Shift Notes

comments on the process

“Those portions of the brain, seemingly unused, deal with these
other dimensions, and physically, you begin to use these portions,
though minutely, for the first time, under psychedelic situations.”

Early Session 308, Page 217.



“Therefore, as you move into the action of your shift, as I
express to you that individuals shall experience trauma, they shall
not experience trauma in regard to a massive global explosion which
shall be upturning their world and eliminating of all of their known
reality. They shall be experiencing trauma as they naturally move
into more of an objective awareness of subjective activity and bleed-
through action, which shall be confusing and which they shall be
identifying within themselves as insanity. Therefore, your planet
shall be seized with the epidemic of mass lunacy, to their way of
thinking, without helpfulness within consciousness.”
Session 162,
April 06, 1997.

Clues & Mushrooms
17th February 2008

Well, it just goes to show that you can find priceless pearls of wisdom, or clues if you like, just about anywhere. I will attempt to lace the latest clues together.

I’ve been sick for what seems like ages, nothing all that serious, but one thing after another. Actually it isn’t all that long, but it seems like it, and of course I’ve been wondering what I’m doing ‘wrong’ to be creating it. Possibly worse than feeling sick has been a sort of flat dull boredom…but I digress…..

Just before I ‘caught’ pneumonia, I had asked Arkandin why I had the flu again. Seems like I have been opposing my beliefs regarding health, exercise, nutrition and so on. I was obsessed with all of that for ages, got bored with it all, latched onto the idea that I could beleive whatever I wanted to, and presumed I beleived I could eat rubbish and get no exercise for two years.

So, all last week I ate so much fruit and vegetables that I woke up this morning with violent diarrhoea and stomach pains. HAH! One day I will learn some moderation! Well, never mind that….we have alot of clues to thread together….

I’ve been wondering about current mass energies, possibly hoping to pin the blame for my malaise on them, and have been checking here for a variety of recent channeled messages. The excerpt below caught my eye, in relation to my new interest in food:

From Whoem:

“For example: if you are driving somewhere in your vehicle, see yourself arriving at your destination before you leave. This keeps you from creating, out of fear, any kind of breakdown or collision with another vehicle since you have already put out the thought that you have arrived at your destination. With something as simple as opening a can of beans, be mentally aware of how the beans grew and were harvested, prepared and canned. This process puts the responsibility in your hands so that when you ingest food, your energy will be in it from the entire process. This works with everything you do all day long in your waking state. Always be responsible for every move you make. At first, this will be a little bit annoying because of the extra time. However, it will become automatic over time. You will not even notice it after a short period of time. It will become like starting a car. When you turn your key, see the electrical current go through the wires and trigger the starting motor, which then turns the engine of the car for it to start. This again is you taking responsibility and becoming one with your vehicle. I could go on about a million things, but I think this demonstration will get you started on how to become responsible for everything you think and do with the power of thought.

This also pertains to how you eat. See the food being chewed up and swallowed and see the life going to the different destinations and places in your body. Whenever you think you are eating what you call junk food, this is what you create when it passes through your body. Everything you eat is just food and it’s all good for you. Now, if you want to eat non-processed food that still has life force in it, this is a more creative method. What you must be aware of is that everything that happens to you in life is a total self creation.

Ok, so that sounds reasonable doesn’t it. Whether or not I bother to do it remains to be seen, but the idea is there.

The next clue was when I googled for a picture for a blog post yesterday, and found a picture called “T.J.’s Garden”. Suddenly I decided to grow vegetables again this year. Not too many! Just a few. Growing vegetables used to be a joy, but became a chore, so I stopped a couple of years ago. I was fed up with growing, picking, cooking, and eating the damn things!

Well, to be accurate, the clue previous to that was the Elias session that arrived in my mailbox, all about health beliefs:

ELIAS: What your body is attempting to express to you is to
slowing your movement, allowing yourself to relax, allowing yourself to
and altering what you consume in LISTENING to what your body
consciousness is
expressing to you. It is highly efficient at expressing communication
to you
in association with what it wants to be consumed to efficiently
function. But
if you are not paying attention, you continue to experience its
to you in what you view to be a malfunction.

There are alot more clues in that session.

Well, let’s not get preoccupied with getting the clues in order, because the Siberia and Mushrooms clues came before all this, while I was still floundering around feeling lost.

I hadn’t written anything in the Group Story for what seemed like ages, so I wrote a long rambling moaning entry and called the miserable character doing all the complaining Elvira. Eric added to the story that Elvira had spent years in Russia. Russia! I’m not sure how or why, but I introduced another character, a Siberian girl, who was frolicking around in the birch trees with an abundance of mushrooms underfoot. Bear in mind, I had no previous knowledge (in this life) about Siberian mushrooms. I can tell you that these mushrooms have been entertaining me for over a week now, without ingesting a single one. I had been wondering what on earth folks did all day and all night in Siberia in the dark winter months…

Well, on to the next clue. Arkandin mentioned something yesterday about imagination:

arkandin_arkandin: recognize that at that moment you are completely focused upon the now: accepting what you are doing: there is no need to try to explain anything: simply relax into the moment: and recognize where your imagination is
Tracy Marshall: Siberia?*
arkandin_arkandin: and to be incorporating the action, the doing that allows for the imagination to continue
arkandin_arkandin : within comfort
Jib: and mushrooms*
Eric: and mushrooms
arkandin_arkandin : hahahahha
elikozoe :
Jib :
Tracy Marshall : well, am I heading in the ‘right ‘ direction then?: lately?: I mean the past couple of days
Jib: (the “high” direction for sure)
Tracy Marshall: (they’re imaginary substances)
arkandin_arkandin: the right direction will be recognized my self through experiencing comfort: Tracy recognize that recently you have been making choices that have created an acceptance within self
Tracy Marshall: yes
arkandin_arkandin: an awareness that by choosing to create in this manner that you shall create a harmony within body and spirit

Well, I am not sure if I missed the point somewhat by focusing on the mushrooms again (maybe points have many layers, like clues, and syncs, and dream symbols…) but I found several more clues this morning, quite by accident. I was googling for a mushroom picture to illustrate the Arkandin blog post and found a wonderful website full of Russian mushroom stories.

Such poetic words:

While you are sorting out the mushrooms you recall each one, where you found it, how you first saw it, how it was growing beneath this bush or that tree. Once again you experience the pleasure of each discovery, particularly if they were rare and fortunate discoveries. Once again all the images of the mushroom forest drift through your mind, all the secluded wooded spots, where you are no longer…

This relates equally well to any clues, any discoveries…of other lives, finding connections, synchronicities, deciphering dreams, recognizing energies……OH! I just remembered that it was a mushroom in a dream that prompted me to write about mushrooms in the first place (imagine, I had forgotten the first clue!)

FIRST CLUE: The dream mushroom was huge, bigger than me, and I was gradually peeling the skin off, which was hard and tough. It was a team effort, I wasn’t alone peeling the big mushroom.

And there was more on the Russian mushroom website:

Aksakov sees mushroom-hunting as yet another activity satisfying human urge for the adventure and unknown.

Are we not all on a wonderful unknown mushroom hunting adventure? It wouldn’t be such an adventure if we had our mushrooms delivered to the door, after all. We like to trugde through the forrests, finding our own mushrooms. If they weren’t hard to find sometimes, where would be the joy when we found them? It’s ultimately a satisfying adventure!

In Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina mushrooms are presented as a symbol of traditional common values. They come up in a justly famous scene, the scene of the mowing, in which the landowner Levin, a tormented truth-seeker who is sometimes considered an alter ego of Tolstoy, goes to watch how peasants cut the grass and to try his hands at it. This experience to him becomes a revelation of a kind of immediate harmonious integration in nature through the rhythm of work, the discovery of a direct bond with nature that has its meaning in itself. The peasants work in rows and Levin advances next to an old man, who takes the pain, each time that he cuts a mushroom with his scythe, to stoop, pick it up and put it into his jacket, saying “Another treat for my old woman”. In so doing, the old man not only expresses his respect for food, but actualizes, as it were, through his efforts the purposiveness of nature, the existence of a kind of balance and harmony in the relationship between human beings and nature. To Levin, who is a very self-reflective, intellectual person, this comes as a revelation.

The harmony of body and spirit, again! And Balance……and fits rather well with the first quote from Whoem, as well as Arkandin.

Nabokov has this to say: (and interestingly, thanks to Dawn we now know that Nabokov is a a focus of Seth)

In his memoirs Speak Memory, Vl. Nabokov reminisces about his mother’s infatuation with mushroom picking:

“One of her greatest pleasures in summer was the very Russian sport of hodit’ po griby (looking for mushrooms). Fried in butter and thickened with sour cream, her delicious finds appeared regularly on the dinner table. Not that the gustatory moment mattered much. Her main delight was in the quest”

Her main delight was in the quest! Isn’t that brilliant? Remind me if I ever forget,

my main delight is in the quest.

There’s also a lovely synchronicity with Franci, who sent me a picture of a red spotted mushroom, coinciding with the first clue, the mushroom dream. We thought at first that it was a semi-inaccurate sync (well, Franci did, I was delighted) because the mushroom in my dream wasn’t a red spotted one. Little did we know, the red spotted variety would feature so prominently in the following weeks!


Post to JoyfulSeth December 2007

The differences and the variety of all our individual explorations
are endlessly fascinating, and shared between us, enrich the
awareness of us all.

Some of us have fabulous dream recall, and explore with that; some of
us have none (sigh…I LOVE to hear other peoples dreams); some (and
it seems to be the younger ones amongst us, maybe) are into other
dimensional explorations, which don’t hold much interest for others,
and so on.

Interstingly, I rarely recall traumatic events in my ‘past’ life
explorations; or if I become aware of an event that would normally be
labelled traumatic, I don’t often feel the trauma of it now. Mostly
I see them as endlessly fascinating peices of a huge tapestry, (or
lace, or macrame…always fabric!) the interconnectedness of which
enthralls me.

Lately both Darren and I have been seeing other focus faces on each
other more often, and connecting a bit more to the energy of those
personalities. (this is a very fun shifty version of monogamy, LOL!)
There’s been some talk on the Elias lists about an upcoming mass
awareness of the subjective (also being called ‘mass lunacy’, and
although I’ve been calling it mass lunacy jokingly, it may not be so
funny), and that people will start to see many other focuses,
resulting in confusion and trauma. (yes I know we don’t like
predictions, LOL).

(As an aside, my latest interpretation of the focus hunting game, is
that it’s an exercise in getting a feel for the vastness and
interconnected non-separatedness of everything; that one can tap into
and experience ANYTHING or anyone…and ultimately, in my estimation,
why limit yourself!)

Listening to a Tobias/Kuthumi broadcast recently, he asked the
question, What do you want. I couldn’t think of a thing. I’m doing
what I want right now; I’m not looking to be someone different or
better in the future. (I will be different, but I won’t be ‘better’,
as I am perfect now, haha!) What we’re all doing right now is an
absolute blast, from my perspective.

I’ve been through phases of doubts and confusion, when I’ve been
rattled by other peoples explorations, of other dimensions, or a few
too many famous focuses, and whatnot, and the message has always been
to focus on my own explorations, and to accept other peoples as valid
and perfect for them. We’re all doing our own thing, and it’s
fantastic that we can share them and widen the awareness of us all as
a group.