made a cake!!!
Tracy ( 11:21:07 PM): make one for breakfast
Judyette ( 11:21:12 PM): good excuse for chocolate!
Judyette ( 11:21:21 PM): wonderful idea trace!
Tracy ( 11:21:25 PM): hahahah
‘jan hart’ ( 11:21:36 PM): yes! HAPPY COMING OF WOMB DAY JANE!
‘jan hart’ ( 11:22:08 PM): how old would she have been?
Tracy ( 11:22:14 PM): 79?
Tracy ( 11:22:17 PM): hang on
Judyette ( 11:22:18 PM): born in 29 i believe
Eric ( 11:22:34 PM): Yes TP, do the maths for us, please
‘jan hart’ ( 11:22:42 PM): yep! 79
Judyette ( 11:22:44 PM): but, i can’t do math
Tracy ( 11:22:46 PM): http://web.mac.com/oshara/Site/Janes_Birthday_Party.html
Tracy ( 11:22:52 PM): I cant either
Tracy ( 11:23:11 PM): hahaha eric surely you didnt think I was working it out

‘jan hart’ ( 11:23:25 PM): I wonder what we would be discussing if she had channeled Seth for all this time?
‘jan hart’ ( 11:23:32 PM): what if she were still alive channeling?
Britta ( 11:23:45 PM): she prolly is somewhere

Tracy ( 11:24:13 PM): in a probable reality she is, why dont we visit that probability tonight, and go to the party later
Judyette ( 11:24:23 PM): good question jan, i was thinking about it
‘jan hart’ ( 11:24:24 PM): yes lets
‘jan hart’ ( 11:24:42 PM): can you imagine how many books would be done?
‘jan hart’ ( 11:24:43 PM): OMG!
Tracy ( 11:24:53 PM): in the probability in which she is still alive, we know her personally,
‘jan hart’ ( 11:25:06 PM): yes! we would, wouldn’t we!
‘jan hart’ ( 11:25:09 PM): what a thought!
Britta ( 11:25:15 PM): why not?
Judyette ( 11:25:17 PM): yes! i so would have went to see her by now!
Tracy ( 11:25:24 PM): we all visit for her birthday party
Tracy ( 11:25:30 PM): yes me too
‘jan hart’ ( 11:25:41 PM): maybe we can go to an ongoing anniversary birthday ESP class reunion thingymabob?
Tracy ( 11:25:47 PM): yes Jan!

*there was considerable lighthearted discussion about CAKES and then some more folks arrived at the party IM conference:

Sheila ( 11:31:03 PM): we have gathered here, some by plan but more quite spontaneously, in honor of Jane Roberts’ birthday!
Tracy ( 11:31:23 PM): http://web.mac.com/oshara/Site/Janes_Birthday_Party.html

IAM One With One ( 11:31:34 PM): let me see the linkie
IAM One With One ( 11:31:38 PM): to see who jane is

IAM One With One ( 11:32:44 PM): oh Jane was a channel
Tracy ( 11:32:50 PM): seth channel
Sheila ( 11:32:55 PM): Jane channeled Seth
IAM One With One ( 11:33:02 PM): and seth is like elias?
Sheila ( 11:33:19 PM): Seth like Elias, except Seth spoke first

** A lot of funny chat about what fancy dress costumes everyone is wearing……

Tracy ( 11:41:28 PM): Janes false teeth are nice
Yahoo! Messenger ( 11:41:31 PM): Sheila has left the conference.
IAM One With One ( 11:41:34 PM): OMG
Jib ( 11:41:40 PM): wb Sheila
Jib ( 11:41:45 PM): false teeth?
IAM One With One ( 11:41:48 PM): maybe they put them in archive tracy
Yahoo! Messenger ( 11:41:50 PM): Sheila has joined the conference.
Tracy ( 11:41:56 PM): WB Sheila
IAM One With One ( 11:41:57 PM): on display at the museum
Jib ( 11:41:58 PM): hahahahaa
KC Nanaiis ( 11:42:05 PM): WB Sheila
IAM One With One ( 11:42:06 PM): in a glass case
Tracy ( 11:42:14 PM): no we are in the probability now where she is still alive, aged 79
Sheila ( 11:42:25 PM): Hi! I guess the group hug felt so good, it bumped me right off the yahoo scale!
Tracy ( 11:42:27 PM): and we all know her personally
Tracy ( 11:42:35 PM): and we are at her birthday party with her
Tracy ( 11:42:40 PM): hhahah
Jib ( 11:42:57 PM): yes
KC Nanaiis ( 11:43:05 PM): lol Sheila!
Jib ( 11:43:07 PM): through a tesseract portal
Tracy ( 11:43:13 PM): she is animated and vivacious and looking pretty good!
Franci ( 11:43:25 PM): hope she is not scoffing the cake
Jib ( 11:43:28 PM): and playing wiht her false teeth
Sheila ( 11:43:29 PM): Wonderful lady! Sumari to the core, and about the coolest 79-year-old around
Tracy ( 11:43:36 PM): yes sheila!
Tracy ( 11:43:49 PM): she still likes a rocking chair
Tracy ( 11:43:56 PM): whoa!
Tracy ( 11:44:02 PM): she still channels Seth!
Sheila ( 11:44:04 PM): of course!
Tracy ( 11:44:08 PM):
Tracy ( 11:44:12 PM): what a party!
Tracy ( 11:44:19 PM):
Sheila ( 11:44:20 PM): she’s still tiny, perched in her rocker
Tracy ( 11:44:24 PM): yes
Tracy ( 11:44:28 PM): leaning forward

Tracy ( 11:45:10 PM): I see her dress as dark red print

Tracy ( 11:48:19 PM): this party appears to me to be in a large room in a southern USA house
Sheila ( 11:48:38 PM): I think Jane still wears glasses (except when Seth’s speaking) and her hair’s still mostly dark with some white accents

Sheila ( 11:50:43 PM): (I suspect Jane’s playing up the age thing for the party, she seems to have one of those shiny ornamental eyeglass chains attached to her glasses)

Franci ( 11:51:37 PM): ha cool Sheila
Tracy ( 11:51:41 PM): she is just glowing with amusement and confidence and energy eh
Britta ( 11:51:48 PM): she should be
Jib ( 11:51:55 PM): and she has new cats
Tracy ( 11:51:58 PM):
Jib ( 11:51:59 PM): on her lap
Jib ( 11:52:04 PM): one white
Jib ( 11:52:06 PM): and hairy
Jib ( 11:52:19 PM): purring
Tracy ( 11:52:20 PM): a creamy coloured persian
Franci ( 11:52:26 PM): i see her shaking her head at us in amusement
Tracy ( 11:52:31 PM): haha yes white and hairy
Tracy ( 11:52:36 PM): hahaha F
Britta ( 11:52:37 PM): no nose
Franci ( 11:52:41 PM): rolling her eyes almost
Tracy ( 11:52:42 PM): yep
Jib ( 11:52:43 PM): can you find Rob?
Franci ( 11:52:44 PM): ahhahahaha
Sheila ( 11:52:44 PM): Yes! a creamy Persian!
Eric ( 11:52:46 PM): and she’s got a turban
Franci ( 11:52:51 PM):
Jib ( 11:53:03 PM): it’s a costumed party
Tracy ( 11:53:05 PM): I dont see Rob
Britta ( 11:53:15 PM): still smoking 4 packs of pall malls a day too
Tracy ( 11:53:20 PM): yes smoking

Jib ( 11:53:31 PM): and dringking beer
Britta ( 11:53:43 PM): from a glass
Eric ( 11:53:47 PM):
Sheila ( 11:53:49 PM): absolutely. is that a long art deco-ish cigarette holder?

Jib ( 11:54:55 PM): there are people singing happy birthday outside
Franci ( 11:55:02 PM): haahah really?
Jib ( 11:55:02 PM): just now
Eric ( 11:55:04 PM): true
Franci ( 11:55:04 PM): cool
Eric ( 11:55:07 PM): ahahahah
Sheila ( 11:55:08 PM): Oh my, she’s playing a Madame Blavatsky role for the costume party!
Franci ( 11:55:22 PM): can you play happy birthday on the didjereedoo Jib?
Tracy ( 11:55:32 PM): I just saw Bill Marshall turn up outside
Franci ( 11:55:35 PM): and eric sing
Jib ( 11:55:35 PM): that won’t please the neighbors
Tracy ( 11:55:42 PM): hahahahha Jib

‘jan hart’ (12:01:11 AM): Will you all ask for a dream of Jane for tomight?
Britta (12:01:13 AM): is anyone here NOT Sumari somehow?
Tracy (12:01:15 AM): yes
Tracy (12:01:17 AM): Jan
‘jan hart’ (12:01:22 AM): hahaha
‘jan hart’ (12:01:24 AM): I am so
Tracy (12:01:25 AM): a gates of horn
‘jan hart’ (12:01:34 AM): yes
‘jan hart’ (12:01:42 AM): or anything that makes you think of jane
Tracy (12:01:45 AM): yes
‘jan hart’ (12:01:57 AM): she loves color ful mumus
‘jan hart’ (12:02:01 AM): she is a tiny thing
Tracy (12:02:28 AM): I was trying to remember my radio channel number for jane and she sighed and said youre already talking to me, call it anything you like, the Jane 1234 channel

Jib (12:02:46 AM): what’s a muu muu?
Britta (12:02:47 AM): the one I wore in Castaic
Britta (12:02:58 AM): Hawaiian dress
Britta (12:03:12 AM): big and can be billowy
Jib (12:03:12 AM): colofurl
Sheila (12:03:21 AM): and super-comfy!

Tracy (12:03:46 AM): I see her in a dark red print loose long dress now
‘jan hart’ (12:04:01 AM): also, blues, light hued dark blues from her old house
Franci (12:04:04 AM): my muesli is too sweet so i suspect it has taken on cake qualities
Britta (12:04:15 AM): must be via osmosis, F
Tracy (12:04:17 AM): cool f
Franci (12:04:19 AM): yes
Sheila (12:04:22 AM): Ha! muesli wants to party
‘jan hart’ (12:04:23 AM): wait, maybe that is dark hued light blues

Britta (12:06:31 AM): Jim and I are in the corner, people-watching
Jib (12:06:32 AM): so Rob enter the ball room
Jib (12:06:47 AM): who’s got the pith helmet T?
Jib (12:06:54 AM): can you recognize him?
Britta (12:07:03 AM): he has long hair
Tracy (12:07:13 AM): I see a faded dark blue cloth rose pin thing
Jib (12:07:19 AM): huhu
Tracy (12:07:28 AM): Forrest Landry

Sheila (12:08:02 AM): The erstwhile wizard of Cybersethia?
Britta (12:08:12 AM): who the hell is Forrest Landry?

Tracy (12:11:09 AM): http://members.aol.com/xhsatsmij/sethstuf/people/flandry.html

Tracy (12:14:15 AM): he always felt very familiar I dont know him personally
Tracy (12:14:46 AM): he asked the Yaglin Q’s to Elias, years ago

Sheila (12:14:54 AM): feels like he’ll probably pop up sometime, somewhere. like tonight’s party!
‘jan hart’ (12:15:04 AM): \he’s invited
Tracy (12:15:11 AM): well, when Jib said who is the guy with long hair I immediately thought of him
Tracy (12:15:26 AM): for some reason out of the blue
Jib (12:16:03 AM): haha
Jib (12:16:09 AM): I said with a pithelmet
Jib (12:16:13 AM): and Britta said long hair
Sheila (12:16:20 AM): dressed in dark tones, no fanfare, but fitting right in like green eggs and spam
Tracy (12:16:27 AM): well for whatever reason, he popped in

Tracy (12:17:18 AM): does anyone see Rob there?
Jib (12:17:38 AM): yes
Jib (12:17:55 AM): he’s in the kitchen
Eric (12:17:57 AM): with a laurel’s crown and a toga
Sheila (12:18:26 AM): so someone finally broke the ice. Is he still with Jane?
Sheila (12:18:59 AM): I think so.
Jib (12:19:07 AM): think so too
Tracy (12:19:08 AM): I dont see him in that probability, I think he died, but he is there anyway, and he is laughing
Jib (12:19:25 AM): hahaha in which probability are you T?
Jib (12:19:29 AM): are we all in the same?
Tracy (12:19:48 AM): hahahaha who cares!
Sheila (12:19:53 AM): Could be! alive or dead, he seems in the background. Maybe that’s just because Jane’s shining so bright though!
Jib (12:19:54 AM): I was feeling him
Tracy (12:19:59 AM): yes sheila
Jib (12:20:00 AM): and there is another energy presence
Jib (12:20:10 AM): strong but I do’nt know whot it is
Tracy (12:20:22 AM): Haverford west poppin my head then Jib
‘jan hart’ (12:20:43 AM): with a laurel’s crown and a toga
‘jan hart’ (12:20:57 AM): his current wife IS Laurel, you know?
Tracy (12:20:57 AM): ahahahha I didnt get that first time round

Tracy (12:21:13 AM): toga anagram of GOAT
Jib (12:21:17 AM): what’s haverford west?
Franci (12:21:18 AM): ahahahhahah
Franci (12:21:21 AM): GOAT
Tracy (12:21:22 AM): hahahahaha
‘jan hart’ (12:21:22 AM): hahahhahahahhaha
Tracy (12:21:41 AM): I dunno Jib, a town in UK?
Tracy (12:21:47 AM): football club?

Jib (12:23:17 AM): the Snoot of course
Tracy (12:23:31 AM): I feel sick suddenly
Jib (12:23:35 AM): he came with the wookie
Tracy (12:23:51 AM): too much cake obviously

Sheila (12:26:41 AM): Hmmm.. probably Bridget Desjarlais, a lovely gal whom I just realized looks exactly like that childhood photo of Jane (that I’ve never seen before) on the party website

Franci (12:30:34 AM): are you feeling better Tracy?
Tracy (12:30:35 AM): oh I am not sick now
Tracy (12:30:40 AM): yes thank F
Franci (12:30:45 AM): good
Jib (12:30:46 AM): she expelled the cake
Tracy (12:30:48 AM): I felt a lot of energy like a mass

‘jan hart’ (12:37:56 AM): (r u feeling sick because of the octopus?)
‘jan hart’ (12:38:09 AM): from cayce
Tracy (12:38:12 AM): no, I had like a mass of energy right in my solar plexus

‘jan hart’ (12:38:59 AM): funny thing, in Don Juan-ese, he would call that feeling the Human Will, and it is symbolized by long tentacles…..the more personal power you have, the further your tentacles stretch
Tracy (12:39:17 AM): oh weird visual jan
Tracy (12:39:18 AM): LOL
‘jan hart’ (12:39:20 AM): comes from the solar plexus
Tracy (12:39:26 AM): interesting
‘jan hart’ (12:39:27 AM): non-physical energy
Tracy (12:39:33 AM): yes
‘jan hart’ (12:39:54 AM): odd symbology as we were discussing critters with tentacles
Tracy (12:40:10 AM): yes
Tracy (12:40:48 AM): WHOA
Tracy (12:41:17 AM): just had a huge blast of energy right though my shoulder blades
Franci (12:41:34 AM): that sounds more like wings thant tentacles
Tracy (12:41:54 AM): wings sounds cool
Franci (12:41:58 AM): are you an angel?
‘jan hart’ (12:42:02 AM): hahahaha, and that, according to Don Juan, is where the energy center is that actually moves what is called the assemblage point
‘jan hart’ (12:42:18 AM): if you move it a little, you notice a slight difference in perception of the world
‘jan hart’ (12:42:26 AM): if you move it too far, you may go crazy
Tracy (12:42:28 AM): is don Juan at janes party then?
Britta (12:42:40 AM): wouldn’t surprise me
‘jan hart’ (12:42:40 AM): and if you are disciplined, you can move it consciously out of this world
Jib (12:42:41 AM): isn’t Don Juan Elias?
Tracy (12:42:49 AM): funny jan I had just found myself leaned over completely to the left then
Tracy (12:42:59 AM): before the shoulder blast thing
‘jan hart’ (12:43:00 AM): (Don Juan was a teacher from Carlos Castenadas books)
‘jan hart’ (12:43:18 AM): hahahah
Tracy (12:43:22 AM): a focus of Elias?
‘jan hart’ (12:43:45 AM): integration is a cool thing……..none of this is the definitive proof, but sometimes they make sense used all together

Jib (12:47:53 AM): snooting around yes
Jib (12:48:23 AM): with his liquid fur he’s blending well in the crowd
Jib (12:49:07 AM): he does not leave traces
Tracy (12:49:33 AM): its like irridescent liquid metal
Jib (12:49:37 AM): it’s like the aliens in Abyss
Jib (12:49:47 AM): able to move water masses
Franci (12:49:52 AM): yes
Tracy (12:52:04 AM): the snoot is in my hair now
Tracy (12:52:16 AM): at the back

Jib (1:05:57 AM): try an icy snoot http://elikozoe.net/images/282.jpg
Tracy (1:06:01 AM): I will try that
Jib (1:06:24 AM): the liquid fur may be refreshing

Franci (1:15:50 AM): one half of our brain is sleeping eschraiel: we alternate every half hour
‘jan hart’ (1:16:04 AM): is it time to switch?
Franci (1:16:07 AM): sorry, i was reading back and cracked up at this
Tracy (1:16:17 AM): hahahahahha
Judyette (1:16:42 AM): so is it time to draw or do calculus?
Judyette (1:16:49 AM): or however you spell that?
Judyette (1:16:56 AM): right brain/left brain
Franci (1:17:02 AM): hahahaa
Jib (1:17:08 AM): hehehehe
Tracy (1:17:31 AM): 76x38k(890_=37h =+9)YH
Franci (1:17:32 AM): yes, we should do right brain left brain exercises
Franci (1:17:42 AM): good lord T
Judyette (1:17:44 AM): wow!! that’s right!
Tracy (1:17:47 AM): 237288h JI0(aj 21o=0-+)7H
‘jan hart’ (1:17:54 AM): gaussian elimination?
Jib (1:17:55 AM): we knew you were hiding your skills
Franci (1:17:59 AM): have you gone into an altered state?
Tracy (1:18:03 AM): 1628ioa-391ks-=2ed
Jib (1:18:12 AM): she’s channeling othe dimensional mathematics
Franci (1:18:15 AM): yes
Tracy (1:18:17 AM): hahahahah
Tracy (1:18:29 AM): (un253=7%7)=EE72M38
Judyette (1:18:55 AM): come and pay my bills
Sheila (1:18:55 AM): watch out, you are close to revealing skills that may lead to unwanted consequences! like Hi Tracy, what time in Alaska is the med going to be?
Franci (1:19:03 AM): ahahah Sheila
Franci (1:19:04 AM): yes
Tracy (1:19:07 AM): 14:83
Tracy (1:19:08 AM): lol

Tracy (1:34:45 AM): well an easy thing to do
Tracy (1:35:03 AM): would be to all decide now to all OE (observing essence action) each other, and simply create it
Tracy (1:35:10 AM): right now
Tracy (1:35:18 AM): then we will know we are right
Jib (1:35:23 AM): and fragment a new essence too
Jib (1:35:26 AM): in the process
Tracy (1:35:27 AM): yes
Tracy (1:35:30 AM): lets do it
Jib (1:35:34 AM): that we call
Jib (1:35:41 AM): Altmoth
Tracy (1:35:43 AM): Feoneranstermelt
Jib (1:35:51 AM): bless you T
Tracy (1:36:11 AM): simlar to what you said Jib
Tracy (1:36:27 AM): hahahah
Tracy (1:36:37 AM): I was incorporating other essences
Tracy (1:36:40 AM): hahahahahaha
Britta (1:36:42 AM): of course

Jib (1:59:45 AM): I think I’m gong to continue the party in dreamland
Eric (1:59:52 AM): nice to see you all, been a long time we haven’t been that kind of party
Jib (2:00:01 AM): it was a real good time
Sheila (2:00:17 AM): Bye! very nice seeing you! a well-celebrated Jane-birthday!

The Strange Words & The Man in the Blue Turban
The foreign words that came to me on July 7th 2005. As I recall, I had just had my first exchange of messages on Sethnet, and was glowing from the interaction. I think it was Bill, Don, John and James who replied to my first questions at this time. I went off to bed feeling very relaxed and contented, sat up in bed having a smoke, concentrated on “now” etc and all the physical senses, in other words wide awake still, not drifting off. (As I’m rereading my notes I see that the name Jane came to me strongly in the bathroom beforehand, but I added the surname of a Jane I know in brackets, which I thought it was at the time, although it didn’t seem relevant).
Now I’ll just copy out the words as I wrote them,
Jane (I have that written down as the first word, and I don’t recall that…just noticed it)
Ashtak Corsica Freeburg (Feildburg, Freidburg) Fagin Heelrod Mesanta Fantak Ubigon Weldef Onah
elna oonshtak dvorin elshneh wofna ufna elna spikta oomena vwalnak reebna fen-na fednik ulshta weebgnon felshna fagna ooshdik nuba flent-ti wesh big nonna oulni arabda neeklna helpnia oovret absna hengna oobzhit uuna ibledik fandigo prendd izhdmba erh-ra ebling uut farrn-da objlik andstat oberlik anjda oblik enada anda ooverik ebeling onstat ondaf endle overik ablesyak endrit oovlik andstat veride onderlik eberstat namshtak evlik onaday everlink jubuldi dwen arvershtor ingta enderbwoi oolinganst evretta onderli oovbdk wentan wobdy vaushtak pweer-nan-t-nak ovshta en tin abndak
I heard these words spoken, as if from a distance and in a male sounding voice, to the right of centre, as it were. Just after each word, another male voice, on the left, repeated them slowly as I attempted to spell them. This voice was clearer. There were alot of complicated consonant combinations, and alot of long drawn out long vowels. I’ve travelled a bit and have heard a number of languages but this didn’t resemble anything I’ve heard. I tried to do a google search and came up with nothing, but I’m not well versed in finding things on the internet yet.
I think it was at this point (and I will take better notes next time) that I saw the dark man in the blue turban on my left. His voice at first was strange and echo-y, but settled down. He was very friendly and smiling. He had the most elaborate way over the top turban on I’d ever seen, with feathers and jewels and far too much…so, can you believe it, I aksed him to tone it down a bit…and he did!
Next I have written:
800BC Palestine Jehebzibah
(I asked him who he was, he said my father)
(I had the impression this was an essence name and I kind of floated off on the sound of this word for a minute) (it was a focus name)
Hepzibaya zib
(zib zib was repeated)
Emily (my stepdaughter) (was) my mother 1492 Corsica
(I had a visual thing here of a mother and daughter standing on a windy hill, wearing beige/brown roughly woven clothes and scarves, looking back down the hill at something awful that was happening in the valley)
Civil War New Orleans Elspeth, Craig,
(and that Don (donreally) was my wife at that time….I found this exceedingly strange at the time, to be sure! I was quite rattled.)
Fanny Kramer m, Jakob London 1820
(in response to a question on the name Fanny Kramer, which had popped into my head previously and had included a visual image)
Fred Zunni Black Columbia 1920
(in resonse to a question as above)
1930 whore Galveston Trish Hoover May
Northwest Australia (sorry no notes or much recollection)
Omar (who was an old flame) Syria Jordan Damascus 875 BC (we were) brothers
Marcus Needham 12 years old Norfolk (uk)
(in connection with a question about an abortion I had in 1980)
On my second attempt later in July, there was alot of static, noise, energy, and I didn’t get a visual image of the man in the turban, but I wrote this:
Imdor Imdu Aisha Persia 13 ( I got the impression that I was Imdu and Aisha was my wife) 7 children 4 boys 3 girls (Darren was Aisha, I was Imdu)
432 focuses this one 433 (wrong!)
8 the answer lies in the journey and not in the solution
88,000 years ago (that my present husband and I shared a focus) in Australia
(Then, slightly reluctantly, I went back to the question of the New Orleans shared focus with Don)
Elspeth struggle between woman and man. He struck her, she fell to the floor, I was looking over mans left shoulder, Christ what have I done (is what I wrote, and I saw this happening)
And then it all went haywire and that was the end.
I’ve had many snippets of all kinds of things since then, but nothing like the first time it happened with those strange words. I wasn’t trying to do anything then, it just happened.
Jehosephat Channeling 57
June 22 2007

I did a wonderful exercise last night, an exercise to start channeling. Relax first etc, then imagine the top of your head as a flower, with a million petals, gradually unfurling and relaxing….then imagine you are sitting at a table, There is a radio on the table, an old fashioned one. (mine was pink) Turn the dial, and you will hear music, and voices…tune in to the voice you want to listen to…..I tuned into channel 57 (haha) and a joker calling himself Jehosephat. I kept wanting to tune into the French channel, but the only word I picked up was poubelle (LOL!)

I don’t know where the name Jehosephat came from, so I googled it, and interestingly, he was from the same place and timeframe as the man in the blue turban, (800BC Palestine, more or less) who appeared again on Wednesday….but I don’t think that was his real name

Thanks to Sharon for the exercise, and the Pulse group for the encouragement