George’s channeled 23rd century Yaglin


This is first contact shortly after returning from the
New York Central Park

May 16 1997
what century is Yaglin from?

A: 23rd

what does he do?

electronics technician

why does he want to contact me?

to verify the coordinates of cp

the cp in Central Park?


what does that info provide?

It gives a pathway to your reality.

He is working on a method to travel between realities
and the CP is the
energy being used. Since you have experienced this
energy it is now easier
to make these connections. The subtle differences you
experienced is the
same when you change from your physical expression to
the inner self. It is
knowing that difference, that perception that matters.
You have expected
great changes when only a shift of 1 degree was

On finding local CP’s:

You will find them by looking at plant growth and bird
and animal
gatherings.birds sing at CP’s. flowers are bigger
around CP’s. the grass
is greener.everything seems just a bit more than the
surrounding areas. You
will see and sense this more with your consciousness
than you will with your
eyes…there will be a shimmering of physicality in
that area and you will
see what may look like lights to your inner mind.

How can I help Yaglin and how can I communicate with

You can assist in remembering the subtle feeling you
had when passing
through the CP at new york. By concentrating on this
perception you will
open a channel for Yaglin to focus upon.otherwise the
energies will be
scattered and less focused. Do this suggestion before
going to sleep and
also concentrate on in your psy-time exercises…Also
I would suggest you
sense the CP in your backyard for that same subtle
feeling. Communication
will also come in the dream state and by certain
daytime hints.these will be
subtle like the sensing of energies but they will be
nonetheless..operate in a dual mode by keeping your
inner senses alert.that
is, as you focus your attention on the world and
activities around you also
have an attention to the part of you who is doing this
focusing.then see if
you can sense the person who is behind that and so
on.in this way you will
reach Yaglin amongst other of your selves peeking in
at you.although they do
not realize they are doing so either.you can help here
too by sensing what
they are focusing upon.what they are putting their
attention on..you will be
the one that is behind the person who is focusing on
the person who is
focusing on the one who is focusing on the world or
reality that they are
immersed and in the process of creating. There is
much to learn and by
setting yourself back behind the one who focuses.keep
stepping back.you will
see, have no doubts about that.

Nov. 13/97

[can you tell me more about Yaglin and his work?]

There are many times that Yaglin has tried to contact
you and other selves.
There has been some preliminary contact in dreaming.
You, however, have not
retained conscious memory of this yet. There will be
opportunity to tune
into this area at your choice. You need to direct
your energies more. They
are too scattered, and by focusing your intents and
thoughts on such
subjects, only then will that information and meetings
occur with some

There is a certain project Yaglin is concentrating on,
and has to do with
the CP energies, focus of intent, sound and light
characteristics. There is
much to be learned for inter-dimensional travel,
manipulation of dense
physical matter or even communication within this area
of his work –
utilizing sound, in the way it was used in your
ancient eras. Your medical
technologies have developed a crude and simplified
version of this by using
sound to disintegrate kidney stones. The project of
your future self
involves sound frequencies beyond your hearing and it
is this area of
frequencies that carry the modulation tone that will
interfere with the
molecules of physical matter, they no longer hold
their pattern, but will
become chaotic in nature so that you can then
influence using your own
intentions and thoughts to direct their movement and
re-patterning. This
occurs during the chaotic interruption using these
sounds. You can
transform or transport matter in this manner with
your own thoughts. Once
the chaotic pattern is turned off or removed, the
molecules will reform into
their respective form and pattern, but governed by the
over riding intents
of your thoughts.

To be of some assistance to Yaglin, you might avail
yourself of manuscripts
or information dealing with sound, frequency and
light.. You can also
suggest you receive the appropriate information during
sleep. This will
bring the information to your inner self and be ready
for conscious
interpretation. It will be available as ideas and
inspiration. Intent and
purpose is all that is required.

These conditions will work best within a Main CP but
can also be utilized
with somewhat more difficulty in any area. You create
CP as you focus your
intents and thoughts. It generates a vortex of energy
that opens up
‘pathways’ into other dimensions. You have yet to
totally realize this.
Manifestation of the physical occurs in exactly this
way. You are too
focused elsewhere to notice.

Jan 18/99

[Can I please have more details on the sound/prism

The premise behind this construction, in your terms,
is to provide the
means in which these seemingly different spectra are
relative to one
another. The concept of using sound with light or
color has the effect,
with the proper intensities and vibrational frequency,
to create
resonances within your own physical framework that
were not there

Consider that all is vibration. Your particular
reality is ‘framed’
within a certain range of vibration along with the
associated resonances
and harmonics. Your physical bodies are tuned to
notice differences.
The ‘sameness’ remains as background. The sameness of
the vibrations
within your physical dimension are associated with
your root assumptions
and your time periods mass beliefs. This sameness, of
course, applies
to your personal beliefs, some are invisible.

Using the 2 main spectra of your own framework, that
of light and sound,
in specific combination and intensity with each other
will bring
and resonances that are ‘different’ than the normal
sameness. This
opens the doors to a ‘new’ reality, one that has
slightly different
than you are used to. The intensity and frequency of
this combination
of sound
and color is directly related to the change in reality
or dimension.

Your range of sound and color affects your emotional
and mental selves.
This you know. You often say this music moves me and
yes, even some
music makes you move the physical body in dance, other
sounds have other
effects. Light and color affects your mental moods.
These are within
the ranges of your physical dimension. You are also
influenced by those
sounds and colors you do not perceive, yet you are
hardly aware of

And so this device as used in your dimension, will
bring about those
conditions that are conducive to perceive these subtle
differences that
are usually just background to your normal conscious
awareness. In your
terms this will be subjective. However, objective
travel can be
with the concepts provided. The energy required has
not been considered

The activities in the 23rd century, where these
transverse from your time is occurring in the same
moment that you
experience. The difference being one of focus and one
of adjustment of
that focus, which involves the juggling of the
boundaries of your own
frameworks. The only difference between your reality
and one in the
future or the past is one of differing vibration.
Adjusting this
vibration is the key.

You could say that the exploration of sound/color is
spilling over into
these two realities due to the resonance in intent.


June 12 2002

Submission to RealityTest Explorer

More Coordinate Points Added by Yaglin, special
correspondent working with
theCentral Portal Exploratorium (CPE).

June 8, 2287. Another set of coordinate points have
been added to the CP
Exploratorium database. Recent developments have
opened direct channels
between this reality and those in the early 21st
century. The conditions
which enhanced this development were due to the
portaling and time
manipulation experiments that resulted in the creation
of this very
communication medium. [Editor’s note: This
communication was accessed by a
medium in a light trance condition, the experiments in
question performed by
members of the mailing list affiliated with this
publication. Ample
background information on coordinate or coordination
points, portaling, and
time manipulation will in time be added to the website
this publication
resides on, RealityTest.]

Finding stable and strong coordination points is a
2-way channel. Access and
Portal stability will be much improved. If you are
unfamiliar with this
concept and life here in the 23rd century then read

Through the development of psychic and self awareness
we are now aware,
functioning and fully conscious of two realities
simultaneously. You know
the 80-90% of the brain you seemingly don’t use???
Well, this is what it’s
for; the subconscious becomes conscious. 40% of our
brains are active in
focused conscious activity in 2 separate realities. We
are working on the
third. The Exploratorium is a step in that direction.


Feb 7 2003


Waiting for Yaglin comm.:

Can you describe a little about your world?

Ok. I am sitting in my office, which is one of many
in this complex. I am
not here very often as most of my work entails being
many places including
the lab where most of the experimentation occurs. I’m
here right now to set
up a meeting with a few of the technicians who will be
involved in the next
series of tests in the work I am currently doing.

What work is this???

I’ve been testing various theories on time travel –
the objective placement
of physical objects and eventually beings into a
designated time period.
The challenge is not so much the placing of mind or
consciousness into a
time period but the actual physical construction from
this time to the
designated time. It has much to do with adjusting
the color of the xxxxx
(no word available within your current understanding.)


I am using the word color here as representing the
concept as close to your
understanding as possible – the color relates to a
vibrational frequency of
a particular time period in much the same way one
might choose a particular
frequency out of a sound or light spectrum – those
parameters must match
precisely otherwise the image will be ghostly in such
a way that it will be
seen by the time period residents as a flash of light,
a strange ghostly
image or other oddities that defy the explanation of
that current time
period. There have been many incidents where time
residents have witnessed
this phenomenon as ufo’s, angels or anything else that
may be interpreted by
the belief structures present at that time. This is
a very simple
explanation of a very complex mathematical theory but
enough of that for

My world is one of harmony for the most part. All
wars and conflicts are
basically non-existent – what conflicts that may arise
are settled with the
concerned parties in total agreement with their
choices. You see most
conflicts are the result of insisting that one view or
perspective is the
only right or correct one and this is not so.
Conflict may be too harsh a
word – a difference of opinion may be the strongest
indication of conflict.

Gotta go:


August 20, 2003 9:00am (in response to Bill’s
Questions below-response is

Whether this is fact or fiction or somewhere inbetween
is yours to decide,
It is what I received.


Yaglin responds:

1. As most residents of time do, you assume and
project your current
conditions forward. There have been many changes in
the earth’s physical
structure. Yes, those geographical areas still exist
but under much of the
ocean now. Also most of our so-called museums are
totally interactive with
what you might term as ‘puts you there’. As near as
translation allows we
have what would to you appear as holographic imagery
and computer generated
scenarios that simulate most of what was once ‘museum’
artifacts. The
‘artifacts’ themselves have been preserved but many
have been returned to
their original locations where possible. This has
much to do with the
preservation of ‘time periods’ and their on-going

2. The mathematics question I will leave for now due
to distortion possible
in the translation. I will say that dimensional
mathematics is but a small
portion of the direction we are headed.

3. The interactions you mention and are experimenting
with allows for
connections to become somewhat stronger. Yes it does
change the personal
realities of those involved but it also has a wavering
affect in those with
similar consciousness – much like throwing a stone
into a pond. There is no
such thing as an ‘isolated’ event.

goodbye for now.


—– Original Message —–

From: Bill Ingle

To: RealityTest@yahoogroups.com

Sent: Monday, August 18, 2003 11:42 PM

Subject: [RealityTest] Dear Yaglin

Dear Yaglin:

If you have a moment and find that George does, too, I
was wondering
if you might manage to say a few words on the

1.) Does the Temple of Dendur still exist in your
time, and in the
same location as in our time, as a wing of the
Metropolitan Museum of
Art between 5th Avenue and Central Park? Is the
Egyptian obelisk
found behind the museum in our time still standing?

2.) You mentioned mathematics briefly in your last
missive to George.
Is there an area of mathematics — or perhaps more a
direction — in
our era you might point us towards, as something
leading in the
direction of the mathematics you employ?

3.) As you are a version of George (and vice versa)
and as some of
your associates are found among us, now, how does
interacting with
you and them alter the personal realities of all
parties? (I assume
it must.)

January 24, 2006


To Yaglin – Please tell me a little on your work
regarding coordination

Yaglin: Ah! My work proceeds slowly yet some
progress has been made
recently. There has been an energy flux from a period
in time where much
energy has been input by a few individuals. I am not
talking about
scientists or technologists but in those areas where
interest is high and
continuous. This concentration of thought energy has
allowed some progress
in fine tuning certain parameters of the equations
used in our theories.

For your own information, these coordination points
act as conduits of
energy – where energy is easily transferred from one
system to another,
whether that be through time or across different
realities. The process is
much the same. In fact, we are our own coordination
point. If we were not,
then the very act of intuition, of channeling, of
contacting other selves
would not be possible. The very same process used to
create a physical
outcome, or an idea within the brain/mind system is
used in this coordinate
point concept we are working upon. The process is the
same. It took a very
long time to understand how the brain actually works
and it is certainly not
much like the way your psychologists currently think.
The brain is a
physical apparatus that if used properly – that is
without all the ‘baggage’
it has to deal with in your terms – can create
physical realities and
outcomes exactly as desired. However, until you
‘harness’ this organic
transducer and co-actively take charge rather than
have it run on ‘survival’
programs that have no significance anymore other than
to use its energy in
un-creative areas – or should I say repetitive
programs you have no idea are
actually running then you will have no idea what I am
even talking about.

However, generally, to understand coordination points
and how they work then
understand how the brain functions and you will see a
very similar process –
and while your doing that think of your quantum
physics – being in two
places at once and have that become the norm and you
may have some
understanding of where I am.


Elias Session Sunday, March 8, 1998

ELIAS: Continuing.

FORREST: With questions as before? (Elias nods) Okay.
George writes, “I’ve
been doing some automatic typing over the past year.
Most of the information
I find quite good and relevant. I was wondering what
area of myself, my
consciousness, I’m tapping into with this process?”
(Twelve-second pause)

ELIAS: This is a communication with essence, allowing
for information to be
presented in like manner to the situation of tapping a
world view. (Pause)

FORREST: Okay, George’s next question: “During this
process of auto-typing,
I’ve become aware of a future self — Yaglin.” Spelled
Y-A-G-L-I-N. “Again,
I’m curious as to whether this is creative imagination
or actual awareness,
or is there a difference?”

ELIAS: Actual awareness, in conjunction with this
tapping into other areas
of essence which encompass the world view of the focus
and also other
aspects of essence; other focuses, past and future.
Yae-lin is the
pronunciation, if you are so choosing to be
communicating this.

FORREST: The spelling is correct?

ELIAS: Correct, although it is not pronounced in the
manner that it is

FORREST: Okay. George writes, “I have been tapping
into the world views of a
few people. Am I actually tapping into a world view?
What exactly is a world
view in your perspective?”

ELIAS: The tapping in this situation is partial as to
what has already
occurred, but I am acknowledging of the partial
accessing of world views in
this situation.

A world view is the overall perspective of an
individual focus, the general
and specific philosophy of each focus of essence,
which in energy is
deposited into an area of consciousness which may be
accessed by any essence
and any focus of essence at any given moment.

FORREST: The persistency of a world view is a function
of the imminency of
time, the here and now across the board?

ELIAS: Time is a relative term. Therefore, within that
context presented of
your statement, yes, for all is held within the now.

Time as you perceive it is relative to physical
dimensions. Therefore, it
may be perceived as an element, as a thing, so to
speak, in the same manner
that a symbol is a representation but also is an
element that holds its own
integrity within itself. Within the subject of a world
view in relation to
time, it is held within the continuous now, therefore
allowing for its
accessing within any given moment.

FORREST: How about with respect to its evolution? The
world view develops
with the focus?

ELIAS: This also is a question relative to time.
Within the perception of
the focus which holds its attention within the element
of time, there is an
aspect of relevance, but only to the perception of the
focus which holds its
attention within the aspect of time. In actuality, the
world view is
simultaneous and encompasses the totality of the
focus’ experience,
perception and philosophy of the particular focus. It
also is a development
of the objective psychological make-up of that
particular focus. Therefore,
all that is within the make-up of a particular focus
is encompassed by the
energy which is the world view, and this may be
accessed by any essence and
also by any focus.

A world view is not only accessible to the focuses
that are focused within
that particular dimension. It is slightly more
difficult for you within this
dimension or for another focus within another
dimension to access across the
veils of dimensions those world views which are
deposited by particular
focuses within particular dimensions, but it is
possible to be accessing,
although this be another subject altogether.

FORREST: I’m returning to George’s questions. He says,
“I get much
satisfaction and a feeling of joy after helping
someone realize or recognize
something about themselves that they hadn’t noticed or
realized before; that
is, to become more aware of who they are. Would this
be value fulfillment
for me, as it sure feels like it!”

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: “Do we operate and create within a framework
that is provided for
us, or do we create this framework as well?”

ELIAS: Hmm. The framework is not provided for [you].
This would be the same
type of thought process as probabilities lying before
you, and you choosing
from this vast storehouse of probabilities which are
already provided for
and exist. This is incorrect.

The reality that you experience has not been provided
for you. You are
continually creating it within the moment.
Probabilities do not lie before
you. You are creating them within the moment.

FORREST: Projection of the past, projection of the
future, out of the

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)


January 25 2006


Yaglin Please?

How did you first find out about coordination points?

Yaglin: This was a fascination of mine from
childhood on reading and
watching several science fiction books and scientific
journals on 21st
century quantum physics and my interest in time
travel. This historical
perspective gave me a certain impetus in exploring the
ideas of time travel,
the energy involved and the mental consciousness used
to activate these
coordination points for practical use. There was much
data on the subject
although different terms were being used for what
seemingly appeared to be
the same phenomenon. Putting all these together into
a practical concept
was a challenging process and one where I was not
alone. There was
considerable interest even before I was born. So I
was not unique in this
study at all but I was highly interested in these
ideas from a very early
age. Historical records indicate a perverse interest
in this subject that
gained monumental interest in the mid 21st century.
Actually it was around
the time when man’s consciousness suddenly expanded
and more of the brain
kicked in for much of the population. I believe it
was referred at the time
as the ‘Golden Age’. An era where transformation
swept the world’s
population in ways that meant there was no going back
to the previous
thinking. It was described as a sudden increase in
mental and social
awareness – as if suddenly waking up to a new concept
– at any rate, this
began a new era in mankind’s interaction with each
other. Now it did take
another 50 to 100 years for this new gene activation
to complete its
transfer through the population. This ‘new’ awareness
was due to a dormant
gene becoming active and triggering what was then
unused areas of the brain.

To me that was a long time ago and it seems that what
I experience now is
the norm.


From George:

from a session in July 1997 – several months after I
began accessing this

Many new insights are on the edge of your
comprehension. You have seen the
subtle clues and hints of your inner self being
presented to you in the
physical. Listen farther and this will become normal.
You will see the
events and other lives that you are connected with,
form and swirl about
your ‘normal’ day world. You of course would see this
as typical or normal
activities on your plane – it is not like you would
suddenly see an Indian
ride up on a horse or a caveman come out from behind a
tree. That of course
would certainly catch your attention. No, it is much
finer than that – but
can catch your attention just as much if you are open
and accepting to all.

There will be signs in every portion of your created
reality- signs of one
of your selves here, another over there, and since
they are all one, all
you, then the shared energies will manifest through
you and your own
particular belief systems – they are nonetheless
interpreted differently but
are of the same source. The idea is to ‘catch’ these
events, happenings etc
before you have had a chance to interpret them through
your own mechanisms –
However, even if you go through the whole
interpretation, you still have the
information of other selves and activities in front of
you, in symbolized

Your stray thoughts, your idle musings, a TV show, an
article in a
newspaper – any any any thing, can I stress that often
enough. ANYTHING in
your reality is an interpretation of your greater self
thru your particular
belief system..and your greater self contains all of
your other selves – do
you understand what I am saying???

Yes I do.

Good then let us, and I am pointing at you – let you
start noticing all
these things that can tell you more about yourself and
your greater
reality.. LOOK LISTEN ACCEPT and ALLOW and you will
feel and experience
more than you ever have before.


Aug 1997:

You create your own reality – what you see, touch,
feel, and sense in the
outer world, is a projection of your inner world. It
is a reflection of
that inner landscape that is filtered through your
beliefs onto the outside
world. You then have a chance to observe and react to
your own creations –
it is a method that works, if utilized the way it was
originally set up.
However, most only see the outside world as the ‘real’
and only world that
affects them, with little or no control by oneself.
It is separate from you
then, in this erroneous view. BUT, it is not separate
from you, as you are
now learning. It is you and all of you. It is a
projection of what you
are, what you believe and therefore, each and every
outside object, event –
ANYTHING that is outside you, has a meaning that has
been projected outward
from your inner world. How could it be any other way.
You create, it
reflects what you are. There are no mistakes in what
or how you project
this inner view into outer reality. It is just as
real as your inner
world – the difference being that it is symbolic of
your inner landscape not
just a mere projection. Each and every object has
meaning to you. You just
have to notice.

What you project is a continuous, updated and new
self-portrait. You are
painting yourself on the outside using the inner
pigments. Your painting
represents your inner landscape – it is you and you
react to the outside
world as if it was separate from you – yet it is you.

Your personal reality is reflected/projected outward
in cooperation with the
‘mass’ projection of your world – so that there is a
telepathic agreement
with respect to your outside landscape – you might say
that each of you have
the same basic canvas and outline of reality, on which
you then project or
paint your personal view.

The self that paints – the inner self also paints
simultaneously in other
‘times’ so that there will be bleed throughs of your
other selves upon your
own landscape – it is being painted with the same
inner self only focused
differently. It is your finely tuned focus, your set
of beliefs and your
‘mass’ beliefs that ‘keep’ you within your own
‘landscape’. It is, however,
like layers of paint, so that each layer might
represent each focused self.
The painting of one symbol might also be a symbol for
another self – the
meaning may be the same or different, but it shows up
in the painting as a
multi-depth object/symbol/event – it seems to stand
out as being more, or
being brighter, more alive, so to speak. It is
something that might catch
your attention – this can be more noticeable in the
dream landscapes where
the paintings are more fluid and tend to bleed through
much easier.
However, within the interpretation of those bleed
throughs into your own
focal points, where they are perceived as part of your
world – your
reality – it may have several realities hidden within
its symbolism. Those
realities, dimensions, times, events and selves are as
active and relevant
now, as you are in this very moment.



“Some of thehe following is from  listening to Dr Joe
Dispenza of What the
Bleep on his web site – unfortunately I wasn’t
drinking red wine as I was
driving at the time…

Rewiring the brain is the process of making new
pathways or new connections
and letting the old familiar patterns wither and die.

For example.  You may walk through the woods and take
the well worn path all
the time but you can choose to make a new path.
Everytime you come to that
fork between the old/new path you need to make a
conscious decision to
follow the new as you automatically may turn down the
old familiar worn

The new path will eventually become as worn as the old
and there will be a
point where they may appear to be equal but over time
and with conscious
effort the new path will become the automatic choice
while the old one
becomes overgrown and unrecognizable.

Noticing and catching yourself in the automatic
responses to
events/situations in your reality will allow you to
choose a different
response and it is these repetitious choices that will
rewire the brain and
create a new reality to experience.  It is as simple
as that,  Afterall,
each of our brains and our perception of reality was
initially wired in
exactly this way.

I understand that drinking a glass or two of red wine
has unique effects on
the brain.  Briefly, there is a very slippery molecule
(within Nitric Oxide)
that is produced in digestion of red wine that has the
ability to ‘slip’
into the cells without the ‘normal’ resistance
resulting in changes in the
person depending on the activities ongoing during the
intake of red wine.
It (nitric Oxide) is associated with the brain –
neurons – and actuallu
stimulates the areas responsible for long term memory.
For instance, if
you are sitting around drinking red wine and
discussing your problems then
that will be the propensity carried into your long
term memory – you will
actually have and continue with more problems.  If you
are watching sports
and drinking red wine, you will have the tendency to
be more competitive.
If you are learning something you will be able to
absorb the info much
easier and if you are consciously rewiring your brain
then this will have a
much greater effect of manifesting due to the
properties of red wine and in
particular nitric oxide only found in red wine.

Basically this ‘nitic oxide’ relaxes and opens up
blood vessels, heart etc
and similarly opens up the brain to new learning.
“The ease with which
Nitric Oxide diffuses away from the synapse where it
is generated enables it
to affect nearby synapses. So what may have begun as a
localized action
becomes magnified.”