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(12/1/2007 11:52:07 PM)

Dawn: is Tracy around?
Franci: playing poker
Jib: playing poke
Franci: She said she would be back later
Franci: but she is winning
Dawn: Ah! Let’s go and distract her
Franci: I guess when she starts losing
Franci: haha

Yes, har har!……actually it was interesting! I did have a good winning streak in the middle of the game, but sort of lost interest in winning towards the end. Despite what some say, I am not very competetive, at least, not consistently so.

One noteworthy hand: I had four fives on the flop, and somewhat inexplicably, Darren, who seldom bluffs, decided to bluff big stakes on that hand, resulting in me winning alot more than expected on that hand.

I also noticed that Darren was rather a chronic short stack for most of the game, despite taking a serious interest in the strategy of the game (he’s been watching alot of games on the internet lately, went to a semi serious cash game recently, and plans to go to the casino over the Christmas holidays). I noticed once again, that when I am on a roll (and defining and recreating that particular ‘roll’ isn’t so easy), that I win often and in unexpected ways. In short, my belief is that it’s fuck-all to do with strategy or consistency or logic. I win more hands and more chips than Darren, when I’m on that ‘roll’, than he does by playing logically and strategically.

Full of Fancy Links Post

Right Ho! Now that I know how to do those fancy links, I fancy doing a post FULL of them. Thanks to Eric, I now have a website. Thanks to KC way back, when I have a Yahoo blog, and thanks to Yahoo threatening changes, I now have a Mash blog and a Multiply blog too. I already had a couple of other blogs, my Rafi blog, and my original Wandering blog. Oh and the Hi5 blog, and the Perfspot blog, as well.

I have photos on a slideshow site, and a big muddle on Flickr. I have a few crappy videos (but lots of great favourites) on Youtube.

Oh and my new Elsewhere blog too!


Trying to link to lemon pie and to a picture of lemon pie

Cherries and Rabbits

Watched Lost last night, and then started to watch (um oh what was it called…) which was about a corpse by the name of CHERRY (a cherry sync, I am eating cherries and cream most nights around midnight lately…… I did again last night in between waking up on the sofa and going to bed). I noticed a new ad for something or other in which a load of coloured bunnies hop all over the place…

Focus Is Where Focus Is

Great post by Eric, marvelously put into words what I already knew LOL! A gentle roam around this morning, and I feel like I know where I am again. Not to mention PLENTY of sleep. Woke up a few times in the night, thinking of ROSWELL and GALICIA. Maybe a gentle roaming google will provide a few clues as to why I was dreaming about them, and why they stuck in my head……

Time for some Link Sorting

Feeling a bit confused with an over abundance of links, blogs, lists, and so on, so later on I will be making a new list of most relevant sites and blogs…thanks Eric for the new thingy received today, which will help! I like the small group for more personal explorations, however, I am into public not private as it’s just easier that way and I like the opportunity of feedback from a more varied selection of the populace at large haha!, so I will probably duplicate posts to a public blog, which may be 360, and will probably be Multiply and bugger most of the rest of them. Oh Bloody hell, I don’t know, all I know is that I don’t even know where to start catching up…AND all the Yahoo lists are weird today, with back posts smattered confusingly all through them.

Maybe this blog will be my total ramble blog, where I can just babble……

Well I wondered where this post had disappeared to and here it is, I saved but didn’t publish….

Going caving today

Really! Going bright and early this time! Meet me at Pileta cave at around late morning… late morning 14,000 years ago that is ;)

wandered over here

hello! And the explorations meander here and there………